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Pisces Facts

Lucky number: 1, 4 and 3
Lucky Color: Red and yellow
Lucky Day: Thursday and Sunday
Lucky Gemstone: Cat's eye, which is to be worn as a ring in ring finger
Compatible Zodiac Signs: Taurus and Cancer
Incompatible Zodiac Signs: Aries, Gemini, and Leo

Pisces is known to be the twelfth and last astrological sign in the Zodiac belt which spans over 300 in longitude. It represents the twelfth house in Kaal Purush Kundali, as it is based on its 12th sign as well. It stretches from 3300 vernal equinox to 3600, where Zodiac belt ends. 00 of Aries and 300 degree of Pisces are the same. Sun remains in the North when passing this sign. Natives born between February 19 and March 20 under the Tropical Zodiac are commonly called as Pisceans. It is classically symbolised by a Fish. Reading Pisces Horoscope gives an in-depth idea about how this zodiac sign reacts to various situations, and what opportunities await for the natives of this sign in the coming future.

Pisces Astrological Analysis

It is mentioned in Sayana System that planet Sun transits in zodiac sign Pisces around 19th Feb, moves out and passes into Aries on 21st March or around that time. Similarly, Narayana System considers that Sun transits to this sign on 12th March and moves out on 3th April annually. Pisces is governed by Jupiter. Venus gets exalted in this sign, whereas Mercury gets debilitated. Its zodiac element is water. This sign is mute, common, feminine, fruitful, cold, Ubaya, psychic and emotional.

Hindu Astrology narrates that Pisces' ruling planet Jupiter and exalting sign Venus differ in thoughts, qualities, life actions and deeds. But one mustn't assume that these planets are complete enemy of each other. Moon, Mars and Sun are friendly signs to Pisces. Its pictorial representation is the two fishes facing in north and south direction. This sign is usually called as "Moksha" sign.

Now we will read about some physical traits and specifications of Pisces people which make them unique in their own manner. Their physical outlook, facial features and appearance is a huge combination of zodiac signs, position of planets and nakshatras. Read Pisces Daily Horoscope and understand their significant features.

  • Pisces natives have short height and are a bit plumpy.
  • Their hands and feet are stout and short.
  • They have muscular shoulders, which are also spherical.
  • Their eyes are big, and light colored and hair is silky and smooth.
  • Natives may have dimples on their cheeks.
  • Their ears may be big, and nose being flat or big.
  • A Pisces man has a good posture, is lean and elegant and has a tendency to look beyond his age.
  • A Pisces woman has a smooth skin, full eyebrows and glittering eyes.
  • A Pisces native's face says it all about him/her.
  • In case a Piscean falls ill or gets physically stressed, it becomes hard to recuperate with them.

Interesting Pisces Facts, Pisces Traits

Now that you've understood how a Pisces looks like, here we are shedding some light on their personality features and traits. Know Pisces Characteristics with these facts and find out which point surprises you the most. These points tells about their nature, their preferences, likes, dislikes, comforts, emotional and spiritual mindsets and so on. These facts will allow us to understand how they portray themselves to the world. Here are some interesting facts about Pisces:

  1. Lucky Number: 1, 4 and 3 are the lucky numbers for a Pisces as per Numerology Calculator.

  2. Lucky Color: Red and yellow can be worn by a Pisces, as they prove to be lucky for them.

  3. Lucky Day: Commence any task on Thursday and Sunday, as these days are lucky for natives of Pisces sign.

  4. Lucky Gemstone: Cat's eye gemstone can be worn in a ring in ring finger.

  5. Compatible Zodiac Signs: Taurus and Cancer share great horoscope compatibility with Pisces, which means that they make a great pair or business partner.

  6. Incompatible Zodiac Signs: Aries, Gemini, and Leo share least horoscope compatibility with Pisces.

  7. Married Life: Pisces appreciate the beauty, intellect and artistic traits of their partner. They dislike mean-minded people. They are known to be daydreaming about love, and would go to any extent to make it happen. They have a loyal attitude in their relationship, and are kind, sweet and sympathetic. They are highly attracted to the romance in their life.

  8. Professional Aspects: Pisceans love to help others, which is why they fit best in the roles of nurses, teachers, accountants, ministers, caterers, welfare workers and bankers. These natives have good business knowledge and thrive better in any company as Liaison officer rather than MD. Also, as Venus remains exalted in this sign, it produces actors, musicians and poets.

  9. Health Conditions: Pisces natives must refrain from any kind of addiction or over-indulgence in any category. They suffer from ailments related to foot such as bone spurs, bunions and heal bruising/pain. Their habit of forgetting can extend to a certain level, hereby showcasing some form of insanity. Take adequate sleep.

  10. New Experiences: Pisces are always in search of new experiences and love to gain some, other times they turn into a cry-baby. They start feeling stagnated and monotonous in case they stick around for a long time. They need to refresh their imagination and put their ideas to work through new projects.

  11. Too Much Compassion: Even though Pisces have a lot of compassion and empathy within themselves, but sometimes they go a bit far with these. For them, being charitable and compassionate means extending a helping hand to everyone asking for it even though its not required. It can prove to be a bit difficult for people around them as well.

  12. Living In The Fantasy World: Pisces natives fail to notice that thin silver lining between reality and imagination. Both the universe blend together for them. They are known to live in their own world, which is full of romance and love where everything is brilliant and lovey-dovey. They fail to face the practicality and adversities of life and ignore the facts. This work against Pisces and people tend to distrust them.

  13. Highly Empathetic: Piscean is very empathetic towards people or in fact everything. Naturally, they end up overdoing things which might create a problem in future. Their positive quality can downplay them sometimes.

  14. Unable To Think Straight: Pisces natives are unable of concentrating on just one thing and tend to move around a lot. They have a tough time sticking to their ideas and would rather let their thoughts move around the room in order to divert their attention to someone else. Hence, they find it difficult to hold onto their ideas or thoughts.

  15. Very Accepting: As we all know that Pisces are very loving by nature and see good in everyone, they turn out to be very accepting. They are often blinded by the goodness, which make them highly accepting of the surroundings. So, even if they get hurt by someone's actions or do not like anything, they would accept that person gladly.

  16. Over Sensitive: Pisces is a big combination of sensitivity and emotions on fleek! They are super sensitive about almost everything, be it a beggar on the road, an emotional movie or relationships.

  17. An Inherent Introvert: Natives of Pisces moon sign are known to build a cocoon around themselves. They prefer to live in their own world, live their reality, which makes it tough for them to face the people outside their frame. As a result, they struggle to keep up with the real world. They do not share much or explain their views to others and prefer to stay in their own company rather than mingling with people.

  18. Worry A Lot: Due to Pisces being hypersensitive, they worry about people around them a lot. They are tuned in everyone's life and worry about the tragedies or problems they are facing. They can come off as nosey at times due to this habit of theirs, or people can think that they interfere a lot.

  19. Need Role Models: As Pisces live in a dreamy world, hence they require a stronger person to lead them. They need a role model who can help them build themselves, create a stronger personality, guide them for challenges and surprises coming in the way.

  20. Surprisingly Competitive: People may get surprised with the competitive side of Pisces. As they are usually seen as a loving and caring entity, them being highly on the edge and love for victory can catch others off guard anytime. Whenever they are presented with any kind of opportunity, they give in their 100% to surpass with flying colors. Never underestimate them!

Hence by reading these points, you must have got an idea about how the mind of a Pisces native works. Those born under this sign can be unpredictable at certain points. Reading these points must have provided you with a closer look at several features and distinct traits. Read Pisces monthly horoscope predictions and find out how every month treats this zodiac sign.

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