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Monthly Aries Horoscope

Aries Monthly Horoscope


This month will be good for you in general, except for one or two aspects of your life. The month will be good for your career growth. If you work hard, you will get success. There will be benefits and profits from the government sector. Conditions are also favourable for business. You may make some courageous decisions this month, which can prove to be beneficial for your career. This month is good for students. The aspection of Jupiter on your fifth house will be proved favorable for you. You will generate interest in new subjects. There is a possibility of getting the best results of your hard work in the competitive examination. There are bright chances of getting success in higher education too. According to the planetary transits in your horoscope, this month may bring some disturbances in your family life. There can be a situation of a quarrels erupting over something in the family. Also, you may have to stay away from your family. You may face concerns due to the health issues of your mother and father. However, there will be the hope of getting some relief in their problem with the transit of the Sun in the second half of the month. The latter may prove to be a good time for your siblings as well. This is the best time for love life. The position of Jupiter in your horoscope will bring a flourishing period in your love life. You may take your relationship to the next level by planning to tie a knot with your lover and will achieve success in the same. But for married people, this time can be a bit difficult. You may face conflicts and ego clashes with your spouse during this period, the mutual harmony of your bond may get messed up. Hovewer, things will start improving in a few days, gradually strength in the relationship will increase and it will become sweet. This is a good time for children. This is a good time from the economic perspective as well. The position of Jupiter in your horoscope indicates an increase in your income. The transit of the Sun in the middle of the month is also indicating good financial benefits. This month, you may also get benefits from the government sector. Those who are self-employed or run their own business will earn good profits this month. In terms of health, this month is a little weak for the people of Aries. You may be troubled by mouth ulcers and eye problems. In the latter part of the month, the planetary positions are not very favourable and you may have to deal with problems related to chest and lungs. You are advised to be cautious and take good care of your health.


The month of June is favorable for the career prospects for Aries natives. You will get the expected progress in your career. The latter half of the month will bring good results in your professional life. You will do loads of hardwork and will get fruits of your labour. You will get benefits from the government sector. If you are trying for a government job, then you can get success. If your business is connected to the government sector, then you can earn handsome profits during this month. Some of you may also get a contract for some good profitable government work. The market for the business will be favorable. You just need to put a little effort into better earnings. On June 15, Sun, the king of the planets, will move into the third house, which is the house of courage and valor. As a result, your courage and might will increase. Your confidence will also increase and you can make some bold decisions which will prove to be beneficial for your career and will give you success. Keep in mind, hard work will prove to be the biggest factor in your success this month.


The month of June will prove to be very good financially for the Aries natives. The planet of grace, Jupiter will be positioned in the eleventh house of income and profit. This position of Jupiter indicates that your income will increase. Regular sources of income will lead to good income and some new sources of earning can also be created. On June 15, Sun, the king of the planets, will move from the second house to the third house, as a result of which good results are being made for acquiring financial gains. Apart from salary in the job, you will earn from other appropriate means, which will lead to an increase in your income. Profits from the government sector are also visible. You can get a contract for a more profitable government project, or your establishment can get a good order from government departments. Good profits are also seen in business and self-employment. If you have started any new work, it can give you a good advantage. You will be successful in accumulating wealth.


In terms of health, this month will prove to be a little challenging for you. The shadow planet Rahu is in the second house, which is not conducive to health. You may face some serious mouth ulcers. There may also be a problem in the eyes. In the second half of the month, on June 22, Venus will transit in your fourth house and will make a conjunction with Mars, there will also be an aspect of Saturn on this house. As a result of this conjunction and aspect, your health problems may increase a little more. You may have to struggle with problems like chest pain. Any lung disease can also get you in trouble. Be vigilant about your health and do not delay in consulting a doctor. Keep your lifestyle healthy, and follow a good regime to keep yourself fit.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

For the Aries natives who are in a love relationship, the month of June is going to be very romantic for them. On the fifth house, there is the aspect of planet Jupiter, indicating the showers of love in the life of loving couples. You will have a great time with your partner, your attraction towards them will increase. The mutual harmony will grow and the bond will be intense. The possibilities of marriage with your beloved is also on the cards. Negotiations can move forward in this direction and there is a possibility of success. However, this time is a bit challenging for married individuals. There may be some difficulties in your married life. There may be a lack of harmony between the husband and wife. They may have a clash of ego, which can lead to a disturbed relationship. There can be a pointless dispute about something. But when Jupiter aspects the seventh house, which is considered to be the grace for marriage and partnership, then the conditions will improve. There will be a gradual improvement in the synergy between the husband and wife and there will be chances for the couple to return to routine life once again. This time is good for children. Some good news can be received from the children, which will make the mind happy and calm.

Family & Friends

In terms of family life, the month of June will not be very favorable for Aries natives. There is a possibility of you staying within the family, which will make your mind unhappy and restless. The second house is considered to be the significator of the family and it has the presence of the shadow planet Rahu and Sun, which are malefic planets. This position of both planets indicates that there may be quarrels in the family. Disputes may occur between family members over something. The family environment may be tense because of conflicts with each other, which will deteriorate the bonds and increase cohesion. Also, due to their aspect in the fourth house, you may have to stay away from the family. Travel to remote places may occur for some reason. It would be appropriate to be patient. The commanders of the planet Mars, which is considered to be hot-tempered, will enter the fourth house on June 2 at the beginning of the month. As a result, conditions in family life may worsen. Parents may face problems. If there is already a problem at home, then it may increase during this period. You should take good care of your parents. There can be some relief in the latter half of the month, when the Sun will move from the second house to the third house on June 15. This transit of the Sun will bring a good time for your siblings.


Recite Sunderkand on Tuesdays and offer four bananas to Lord Hanuman. Specially worship Goddess Mangla Gauri. Recite Hanuman Chalisa or Bajrang Baan to please Lord Hanuman. Apply Tilak of the sindoor/vermilion from the feet of Lord Hanuman. Feed monkeys with Jaggery everyday.

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