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Monthly Cancer Horoscope

Cancer Monthly Horoscope


The month is going to bring mixed results for the natives of the Cancer zodiac sign. Those who are in service will confront more challenges because of the conjunction of Mars and Rahu in the tenth house. The period is going to be suitable for the students as the aspect of Jupiter will be on the fifth house. Students will achieve success in the field of education due to the presence of Venus in the fifth house. There will remain positive vibes in the family. Good understanding will be observed among family members due to the presence of the Sun, the ruling lord of the second house, in the twelfth house. However, certain differences may take place between lovers. There is a great possibility of stress due to the presence of Rahu with Mars in its own zodiac sign. During this time, your financial position will remain strong and you may get money from secret sources because of the presence of Sun with Mercury in the twelfth house. You will also gain money from foreign sources. So far health is concerned, the month is going to be favourable. Problems will stay away from you on account of the complete aspect of Sun and Mercury on the sixth house. To have complete information on all the aspects, scroll up and read!


In the context of a career, the month is going to be average for the natives having the Cancer zodiac sign. At the beginning of the month, the conjunction of Mars and Rahu in the tenth house will lead to the formation of Angarak Yoga which may be painful for you. Problems may crop up at the workplace. You will turn angry due to the complete aspect of Mars on your zodiac sign. You will express your anger over futile things at work and this may put you in trouble. However, you will have foreign benefits due to the conjunction of Sun and Mercury in the twelfth house. You may also receive appreciation from your boss. During the second half of the month, the transit of the Sun in your zodiac sign and the presence of Venus in your twelfth house will make the situation friendly. Those who are in search of service may get a job of their choice. The doors of success will open as per your wishes. You may have the support of an unknown person at your workplace. Those who are in business will earn profits in the second half of the month. You may also make plans for giving new heights to your business. You may take steps in expanding your business in a new field. However, the period is not favourable for making big investments. If you maintain good relations with your business partner, it will be great for you.


Covering the monetary aspect of those with the Cancer zodiac sign, the period is going to be encouraging for them. There is a possibility of getting money from unexpected sources due to the existence of Sun, the ruling lord of the second house, in the twelfth house with Mercury in the first half of the month. Income from foreign sources will also increase. The financial position of the service people will also strengthen. With the increase in your income, your savings will go up. Investment during this period will be extra rewarding for you. Long-term investments will not be in your interest during this period. The month is also going to be profitable from a business point of view. New business opportunities will knock on your doors due to the transit of the Sun in the first house and the full aspect of Jupiter on it in the latter half of the month. You will get money from new projects and plans. The flow of money will increase with the expansion of business. This time is going to be profitable for those who invest in the stock market. There can be a sudden spurt in the market and the shares which had lost their shine will gain much. Some natives will have benefits from ancestral property and foreign sources.


As far as health is concerned, the month is going to be favourable for the Cancer natives. Jupiter, the ruling lord of the sixth house, will reside in the ninth house. Also, the full aspect of Sun and Mercury will be on the sixth house. Due to this, problems will remain away from you and you will also get rid of venereal diseases. There will be improvement in the health of your life partner as well. They will overcome minor problems. If you are suffering from stress, you will be relieved of it. However, some elders of the family may face health problems. Especially, take due care of your mother’s health and do not ignore even the minor health issue, and seek doctor’s advice whenever there is a need. You are advised to avoid stale food and do regular exercise and perform meditation.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Certain problems can crop in the love life of Cancer natives. The condition will remain unsuitable due to the presence of Mars, the ruling lord of the fifth house, in the tenth house of its own zodiac sign with Rahu and the full aspect of it on the fifth house. There can be a heated controversy between the lovers and this may lead to confusion in their relationship. Differences may develop on trivial issues. However, some natives can back their separated loved ones. You may plan an auspicious occasion with your lovemate. The period is going to be favourable for bachelors. There will be good proposals for marriage and they may go in for a quick marriage. If you have likings for someone, this is the right time to propose. Do trust yourself and express your love with confidence. Married couples will also have a good time. All sorts of misunderstandings with your spouse will fade away and trust will develop between you two. If any confusion prevails then the same will be resolved and the relationship will have a positive turning. Try to spend more time with your partner to cultivate a better understanding.

Family & Friends

Focussing on the family life of the Cancer natives, the month is going to be average for them. Sun, the ruling lord of the second house, will remain positioned in the twelfth house in the first half of the month. Due to this, there will be unity in the family and all the family members will come together. You can start a new job/work by choosing a good path for your family and you will be successful in moving forward together. However, doubt will remain in the mind due to the aspect of Saturn on the second house and you may utter something which can pinch the other members of the family. This may adversely affect the sweetness in the family and therefore, it is extremely important for you to have control over your language. If you act upon this suggestion, your luck will favour you. Respect the elders of the family and follow their advice. Try to maintain a good understanding with brothers and sisters. You can expand your business with the support of young people in the family. During this time, the presence of Jupiter in the house of luck will encourage unity in the family. The whole family can organise a religious function together. You can plan a new work with the cooperation of family members as well.


Add sesame to milk and perform Jalabhishek of Lord Shiva. Offer jaggery to the Ox on Sunday. On Tuesday, hoist a red-coloured flag at a temple. Perform Chaya Daan on Saturday.

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