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Monthly Pisces Horoscope

Pisces Monthly Horoscope


Overall, this month will bring good results for the Pisces natives. This is a good time for the career. Your aspirations will be fulfilled. The overwhelming results of hard work is expected. There is a possibility of long journeys for work as well as travel abroad. Relations with senior officials will be good, which will get you benefits. This is also a good time for business. Success is ensured by efforts. Adopting a new strategy is also expected to yield auspicious results. For the students of Pisces, this time will not be special from the point of view of education. There will be fluctuations in your studies. You may also face disruptions in your education. Students striving for higher education need to work harder. Youth preparing for the competitive exam may have to wait a bit for success. This is a good time for those who are studying or planning to study abroad. One can get a part-time job along with admission abroad. Your family life is expected to be in very good condition this month. The atmosphere in family life will be positive. Family members will have a feeling of affection and concern for each other. Parents will have good health, but siblings may have physical problems, so it is important to take care of them. In the middle of the month, due to the transit of the Sun, you may be a victim of arrogance and superiority, try to avoid it. This time seems very fragile for love affairs. Be honest about your relationship, otherwise problems may occur. The transit of Mars is harmful for your love life, caution is very important during this period. This is a very good time for married people. The feeling of love and belonging will increase in married life. Your spouse will be able to perform the responsibilities of the house and household well. This will keep your mind calm and happy. From an economic perspective, this is a good time. A small increase in expenses is also possible, but you will not have any major financial problems due to good income. Due to the transit of Mars, some schemes related to money can be hindered, due to which the money flow from them will stop for a while, but will not be lost. Business people also expect good returns. You can also make a profit from any previous investment. June will be good for you in terms of health. Minor problems may occur, such as ear pain and shoulder pain. The problem of joint pain can also be a bit annoying. Overall, there will not be any major problems. Keep your routine balanced. Take care of your eating habits. Further, yoga-exercise and meditation will be beneficial for you.


The month of June is expected to be fruitful for Pisces people. According to the planetary transit, it seems to be a time, which will fulfill your aspirations. You will get the good benefits of your hard work. There may be long journeys in connection with work. There may be foreign travel as well. Your position in the job will be strengthened. With your efficiency, you will be able to complete your assigned tasks very well and at the perfect time. Because of this, your relationship with high officials will be good. Your scope at work will increase and you may get promoted. This is also a good time for business. Business owners will do very well. There are bright possibilities for expansion in business. The more efforts you will put in, the more your business will grow. If you do your work in the same way as you have been doing before, you will still get success, but if you adopt a new strategy in your work, you can get outstanding results.


The overall economic condition of the natives is likely to be good this month. There is a possibility of an increase in income. Apart from regular sources, some other sources of income can also develop. However, expenses may also increase slightly. You may also come across some unexpected expenses. But this should not be a concern for you, because your income will continue to be sufficient. Mars will be posited in the eleventh house, which is the house of income and profit, due to which some of your money-related activities may be hindered. As a result, the flow of money may get stuck for a while, but eventually, it will be continuous, and you will not face any kind of financial stress. This time is beneficial for people working in a job and who are into business as well. Self-employed people will also earn a good income. Any investment that was made earlier can also benefit you.


This month is likely to bring mixed results for the natives from the health point of view. You may see some minor problems, but any major problem is not visible. You may face issues related to the ears, ear-aches etc. You can also be troubled by shoulder pain and joint pain. Keep your routine balanced. Problems due to lifestyle mess can increase a bit. Do not be negligent in food and eat nutritious meals. Keep yourself physically and mentally active. Include yoga, exercise and meditation in your routine; it will be beneficial for your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This month you need to be a little cautious and honest in terms of love affairs. The aspect of Saturn on your fifth house is a clear indication that one should be honest and fair in their relationship. If you can do this, then your relationship with your partner will be good and you will have a good time with them. But if you are not honest in the relationship, problems can occur. Mars will be entering in its debilitated sign on 2nd June, giving you the same message. The state of Mars in sign Cancer is very bad in terms of love life. Due to dishonesty, the relationship can also break down. Caution is really important during these circumstances. On the other hand, it is a very good time for married people of Pisces. In the married lifestream of love will flow. The attraction will increase between husband and wife. The feeling of belongingness will increase and married life will be happy. Your spouse will fulfill their responsibilities very well, so you will be completely relaxed on this front. Your mind will be happy. There will be mental peace.

Family & Friends

Your family life will be pleasant this month. At the beginning of the month Venus, Mercury and Mars will be placed in your fourth house. This house is the expression of mother and family bliss. There is a clear indication from this planetary transit that family life will be very happy. On June 2, Mars will transit into the fifth house. As a result, the family environment will be more positive. People in the family will develop a feeling of attachment and love for each other. The interaction will be good and everyone will cooperate fully. The health of your parents will be good. You will not have any worries on this front, but siblings may suffer some physical pain. So take care of them. On 15th June, the Sun, king of the planets will enter the fourth house. This planet is considered a hot mood planet, so it may increase your ego and make you hot-headed. You should avoid proving yourself to be better than others, otherwise the amiable atmosphere of the family can deteriorate.


Feed flour to ants and seven grains to birds. This will benefit you. Do not insult any God, Goddess and Religious books or scriptures. Keep Turmeric bales in your home. Wear 5-faced Rudraksha.

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