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Sun Transit In Leo (August 17 - September 17, 2015)

Author: Acharya Raman | Last Updated: Fri 14 Aug 2015 10:56:15 AM

Sun, the King of planets is transiting in its own sign Leo on August 17, 2015. Check out what impacts the Sun will produce on your zodiac sign with its increased energy with the predictions of our expert astrologer “Acharya Raman”.

Sun will enter in its own sign Leo on August 17, 2015. Its power will increase tremendously because it is its own sign. Leo is a static sign and Sun is considered as the King of planets. This will strengthen the freedom of expression, ego and might may also increase in some. Efficiency and confidence will increase. Generosity will increase in people and they would like to do charity.

Those who are going through the sub-sub-period of Sun will feel these effects prominently.

Let’s read the effects of this transit on your zodiac sign:


Huma Qureshi

This is a time for you to enjoy, to go for distant travellings and to enjoy bed pleasures. Sufferings are possible to your child. You may lose money in speculation, some may get the victory, but most will get the defeat. Unnecessary delay may occur in works and absence of peace of mind is also possible. But, there is no need to worry, you will get benefits later. There would be no problem if you avoid greed. Take care of not doing anything in a hurry. Someone may try to cheat on you.

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Kushal Tandon

Sun will transit in your fourth house. Try to come closer to your relatives. This is a good time for making future plans. Very good possibilities of sudden profits are arising for you. Any of your friend may help in accomplishing a major task. This time you have to take care of others’ aspirations. Some old memories may make you lazy, but try to avoid this. Because, it would be better to stop thinking about past and focusing on present. Try to solve disputes and not to provoke them at home.

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You may buy some new gadgets. You will win the debates with others. This is a good time to go for interviews, there are strong chances of getting success for many. Your business will increase. Try to reduce your arrogance and ego, it will work in your favor. Try to mix up with people and having fun with them. You may get in argument with anyone at workplace which may not result in favor, so stay cautious. Listen to your seniors and avoid being arrogant.

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Freida Pinto

You are likely to spend on religious activities, journeys are also possible with family. But, avoid threatening your family members and talk to them with calm and love. Give respect to elders and try to fulfill their wishes. This is a good time to buy something new for home, if you avoid buying anything, someone may make a wish for the same. You may also think for buying gold, it will also help in your crucial times. Arguments are possible with a distant relative, so stay cautious.

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Kader Khan

You only need to control yourself this time. Your love for yourself and ego are likely to increase. You may consider yourself superior than others and anger may come quickly too. Fever, pain in eyes and headache may trouble you. Your life-partner may not like your behaviour. Embarrassment is possible due to an old matter. Avoid doing anything which may provoke others.

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Kirti Sanon

Don’t hide your activities from anyone, put your work freely in front of everyone and leave everything else on destiny. Disputes are possible with life-partner, debates are also possible. It is fine to a certain extent, but in case it goes bigger, give some efforts by yourself for correcting everything. Do not think much about your future, remember that you can only do your work, everything else depends on destiny. Take care of your eyes and sleep properly, it will be good for your mind. Some of your secrets may come out which may disturb you.

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Arrogance is not suitable for any relationship and it is having absolutely no place in friendship. We must remain humble among friends. Disputes are possible with friends of opposite sex, opposite effects are also possible on your health. Acidity is possible. Move ahead along with everyone, because all are doing their work. Don’t compare anyone with money. Someone may try to bully you, so take care. Concentrate on your work and don’t comment on anyone.

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We notice that Sun rays keep working from morning to evening. They will shine with even more energy when Sun will transit in its own sign. They will also inspire you to move ahead. You may feel that you are working better than others. Your ego may increase and you will try to dominate others. We should keep on analysing ourselves from within, it helps in understanding the situations better. Disputes are possible with some, try to avoid this. Listen to your seniors, otherwise they will not bother about you later.

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This is the house of religion, but it is also seen for many other things. Transition of Sun in such an auspicious house will help a lot in your spiritual upliftment. Don’t leave any chance of doing charities. Virtue of charity is bigger than money because it remain together even after death. Give respect to elders. This is a good time for starting a new educational course. TIme is also good for going on pilgrimages. MInor disputes are possible with family members, but everything will become all right, so don’t worry.

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Time never remains the same, happiness and sorrows are a part of life. But, we can protect ourselves from sorrows to a great extent by applying some simple precautions. Disputes are possible with brothers and neighbours. You may feel interested in adultery, try to avoid this, because we should try our best to avoid bad things. Possibilities of loss of respect are also there, so stay cautious. Speak sweet and stay away from backbiters & black magic.

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This house is related to your life-partner and business-partner. Transition or presence of Sun from birth time in this house is not considered auspicious. Often it is seen that presence of Sun in seventh house either delay the marriage or an outage will remain in domestic bliss. You are required to maintain your patience, avoid ego and selfishness. Because, at least two people are required in a home. Eliminate all your disputes by discussing things. Control your desire for sex and stay cautious about money.

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This is an auspicious house. Some problems may occur regarding health, but benefits will come at workplace. Your influence will increase among enemies. Abandon all kinds of greed, like greed of becoming famous, greed of fulfillment of ego, greed of money etc. Because, Moksha is the only way to salvation. Detachment is possible from different things. Some people may also try to cheat on you. You may get selected on deputation in the place of another person.

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Acharya Raman

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