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Monthly Aries Horoscope

Aries Monthly Horoscope


The natives belonging to the sign Aries are ruled by Mars, which is the planet that conducts energy, due to this there is no lack of enthusiasm and dynamism in you. For this reason, due to the amount of fire element many times, you move impulsively in every task and sometimes you can get failure because in more impatience you are left behind in identifying the right and wrong and later regret it. Skilled leadership is born in you, due to which you do not like to obey anyone's orders but prefer to keep people under your command. You make your own rules for your life and like to follow them. You want to get everything in life and you work hard for it. Nothing can stop you from fulfilling your determination, you yourself can be your critic and enemy. The month of February is going to be great for you, because Mars, the lord of your sign, will be located in your zodiac at the beginning of the month, due to which there will be no lack of passion and strength in you and you can do every work as soon as possible with full valour. You will earn success in all your endeavours. If you are dreaming of going abroad, then you can get success after some problems. That means there will be some disturbances but you can still get success. You are getting good chances of getting financial help from your friends, so if you are doing something in which you need help from your friends, feel free to tell them, they will assist you. In the latter part of the month, you will need to pay a little attention as there will be changes in your behaviour which will affect your life.


The month of February will come with a tight start for career-related matters. During this time you will have to focus on your work because four planets together will remain in your tenth house. Furthermore, Mercury will retrograde on 4th February and will enter your tenth house, due to which you will have to do many tasks simultaneously. The workload will increase and you will feel very strong in your job, however, you will also think that you have a huge burden of work, furthermore, you will feel that you are not getting the appropriate income against what you deserve. These thoughts will create an inferiority complex in you, due to which you may face some problems in your field. However, you will be very diligent and do more and more things in the shortest time, this will strengthen your image and you will earn good praises for yourself. On 14 February, Jupiter will come out of its combustion and this will be the time when you can get promotion in your field of work and your senior officers will also give you encouragement at the same time. If you do any business, then you have to be a little serious about your work, since Mars will aspect your seventh house and your seventh house lord Venus will be in the tenth house. This implies that you will have to work hard and try some new ways, which can give your business the right direction and the expansion. In the later part of the month, when the sun is moving in your eleventh house and Venus will also enter the eleventh house, then your business will progress and your profit will increase.


Now let's talk about your financial life. Financially, you are going to be quite relaxed this month. At the beginning of the month, planet Mercury will be in the eleventh house from your zodiac sign, which will help you in increasing your income by using your intellect. After that, it will enter your tenth house and you will have to focus on your work for some time and if you do business then you will need to make some investments in it. You may feel a drop in your income during this time. However, from 12th February, when the Sun will be in your eleventh house, then that time will be very good for you and your earnings and you will see a tremendous increase in the same. You will be able to benefit from the government sector too and you will get good money in your job or business through your personal efforts as well. Thus, it can be said that the latter half of the month will be favourable for you and your remuneration will also grow, but when the transit of Mars is in the second house from your zodiac sign, where Rahu is already sitting, then you will have concerns pertaining to your finances. There will be some anxiety and there will be a situation of fluctuating bank balance. To avoid this you will need the help and experience of an old person in your family. If you use your finances properly, then this month will give you in abundance.


The month of February will be quite auspicious pertaining to health. Your health will be good since the lord of the zodiac is located in its own sign. You will remain fit and will be full of enthusiasm and strength, to the extent that you will be able to complete all the work perfectly. Due to the strong position of planet Jupiter in the tenth house, you may complain of backache, which can be due to the overwork or even sitting in a bad posture. Some people, who are susceptible to seasonal diseases, may have the problem of lung infection or cough, suffering from colds and flu could also be a possibility. After 22nd February, when the transit of Mars will be in the second house from your zodiac sign, then you will have to pay more attention to your food, because of that you may have a problem of mouth blisters or throat pain. Except for these small things, there is no major problem, so you should live a comfortable life this month and refrain from spiced up food when necessary. You should seek medical help in case of any ailment and keep doing yoga and meditation.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The beginning of the month will be very good for those who are in the love affair, you will be talking a lot with your loved one. The communication between you two will be good, which is the most important thing in any relationship. When retrograde Mercury will enter your tenth house, you will face some problems. Your behaviour will change and you will become somewhat fierce due to which there will be chances of misunderstanding with your sweetheart. They may not understand you clearly. The Sun's transit will be beneficial for you, because after that there will be an increase in warmth and love in your bond, you will be able to understand each other better. During this phase, you will spend quality time with your dear one and will try to interact with them deeply, while maintaining the dignity of your relationship. This will make your relationship sweet. Let’s look into the life of those people who are married. The married natives, this month will have ups and downs in their relationship. Due to the aspect of Mars on your seventh house, there will be a sense of heat in the relationship because your spouse will get upset with your behavior, as you may say something wrong that your life partner will not like. As a result, the tension between the two of you will increase, but when Mars moves into your second house on February 22, where Rahu is already sitting, your married life will change and your relationship will start to strengthen, but your spouse may face some health problems. In such a situation you are advised to take good care of them. Overall, the month of February will teach you how to take care of each other.

Family & Friends

Family life will be in a state of Sun and shade this month as your fourth house will be influenced by five planets and Rahu will be located in the second house of the horoscope. Therefore, you will keep your family's heart happy with your sweet talk and will try your best to keep them united. However, when so many planets affect the fourth house, then there will be some conflict or dispute in the family, due to which the peace of your family can be disturbed. Your father will be troubled with the health problems and you will also be worried about him. Your siblings will be in your support and they will also give you the necessary assistance so that you feel relaxed. You should try your best that there should be no such problem in the family because no one will be comfortable or able to bear the tensions. When the Sun transits in the eleventh house and Venus will also enter Aquarius on 21st February, there will be peace and cheerfulness in the family life and you will find a ray of hope that problems are subsiding.


During this month, you are advised to take some special measures. These remedies can prove effective in protecting you from the side effects of planets. As one of the remedies, first of all, you should worship the Sun and recite the Aditya Hridya Stotra. Offer Arghya to the rising Sun every morning in a copper vessel. You should distribute the books to the poor students on Thursday. Wearing a coral gem of good quality will be very beneficial for you. To avoid career challenges, donating your shadow on Saturday will also prove to be beneficial.

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