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Tarot Reading August, 2012

Author: Deepa | Last Updated: Mon 6 Aug 2012 3:30:03 PM

By Deepa

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Get the world

The month of August brings lots of rewards, good news. As this is the month of celebration and time for you get ready for the party. As the card says it is the time to accomplish what you set out to achieve. You will soon discover a solution to your problems. You might travel to distance place. You’re hard – work or sacrifices will soon pay off. Time to get a new viechiel or property. Beware of debts or loans. You have to be careful in it.

Advice:- Communicate with your friends, relatives, neighbors. Spend some time with nature. Distribute sweets and enjoy the festival

TAURUS:-The Star

Get The Star

The month of August brings time to recharge yourself. This is the time of realization of a dream. You are going to be successful. Time to start a new relationship. Be careful what you wish as your wish is granted. The storm going in your life will end soon. Have faith in your abilities and your God

Advice: - Help the people who need it. Help the people to increase their confidence around you Donn’t make fun of them as one day you will be there. Light a diya in front of Shani Dev.


Get Six of Cups

The month of August brings goodwill. Time to acknowledge your feelings. This time to look back to the good memories of your past. Time to welcome fulfillment or true exchange of love in your life.

Advice: Recover your memories, by leaving in the present. Put fragrance essence in your bathing water. Serve 11 little girls with sweets.


Get Four of Coins

The month of August brings progress. As the card says stop controlling others with materialism. This is the time for resisting change. You will feel and get the security rather monetary and spiritually. Some good news coming your way , so get ready to grab it.

Advice: - Offer green grass to cow. Respect elders. Worship lord Ganesha.


Get King of Cups

The month of August brings balanced atmosphere. As the card says that discipline in life will create the change you seek. You will get support of your colleagues, and the people around you. There is stability in your relationship. You will act diplomatically and over come the situations.

Advice: - Help the needy. Give shelter to the needy people. Worship Lord Vishnu.


Get The Hermit

The month of August brings the search. As the card says answer may come with preparation but will come eventually. Time to get the guidance or the path you are looking. Enjoy this festive month with participating in every function.

Advice:- Donate black cloth, oil on Saturday. Spend time with kids..


Get Eight of Swords

The month of August brings freedom. As the card says you re bound by your own illusions. Time has come to free yourself from your troubles by letting go of the concepts. Your ideas are scattered and you are looking for the right direction.

Advice: - Worship Lord Vishnu. Complete surrender to Lord Vishnu and have faith in your abilities.


Get The Tower

The month of August brings sudden change in life. You will be shaken by the truth. As the card says learn to adapt and adjust quickly. Time to change in your luck. There will be unexpected challenges.

Advice:-Immerse oil, food grains in flowing water on Puranmashi. Give time for meditation.


Get Four of Wands

The month of August brings celebration. As the card says it is the time to move into the new phase of personal growth and leave the past behind. Good proposals coming your way. This card also talk about marriage.

Advice:-Wear a ruby of 5 carats on your ring finger. Help the old people.


Get The Empress

The month of August brings good fortune. As the card says news of getting pregnant or born of a child. You will feel good about life. You will have luxiours living. So enjoy the charm of nature and life.

Advice: - Donate clothes to the orphanage.


Get Four of Swords

The month of August brings preparation of your future. As the card says you should be more conscious about any unspoken agreements in your relationship. You will need to take a step back. You have to become strong to over-come your inner fears.

Advice: - Give the first bite of your food to cow. Plant a tree.


Get Judgement

The month of August brings rewards. As the card says you will be paid of your past karmas. You have to accept the things a they are. Stop blaming others, even to yourself. This is the time you will get what you deserve.

Advice: - Offer seven types of food grains to the road side wander.

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