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Tarot Reading July, 2012

Author: Deepa | Last Updated: Sat 30 Jun 2012 2:14:18 PM

By Deepa

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ARIES:-Four of Wands

Get Four of Wands

The month of July brings lots of variation for Aries. As the card says, it’s the time when you will feel proud of your achievements. Time for a break and mutual celebration. You will enjoy happy events. Dump off your emotional burden, fly like a bird in the sky. You will be exuberant about life and love. It is the time to move into the new phase of personal growth and leave the past behind. You will be released from the chains of your responsibility.

Remedy:- Wear a ruby of 5 carats in your ring finger. Drink lots of water and juices.

TAURUS:-The Hermit

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The month of July tells that Taurus people have to be little careful. As the card says you will feel fear of revealing a secret. You are looking for the direction or guidance in life, but no way have you found out. Time for withdrawal from relationship. You want to spend your time alone, not feeling to interact, you ask the self-searching question and have no answers. You will get the answers but it will time. So friends wait for the right time.

Remedy: - Donate black cloth, oil on Saturday. Go for Shani puja. Do prayanam regularly.

GEMINI: - Queen of Swords

Get Queen of Swords

The month of July tells about the Gemini people that they have to be bewaring of female. As the card says, this female is harmful for both men and women. This is a malicious, spiteful lady, and one who is in position and might harm you. This is the time not to trust on anyone. This is not the good time; you might get some sad news.

Remedy: Immerse 101, betel leaves in flowing water on Thursday. Serve cow with gur on Thursday. Go for morning walk daily.


Get Death

The month of July brings lots of changes for Cancerians. As the card says this is the time for end of an old cycle and the beginnings of a new one. You should get ready for the active transformation of life, in your love life and work doesn’t get upset as this change will be good for you. You should let go of the past, being true to yourself.

Remedy: - Offer water to the rising sun. Take care of your parent’s health. Spend time with nature.


Get Devil

The month of July expects you to have control on yourself. As the card says, that struggles is going on between good and evil and you cannot take the right decision. You are chained to addicted patterns of behavior. Negative thinking is heavy on you. Don’t be tempted by short-cuts in life as it might be a wrong decision.

Remedy: - You must abide by moral values and worship Lord Ganesha.

VIRGO:-The Magician

Get The Magician

The month of July brings some good news. As the card says, you should focus on the goal. You have the ability and control people and things as this will help you. Time to travel to some place. You might change your job, or get promotion.

Remedy:-Get up early in the morning and offer water to the rising sun. Go for surya- namaskar.

LIBRA:-Seven of Swords

Get Seven of Swords

This month be careful about yourself. As the card says, stop running from the truth. You are simply making things worse for yourself, by not facing it up. Stop fooling, or cheating others as this will harm you. Have faith in your ability.

Remedy: - Donate sweets to the poor people. Go for early morning walk.

SCORPIO:-Nine of swords

Get Nine of swords

This month take the right decision. As the card says, this is the time to focus on your goals, because just a little mistake could make a difference. You might have sleepless nights as you are feeling guilty of your past. You are over-burdened by thoughts.

Remedies:-Offer milk to Shivling daily.

SAGITTARIUS:-King of cups

Get King of cups

The month of July is full of emotions. As the card says, time to keep your head high in crisis. You will get the balanced atmosphere. You will get support in your work and love life.

Remedy:-Help the people who are blind.

CAPRICORN:-Ten of Wands

Get Ten of Wands

The month of July tells time to struggle. As the card says, you are taking to much responsibility. And this causes the struggle of your workload. All work and no play. Take time for yourself. Do not rush in a hurry.

Remedy: - Help the needy by giving them clothes. Listen to the light music.

AQUARIUS: Five of Cups

Get Five of Cups

The month of July brings confusion. As the card says, get back into the flow of your own life stream. There might be loss, disappointment and emotional confusion, in your work and love life. Be careful while taking a step ahead.

Remedies: - Do seva at temple. Worship Lord Vishnu.

PISCES:-Five of Swords

Get Five of Swords

The month of July brings hollow victory. As the card says, you should be aware of hollow victories. You will feel defeated in your work life. Stop thinking of yourself, as you are the best.

Remedy: - Wear a copper coin with a black thread close to your skin.

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