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Tarot Reading April, 2012

Author: Deepa | Last Updated: Sat 31 Mar 2012 3:10:00 PM

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Tarot Prediction for Aries

Your Tarot card of the month is Four of Swords

Constant stress and tensions may lead to ill health; take proper time to heal yourself and your mind. This card is a guarantee that challenges will return to your life as soon as you are ready to face them.. This card suggests that now there is time of breakup or departure, relationship or family problems, financial and health worries, conflict. Take a break as this is not the time to make decision. This is the indicator that you need to have some time out of your current circumstances, to reflect and review your progress so far You have to be more conscious about any unspoken agreements in your relationship. You will need to step back. Your strength lies within you. These sufferings are due to your past karmas.

Tarot Advice: - Always give first bite of your food to cow. Help the blind people by giving eatable things. Worship lord Shiva. The yoga session as this will help you to fight against your health problems. Do meditation regularly to calm your brain and soul. These will energies you? Have faith in yourself and your God. Seek the blessings of your guru.

Tarot Prediction for Taurus

Your Tarot card of the month is THE FOOL

As the card suggests you are blind to the truth. You take each adventure as it comes. You are spontaneous and carefree. The card represents someone who is starting out on a journey and stepping out into the unknown. This is time for new beginnings, fresh start of affair, job or new work. Don’t lose your will power.

Tarot advice:- Look before you leap. Trust your intuition. Worship lord Ganesha. On Wednesday offer ladoos to lord Ganesha.

Tarot Prediction for Gemini

Your Tarot card of the month is THE CHARIOT

Gemini’s are now in the position to overcome your real enemies or obstacles. Nothing can stand in the way of your success. You will receive help or advice when you need it. Hard work, pays off and endeavors’ are crowned with success. Now you can effort to relax and enjoy the rewards. Time to travel the mental and physical journeys.

Tarot advice:- A struggle will test your character and stamina. Get up early and offer water to the rising sun. Take care of your diet.

Tarot Prediction for Cancer

Your Tarot card of the month is KNIGHT OF WANDS

This card suggests that try to recognize the positivity of your energies. Express your daring streak and try something different. You get impatient quickly, without seeing the truth. Don’t make empty promises.

Tarot advice: - Donate white articles, at the place of worship. Light a Deepak on Saturday in front of Shanidev.

Tarot Prediction for Leo

Your Tarot card of the month is THE EMPRESS

The card suggests good news is coming your ways after a long time. You are going to be little extravagant this month. You have to be harmonious and cooperative towards your partners and colleagues. Take care of your life-partner and motivate her/him.

Tarot advice:- Respect your elders. Do seva of your parents. Worship goddess Durga and offer khir.

Tarot Prediction for Virgo

Your Tarot card of the month is EIGHT OF WANDS

The card suggests keep your eyes and your mind open for any possibility that can lead you to the truth of a particular issue. You are not clear about your intentions. You are going to receive an important message which will help you.

Tarot advice:- Go for Tula Dan on your birthday. Be aware of your surroundings.

Tarot Prediction for Libra

Your Tarot card of the month is EIGHT OF SWORDS

The card suggests as you are bound by your own illusions. You have to free yourself from your troubles by letting go of the concepts. Don’t lose hope. Life is very beautiful. You are confused and unable to shift.

Tarot advice:- Worship Lord Vishnu daily. Go for satang and seek the blessings of spiritual guru. Don’t trust blindly.

Tarot Prediction for Scorpio

Your Tarot card of the month is QUEEN OF SWORDS

The card suggests that your intelligence and thinking power will help you to get the solution of your problems soon. Be firm with your motives. Don’t get influence by others.

Tarot advice:- Have faith in your intuition. Listen your inner voice. Immense betel leaves on flowing water on Thursday.

Tarot Prediction for Sagittarius

Your Tarot card of the month is THE WORLD

The card suggests that this a holiday time. Precious hard-work or sacrifices will soon pay off. Something hoped to work out well, now seems shaky. This is the time for celebration of self and others. Time to meet your life-partner.

Tarot advice:- Wear Chandra yantra of eight metals next to your neck. Communication is essential.

Tarot Prediction for Capricorn

Your Tarot card of the month is SEVEN OF CUPS

The card suggests that this is time you have lots of choices. You should think honestly about the different meanings in life. Stop day dreaming and fantasying about your goals. Choose the correct option.

Tarot advice:- Donate yellow color cloths to the saint.

Tarot Prediction for Aquarius

Your Tarot card of the month is FOUR OF WANDS

This is the time to move into the new phase of personal growth and leave the past behind. This is the time of celebration, joy with your loved ones. The card indicates happiness, harmony in business and enjoyable social activities.

Tarot advice: - This is the time for enjoy every moment of life. Wear ruby of five carats on your ring finger.

Tarot Prediction for Pisces

Your Tarot card of the month is EIGHT OF COINS

The card suggests that this is the time in learning new skills and new work. In terms of money small savings or gift will help you. Concentrate all your energy on getting the job. Your education will lead to higher goals.

Tarot advice:- Donate black clothes to the sweeper. This is the time for widening your knowledge.

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