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Monthly Cancer Horoscope

Cancer Monthly Horoscope


Cancer is an incredible sign tuned into the rhythm of the earth, it is ruled by the planet Moon. The natives born under this sign are passionate lovers, they are mind and emotion-driven people and can find love in anything. They are also nature lovers and find solutions to every problem in the creation itself. Generous and Fervent they make a loyal partner when in relationships. They are intuitive and can judge people easily, blessed with psychic power can plunge in the depths of a subject and can draw out truth or reality even from the toughest of circumstances. They have a bend towards creative things be it reading, writing, painting of designing new things. They have a happy go lucky mindset and enjoy long chatty conversations. These crabs are humorous with an emotional heart but they are practical when it comes to their work-life and making important decisions. Being a watery sign they believe in the free-flowing spirit of life and are happy living in their world of imagination. The month of March 2021 will bring mixed results for the cancers. You will get opportunities to travel for your work, which will keep you busy this month.It will be favourable as it will bring success in the long run. You will be too involved in your profession due to which your personal life will be a little cold during the first half of the month. You bond with your dear ones will improve in the second half of March. The students will be blessed with good scores and researches will have probabilities of turning their studies into their profession. You may face a rough phase in your relationship due to your busy schedule or stagnancy. The couples may face some conflicts but will be able to resolve with their mutual understanding. Your finances will be blooming and you will gain from your property. You will be blessed with your family’s support in the second half of the month.


The month of March 2021 will bring possibilities of changing workplace or frequent travels. Your ascendant lord is in the fourth house during the beginning of the month which will make you possessive about your work, eventually, with the transition of Moon to various houses, you will be on toes to move around for your work and pleasure. The tenth house lord Mars is in your eleventh house with Rahu which will keep you in the mobility with a progressive approach towards your work. You will have a hectic schedule and will be too occupied in your endeavours. Those you have been thinking about starting their own business should make a move now as you will be benefited with favourable results. You will get help and support from your family especially your siblings in your professional life during this time. The tenth lord is in the sign of Venus which is a materialistic sign which will bring the positive outcome of your efforts. The sixth house lord is in the seventh house conjunct with seventh and eighth lord Saturn, those who are in job will be slogging during this month and may consider changing their job however this month will not bring good proposals so you should wait for a while to switch your jobs. If you are planning to quit your job and do your own business then you can consider during this period of time. Those who are running partnership firms will have some ups and downs in their business however if your work is research-based then you will have a flourishing month.


The financial aspects of Cancers look favourable during this month. Your tenth house lord Mars will be positioned in your eleventh house of income and gains which indicates that all your efforts made in the expansion of business or your hard work in your job will improve your remuneration and you will be blessed with good cash inflow. You will convert your hobbies and interests into your profession during this phase and will earn handsome money from the same. This combination of the tenth lord in twelfth house forms a very good yoga which bestows wealth. Your second house lord will be in the eighth house in the first half of March, you may face sudden loss if you have invested in share market or mutual funds. There could also be some unwanted expenditure due to emergencies. You are advised not to get tempted into earnings from speculation or illegal sources. The Sun which is your second house lord will be transiting from your ninth house during the later month which will bring abundance in finances. You may gain from the property or receive some gift from your parents. Your spouse will be equally supportive during this time and will help you enhance your financial status.If planning to make any investment then you should make it in your better halves name as it will be fruitful.


The health of Cancer natives will be flimsy during the month of March. Your sixth house lord is in the seventh house aspecting the lagna indicating that you will be prone to seasonal allergies, fevers and jaundice. The Saturn, which is the seventh and eighth house lord, will also aspecting the lagna which may cause mental stress, weakness and numbness in feet. You will feel burdensome and have depressive tendencies, which is why you are advised to keep yourself calm and relax your mind as you may turn insomniac. You should make a regime to walk up early and do some meditation in the open area or walk in the garden and be around nature to keep your mind relaxed. Your twelfth house lord Mercury will also be in the seventh house in the starting of March which may cause allergies, skin rashes and tingling sensation in your feet. Those who are diabetic should particularly go for regular check-ups and say no to sugar. The month of March is not favourable for your health, but if you manage your lifestyle by introducing regular exercising and eating healthy food, you will be able to keep yourself healthy and deal with minor illness and concerns.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The love life of Cancers will face some challenges during this month, Ketu is positioned in their fifth house which indicates the loss of interest and coldness in the bond. You will feel lost and will not be able to give the required comfort and attention to your partner. The fifth house lord Mars is aspecting the house of love with its seventh aspect which implies that you will not walk away from the relationship as somewhere on the back of your mind to still have an inclination towards your partner and are not willing to let go of your bond during this time. Thus, you will have a complicated association in the month of March. Married couples will have warmth and mutual respect during this period. Your seventh house lord Saturn is in its own house which shows that you will be content in your married life. The sixth and ninth lord Jupiter is in conjunction with Saturn due to which you may have small fights with your spouse but it will not be stretched for too long as you will come to a point of mutual understanding and will respect each other’s point of view. Mercury, which is the twelfth house lord, will be in the house of your marriage during the beginning of the month which may bring a few days of separation, either you or your spouse may have to travel to some other place for work or personal commitments.

Family & Friends

The Cancerians are emotional bees, they are possessive about their relationships and try to keep their family and friends happy. In the first week of March, the ascendant lord moon will be in the fourth house of domestic comforts and you will have a pleasant day at home. The Sun which is the Karka of the family for you will be in the eight house with fourth house lord Venus. This indicates that you may face some conflicts with the family members, especially your mother during the first half of this month. You may also have some communication gap and will not be able to sort out your differences during this time. You will have a cold bond with your siblings. You should relax and reflect within yourself for the reasons of troublesome relation as you will be able to sort out the contrasting opinions eventually. Your relationship will improve by the fourth week of the March when Sun will be in your ninth house. You will get an occasion to celebrate with your extended family. Your emotional bond with your father and elders of the family will improve and you will spend some good moments together.


Recite Hanuman Chalisa every day and 7 times on Saturday. Chant Shani Mantra 108 times. Light a mustard oil lamp in front of Lord Shani. Offer chapatis to black dogs on Saturdays. Donate black blankets or slippers to the needy on Saturdays. Do not eat black gram pulse on Saturdays instead donate the same on Saturday.

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