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Ugadi 2017: Beginning Of The New Era

Author: -- | Last Updated: Mon 23 Jan 2017 3:30:11 PM

Ugadi is celebrated as New Year by the people of Deccan region of India. According to the Hindu Calendar, it is celebrated on the very first day of Chaitra month. It will be on 28 March 2017. This festival is celebrated in various parts of India with different names like Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra. The delicacies made on this day indicates the acceptance of various phases of life by the people.

Origin Of Ugadi

Ugadi festival is the beginning of new year for South Indians

Saka is the name of the Indian national calendar, you may also consider it Hindu calendar, ambiguously. As per Saka calendar, the Hindu New Year begins from the month of Chaitra. Hence, the first day of Chaitra month is celebrated as Ugadi.

Ugadi festival can become a day when you can plan for entire year, as it marks the new beginning. Also, feel the auspiciousness of this day with family and friends, and celebrate the festivity of the Ugadi festival in 2017.

Ugadi Festival: Significance Of Green Color

On the occasion of Ugadi festival, whole world wears the color ‘green’, with trees giving birth to new leaves, and buds opening up to become fresh and turn into beautiful flowers. Aura of jasmine joins the air, mango trees get loaded with mangoes, and nightingale fills the surrounding with its melodious voice. Telugu community celebrates their New Year with great enthusiasm.

Sukha Dukhe Samekruthva
Labha Labhav Jayaa Jayav

This was told to Arjuna by Lord Krishna. It means that sorrows & happiness, victory & defeat, and gain & loss, all are the parts of life. Therefore, one should treat them equally.

Different Names Of Ugadi In India

Ugadi festival is celebrated with enthusiasm and gusto in the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, and Maharashtra. All these states celebrate Ugadi according to their own customs and traditions. Let’s learn the different names of this day:

  • It’s Ugadi in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh
  • For Marathi’s, Ugadi is ‘Gudi Padwa’
  • ‘Thapna’ is the name of this festival in Rajasthan
  • ‘Puthandu’ in Tamil Nadu

Let’s Begin Ugadi Preparations

Ugadi means a fresh new start, and therefore, the preparations for this grand festival commences a week before the actual day. People engage in cleaning and renovating their homes and buy new clothes for themselves and for their family.

The day begins with waking up early morning and taking bath. Bathing on Ugadi is quite different from bathing on other days, as on this day, sesame (Til) oil is applied on the whole body before taking the bath. Other interesting things about this day is plastering of cow dung on the floor. Also, artistic Rangoli is drawn either in the Puja room or at the entrance of the home.

So, for Ugadi festival, you can also make proper preparations and enjoy Ugadi festival with great enjoyment and fun.

Ugadi 2017: Significant Events

Ugadi festival is the one that calls for the New Year, and everyone celebrates this day with lots of plans for the upcoming year. There is a lot of significance of Ugadi in all the communities who celebrate the Ugadi festival. Let’s talk about some significant happenings of Ugadi festival:

  1. It is believed that seeing your face in molten Ghee (purified butter) on the day of Ugadi, yields fruitful results.
  2. The elder lady of the house applies Kumkum (vermillion) on the forehead of the family members followed by Aarti on the occasion of Ugadi festival.
  3. Temples are visited on the day of Ugadi festival, to get the blessings of Almighty.
  4. All the members of the family apply sesame oil on their body, on the occasion of Ugadi festival. This is known as Abhyanga.
  5. Idols of gods are also given oil bath and then offerings of mango, neem flowers, and tamarind is made to complete the Ugadi celebrations.
  6. Main entrance of the house is decorated with Rangoli, neem & mango leaves.
  7. Bevu Bella is eaten on Ugadi, which is a mixture of jaggery and neem. Eating of this sweet and sour mixture depicts the ups and downs of life.
  8. New ventures are started on Ugadi.
  9. Panchang is heard on the day of Ugadi festival. This is known as Panchanga Shravanam.

Gudi Padwa: Ugadi Of Maharashtra

For the people of Maharashtra, Ugadi is known as Gudi Padwa. As per the traditions of the day, a bamboo pole is taken and decorated using neem & mango leaves and flowers. At the end of the pole, a bright colored cloth is tied and on the top of the pole, a silver or copper pot is kept (inverted). After all this, Gudi (flag) is hoisted by the men.

Ugadi 2017: Significance Of Door Hangings

It is believed that on Ugadi festival, tying leaves of mango on the entrance of the home is very auspicious. As per the legends, Lord Shiva’s sons, Kartikeya and Ganesha were very fond of mangoes. Lord Kartikeya said that decorating the doorway with fresh mango leaves will result in harvesting of healthy crops and will bring prosperity.

So, don’t forget to decorate the mango leaves’ door hanging on Ugadi 2016.

Magic Of Jasmine

On Ugadi, the atmosphere gets filled with the magical fragrance of jasmine. It is said that fragrance of jasmine on this day is incomparable. Also, flowers of jasmine are offered to the Almighty in temples and at homes. Women adorn their hair with jasmine flowers, woven in clusters. So, bring home the fragrance of jasmine flowers and feel the freshness in environment.

Ugadi 2017: Signature Delicacies To Relish

As every festival, Ugadi also calls for mouth watering delicacies. People not only follow all the rituals of the day, but also indulge in preparation of special dishes of the day. So, get to know the dishes for Ugadi in 2017 and make this day even more enjoyable.

You must be eager to know, what are the signature dishes of Ugadi? Here are some:

  • Bobbatlu (Andhra Pradesh)
  • Puran Poli (Maharashtra)
  • Obbattu/Holige (Karnataka)
  • Ugadi Pachhadi

What Message Ugadi Pachadi Conveys?

Made up from 6 different ingredients, this dish has its own significance. Prepared from raw mangoes, neem flowers, jaggery, and tamarind; the dish tells us that life is full of ups & downs, joys & sorrows, and we should accept it as it comes. Each ingredient of Ugadi Pachadi says something.

Let’s throw a light on each message:

Jaggery: brings happiness in life

Tamarind: signifies the unhappy moments

Salt: adds flavors to life

Neem flowers: represents the unpleasant moments of life

Chilli powder: for the aggressive moments

Raw mango: represents the sad memories

Let’s throw a light on each message:

Jaggery: brings happiness in life
Tamarind: signifies the unhappy moments
Salt: adds flavors to life
Neem flowers: represents the unpleasant moments of life
Chilli powder: for the aggressive moments
Raw mango: represents the sad memories

So, on the occasion of Ugadi festival in 2016, prepare this dish and also understand the message that it gives to all of us.

Ugadi Panchanga Sravanam

On the day of Ugadi, the new Almanac or Panchanga or Hindu calendar is opened for the first time followed by worshiping and reading. A social function is arranged in which an elderly person opens and reads the Panchanga, and makes predictions for the coming year.

Tradition Of Kavi Sammelan

On the day of Ugadi, poetry recitation or Kavi Sammelan is an added feature of the festival. Poets from nearby localities gather and recite their poems, on the subjects of their own interest. Poets and literature lovers enjoy listening and reciting poems on the topics ranging from ancient times to the present world.

Happy Ugadi 2017!

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