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Monthly Virgo Horoscope

Virgo Monthly Horoscope


This month has some mixed results in store for Virgo natives. Your career will keep moving in the right direction. You will be able to climb the ladder of success on account of your diligence and hard work. A promotion is also on the cards. Those who were into normal business ventures may face some ups and downs. Those who have connections with a certain foreign land may get some benefits. General students will come across a challenging time as they may face hurdles in their studies. Those who are preparing for competitive exams will have to work extremely hard. Those who wish to complete their education in a Foreign based college or university may come across a favourable time. The time is also quite right for pursuing your higher education as you will acquire the support from your family members. Although the environment of your family may remain stressful as debates can crop up which is why you are advised to remain patient. Lovers will also come across an extremely challenging time. The transit of Jupiter will bring forth a dry spell in your relationship. There will also be a lack of compatibility between the two of you. Married natives will also face the same fate during this time. Economic life will be great as the sources and levels of your income will keep increasing. But your expenditures can increase suddenly during the second half of the month which is why it would be necessary to devise an appropriate budget. Health will remain in low spirits. Try to stick to a proper diet routine so as to avoid all kinds of problems and difficulties.


For natives belonging to the zodiac sign Virgo, this is a quite appropriate time. The ruler amongst all the planets, Sun if present in the tenth house, which will create great prospects for you to attain success in abundance. With your own hard work and diligence, you will keep increasing your status within your workplace. Senior officials will also remain pleased with you. You are most likely to bag a promotional offer. Business professionals will also be able to take their adventure to the next level on account of their Intelligence and prudence. On the 7th of July, the planet Mercury will move into your 10th house because of which your business will increase. But normal professionals have to face some difficulties which will not last for a very long time. You will be able to dodge the hurdles standing in your way very easily. The ruling Lord of the seventh house, Jupiter's presence in the sixth house will be auspicious for the ones who have business associations with foreign contacts.


This month is likely to remain financially stable for the natives belonging to the zodiac sign Virgo. If you spend your money judiciously, then your economic situation will be generous. Mercury and Rahu are present in the ninth house. The Sun is posited in the tenth house. In terms of profit and income, Mars and Venus are seated in the eleventh and Shani Dev is aspecting the same. This conjunction of planets is very good in terms of your income. Your regular sources of income will give you good financial benefits. Some new sources may also generate revenue. Salaries and allowances of employed people may increase. Incentives or bonuses etc. are on the cards. Business professionals will acquire benefits. If you have started any new work, then you can also earn a good income from there. Foreign means will also have some profits in store for you. Income will remain stable but in the latter part of the month may bring some amount of financial crunch. On 20 July, Mars will move into the twelfth house, then you may face some unexpected expenses. You can spend money on something worthless. Luxury items may be procured. Therefore, devise an appropriate budget so that the economic situation is good. Investing money can prove to be a better option for you. Use your money wisely.


For the natives belonging to the zodiac sign Virgo, this month will be full of ups and downs in terms of health. You may have to keep facing problems from time to time. Eat nutritious and digestible food at the right time. It is very important for you right now. Avoid outside food, extremely oil soaked and spicy food and fried foods. Due to negligence in food and diet, you may have to struggle with stomach diseases. Kidney problems can also keep troubling you. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and do yoga or exercises at home. The key to your health lies in your own hands.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Natives of this sign who are in a love relationship may fall prey to misunderstanding because of which your relationship may go through several highs and lows. Shani Dev or the planet Saturn is present in the 5th house of your zodiac sign and it is under the aspectation of Mars and Venus at the same time. This conjunction of planets will bring ups and downs for your relationship. Couples should make the necessary effort on their own to get through this difficult time. Learn to keep a tab on your words to avoid miscommunication. Try your level best to keep the communication alive between the two of you full stop if we talk about married native then this time is a little bit difficult for them too. Life partner's health may remain in low spirits as he or she may have to face several difficulties. On the 28th of July, the red planet Mars will move into your 12th house and it will aspect Jupiter as well as your seventh house. As a result, debates and arguments will remain a part of your domestic life. Your equation with your life partner will not be quite great. Try to remain patient all throughout this while and do not do anything on your part which can induce debates and arguments.

Family & Friends

The time is over all quite appropriate for your domestic life but the ruling Lord of 4th house Jupiter is present in the 6th house. Consequently, there may be some minor fights and arguments between family members. Planetary positions will induce domestic clashes. Venus is present in the 11th house of profits, which will provide you and your family with economic benefits. This will also make positive contributions to your overall economic status. After the 17th of July, Venus will move into your twelfth house, which is the house of expenditure and losses. As a result, the domestic environment of Virgo natives will be stressful. The mutual compatibility and harmony may remain at stake. Before the 20th of July, you may get some profits from your siblings but after this you may have to procure some of your economic resources on them.


Worship Maa Durga and recite the Durga Chalisa regularly. Worship Lord Ganesha and offer sweets. Eat something sweet and leave the house only after drinking some water on top of it. Do not make your sister, aunt and daughter upset.

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