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Monthly Virgo Horoscope

Virgo Monthly Horoscope


The earth sign Virgo is owned by the planet of communication Mercury. They are sophisticated and genius, like to be chic and modernize with the latest technology. The sign of twins is amiable and kind, truly believing in the fact that a friend in need is a friend indeed. Always engaged in planning, they never opt to take up a task or execute impulsively. They are deep thinkers and will put forth reasoning in all their endeavours. The shy appearing twins will never spill the secrets while gaining the trust of the people around them. These inquisitive buddies never give up on learning and adding more knowledge which makes them one of the most intellectual signs. They will put themselves through thick and thin but will not choose to disappoint their dear ones. Their only manifestation is perfection and will always be pledged towards it, their dictionary only knows better and not the best. Inspired by beauty and creation, they only desire to make a paradise on the sphere they live. The month of March will be happening for their professional life and will bring good luck and desired results to them. You will get good opportunities to work in the area of your interest and will get a good startup during this time. The love will be in the air for romantic couples and you will have cherishing time with your loved one, your connection will go to another level. You may face stagnancy in your married life but will be able to make it through. You may not be at utmost peace in your domestic life and will keep making efforts to convince people around you, they may be more demanding than your expectations during this time. The students may suffer from lack of focus and concentration but will be on the go with their competitive spirits. Life may not be very smooth on the financial front for you, but since you are good at organising, you will execute your ideas well in order to meet all your odds. The health concerns may be bothering during the month of March and may make you fragile.


Virgos will get considerable results in their career during the month of March. The ascendant and tenth lord Mercury will be in the fifth house during the first ten days of March. During this time, your luck will favour you, and you will be innovative and introduce some new skills and techniques in your business. You may also take up your hobby as your profession during this period. Your sixth lord is in the fifth house which will pump you to start working in the creative sector and pastime as a good source of earning. The business professionals that are related to tours and travel, trade and commerce industry will get favourable results. Those who have completed their studies and are willing to escalate their knowledge to the next level and start a venture should try their luck during this period as they will get encouraging feedback. The tenth lord Mercury will be transiting through your sixth house after 11th March, which may bring some liabilities in your business. The working professionals will be benefited during this time. Therefore, those who are planning to switch jobs should apply during this period. Also, natives searching for a job will get desired proposals. The writers and journalists will have a flourishing time during the beginning of this month and people employed in the marketing and accountancy sector will have a better time after mid of the month.


The twins will face some ups and downs in their income and expenditure during this month. The beginning of the month will put you under the pressure of paying your debts and loans as your second house lord Venus will be in the sixth house with twelfth lord Sun. This time you will increase your expenditure tremendously and you may have to make payments from your savings. The eleventh house lord Moon will be transiting through all the signs which imply that your income will be uncertain during this time, also you will be able to earn from versatile sources i.e. your hobbies & interests, rent from the properties or making some sale/purchase. The eighth house lord Mars will be in your ninth house during this time which indicates that you may face some unforeseen circumstances during this month, which will affect the valuation of your assets. The month of March will not bring a very stable position in your economic life and you may not get abundance in terms of monetary gain. However, you will not get into a deficit, and somehow you will be able to manage the balance between your earnings and expenditure.


The health of Virgos will be on a weaker constitution during the month of March, especially the latter half of the Month. The ascendant lord Mercury will be in the fifth house during the starting of the month with the sixth lord Saturn, which indicates some troubles related to stomach issues and nervous system. You should avoid the consumption of alcohol or spirits during this month as it will instigate your illness. The Mercury will be transiting through the sixth house eventually which may aggravate your nervous system and cause strain in your mind and body, you may also get insomnia during this time. You may face frequent headaches and those who have a history of migraine will face more complexity. You may also be prone to skin allergies during this time. You are advised not to overthink and go with the flow of life everything will get sorted out one step at a time. You should do a lot of breathing exercises to improve your blood flow and relax your mind as it will help to relax your nervous system. You stress less and take good rest so that your body is at ease and comfortable.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The love life of twins looks to be intense, you will be too devoted and involved in your partner. The fifth house lord Saturn will be with the seventh house lord Jupiter during this month which indicates that you may take a step ahead in your relationship and plan to get hitched to your lover. You may also introduce your loved one to your family and move ahead with getting engaged to them. Those who are still thinking when to make a formal meeting between the love of your life and your caring family should take the initiative this month as you will be successful and will not have to put efforts in convincing either of the parties. The singles have great possibilities to find the person of their dreams and fall in love at first sight. Married couples may have some conflicts in their relationship. The sixth house lord Saturn will be with their seventh house lord Jupiter in the month of March which indicates that you may be upset with your spouse and feel that they are not understanding you or living upto your expectations. Your bond will be a bit stretchy during this time where you will not be able to resolve your differences and choose to live with it instead of discussing and sorting them out.

Family & Friends

The Virgos will try their best to keep their family happy during this month. During the first half of the month, your second house lord Venus will be in the sixth house of fights with the twelfth lord, which indicates that you will have some confrontations with your immediate family, especially parents. The Venus and Sun will be in your seventh house in the third week of March which will improve your relationship with your family, you will be busy pleasing the members by buying things for them. Your fourth house lord Jupiter will be in the fifth house, which shows that you will spend a good time with your children, and give yourself to the needs and requirements of your children during this month, especially during the initial days when Mercury, the ascendant lord, will be transiting from the fifth house of children. The eighth house lord Mars is also aspecting your fourth house which again shows that may have some heated up discussions and conflicts with the members. Overall, you may be busy enjoying with your family but you will be occupied keeping your family happy and providing them utmost comfort. You may also spend a lot to keep your dear ones cheerful.


Recite Vishnu Sahasranama daily. Offer boondi ladoo to Lord Ganesha on Wednesdays. Chant Budh Mantra 108 times a day. Donate green clothes or bangles to poor girls on Wednesday. Offer coconut to Maa Kali on Saturdays. Offer water to the Peepal Tree on Saturdays.

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