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Monthly Virgo Horoscope

Virgo Monthly Horoscope


For natives belonging to the zodiac sign Virgo, this month will prove to be quite favourable. From the professional point of view, October 2021 has nothing but success in store for you. Student natives will also get to hear some good news. Family life may go through some ups and downs. Natives who are in love will come across a favourable time. But married duos will have to face quite a few challenges. With regards to your income, October is going to be quite an exciting month. This is a very good time to go ahead with investments. With regards to health, mix results will be obtained.


For Virgo natives in particular, the month of October will be quite favourable for your professional life. You will be graced with success in each and every step of your life. Those who are in the lookout for new job opportunities will stumble upon a decent career option. A promotion is also on the cards and so is a transfer. The idea of switching jobs may also cross your mind this month. Job holders are requested to remain serious about their work otherwise problems can crop up in the future. The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the fifth house will prove to be quite positive for your business ventures. Prospects will get created to expand your trade. New relations will get established who will bring profits into your life.


From the point of view of your health the month of October will remain exciting for you. You will remain in an economically prosperous situation. At the very beginning of the month, Venus and mercury will be seated in your second house which also comes under the governance of Venus. Success will be definitely yours during this time and money will keep flowing into your hands. You will make the most of the opportunity being provided to you. An expansion of your trade is also quite a possibility. Both Saturn and Jupiter in the fifth house is aspecting the eleventh house which is the house of income. Consequently, lots of economic profits will flow into your hands. During the second half of the month, the Sun will also enter the house of profits. Your bank balance will increase. Afterwards, when Mars enters your sign, you may think of investing in an immovable property. You may also buy a vehicle during this time.


October will have mixed results in store with regards to your health. The beginning of the month can be a bit problematic. Although there is no possibility of any major disease befalling you, there may be some weakness and fatigue in the body. You may also get complaints of a high fever and headache. Avoid loitering around needlessly. Do not take unnecessary stress. Take extreme care of your diet. Maintain a stable daily routine. Take the aid of Yoga, exercises etc. regularly. The second half of the month will be favorable for you in terms of your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

With regards to your love life, this month is expected to remain specifically favourable. The planetary positions will vote things in your favour. The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter will add for the blessings to your relationship. The bond with your partner will get enhanced. Both of you will be provided ample opportunities to spend time together. The mutual understanding and compatibility will be great. On 22nd October, the planet Mars is changing its zodiac sign and it will be entering your second house and aspect your fifth house. Because of this, a certain kind of rudeness will be noticed in your speech. You may also try to prevail over your partner because of which your beloved these feel uncomfortable. Consequently, clashes and arguments will follow. Try to stay clear of the situation and choose your words very carefully. If we talk about married natives, then they will also not come across the very favourable time. Your zodiac sign is hosting the residency of both Mars and Sun and both of them are aspecting the house which denotes your life partner. Consequently, the rudeness and harshness in your behaviour may increase and fights can erupt on account of some trivial matters. The time is not all favourable for your conjugal life, which is why you should avoid debates and arguments as much as possible. Try to choose your words carefully. Mars in a retrograde motion is also present in your sign because of which you will not be able to acknowledge your mistakes. In such a situation, if your life partner points out your mistakes and flaws, you should learn to work on them and not deteriorate things further by fighting with him or her.

Family & Friends

The month of October will offer mixed results in terms of family life. Family ties will remain fluctuating. In the first half of the month, Mars will be seen in the fourth house of your sign representing happiness. This can cause some problems and challenges in family life. Household members may showcase irritability in their nature and act up on the most trivial of matters. An atmosphere of tension may prevail over the family. On October 17, when the Sun moves into the second house and Mercury enters your zodiac sign from October 2, conditions will improve. Some positive changes will be seen in your behaviour due to reduced intensity. There will also be a situation of reconciliation. On October 22, Mars will also make its transit. This may raise the possibility of a quarrel over something in the family. There can be a dispute over property. You can also have a heated argument with your siblings. Try to keep a tab on your temper.


It will be very good for you to wear an Emerald gemstone of the best quality in the last finger. Read Shri Vishnu Sahastranam Stotra daily. Gift something special to the eunuchs and seek their blessings. Beginning from Wednesday, chant the Mercury Beej Mantra every day. Offer perfume made from Khush to Lord Shiva on Friday.

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