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Monthly Cancer Horoscope

Cancer Monthly Horoscope


The month of December is going to be full of ups and downs for the natives belonging to the Cancer zodiac sign. This month, the impact of Saturn and Jupiter will be on your zodiac sign and this will be responsible for bringing good and bad times but it will develop a feeling of kindness for others and you will take part in religious or auspicious activities wholeheartedly. You will not lag behind in extending your helping hand to others keeping in mind your personal work as well. This will help you bag good results as well as maintain good reputation in society. How will you fare in the month of December in the aspects of career, finance, family & love life, etc.? Read the section-wise paragraph given below.


Career-wise, the month is going to be good for you. If you are looking for a job change, the beginning of the month is going to come up to your aspirations. During this time, Venus, Mercury, and Sun will be in your fifth house while Rahu will stay in the tenth house, and the aspect of Mars will be on the fifth house, along with the sixth house and as a result, there are bright chances of getting a good job or promotions at the workplace. If you have already applied for a job, you may be selected. After this, the period will be more favourable and you will progress in your career. After the first week of the month, you will come across many opponents due to the transit of Mercury and Venus in the sixth house and they will leave no stone unturned in creating troubles for you and therefore, you will have to be careful about it and behave politely with womenfolk because any wrong word or activity can put you in big trouble. Further, the transit of the Sun in the sixth house on December 16 will make you stronger and you will be able to command your opponents. They may not have the courage to come close to you. Although you will be able to put your heart and soul in your work, you are suggested to avoid shortcuts and stick to your efforts. If you do not cling to these thoughts, your seniors will come after you badly over every mistake of yours. Contrary to this, your good work can help you achieve greater progress by the middle of the month.


Flashing light on the financial aspect, the aspect of Mercury, Venus, and Sun will be on the eleventh house, which is already occupied with Mars, and therefore, there will be strong possibilities of financial benefits from the inception of the month and you will start getting enough money. The placement of Sun, the ruler of the second house, in the fifth house will strengthen your financial status and there will be chances of getting benefits from government sources and if you invest your money wisely, you will be able to earn great benefits. Do not be lured by attractive offers or fake promises. The second half of the month may be a bit weak as you will be under the pressure of mounting expenses. Therefore, you will have to be very careful while spending money. Try to prepare a budget and make your expenses accordingly to avoid any unwanted situation.


If we revolve around the health aspect, the impact of five planets will be on the fifth house. Mercury, Venus, and Sun will be positioned in your fifth house at the beginning of the month and the complete aspect of Mars, present in the eleventh house, and Jupiter, placed in the ninth house, will be on the fifth house. As a result, you may suffer from food poisoning and abdominal diseases, gastric problems, etc. You will have to take special care of it. You will have to be more careful after the movement of Mercury and Venus in the sixth house as your health may deteriorate during this time. However, you will get rid of all problems after the movement of the Sun in the sixth house on December 16 and you will go ahead with a positive vibe. The aspect of Mars on the sixth house will also give you a lot of strength and you will feel highly encouraged. You will have to do physical exercise to keep yourself fit during this time.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Talking about love life, the presence of Mercury and Venus in the fifth house is going to make your relationship more interesting. It means that love and romance between you and your beloved will increase and you will come close to each other. The trueness in the relationship will keep you together but the impact of Mars and the presence of Sun in the fifth house can create misunderstandings between you two. You may get angry on each other over petty talks and this may put your relationship to a climax. In this regard, you are suggested to keep your anger in control and try to resolve the differences calmly. One good thing about it is that the aspect of Jupiter will remain on your fifth house throughout the month and as a result, the situation may favour you. If required, you can seek suggestions of an expert or learned person. Seriousness will appear in your relationship after the movement of Mercury, Venus, and Sun in the sixth house and you may also propose to marriage. If we talk of married people, Saturn, the ruling lord of the seventh house, will remain positioned in its own zodiac sign and this will make your understanding deeper than before. You will remain dedicated and like to share everything with each other. Also, more trust will develop, and hence, your relationship will get strengthened. Your spouse may face some health problems by the middle of the month and therefore, you will have to take care of them and in case of any need, consult a doctor. If you stand by your life partner, you will also have full cooperation from them. This will make your married life full of happiness. From the children’s perspective, the period is going to be average. You may come across an artistic quality in your child at the beginning of the month and this will make you feel proud. However, your child may be angry by nature.

Family & Friends

On the family side, there will be a good understanding among family members due to the presence of Sun, the ruling lord of the second house, in the fifth house. All the members will understand one another and thus, there will be harmony in the family. But there will remain problems due to the aspect of Mars on the second house and also, there will be a possibility of misunderstanding. Therefore, you have to pay extra attention to it so that no problem can occur in the family. The presence of Ketu in the fourth house will try to take you away from your family. You will also like to spend much of your time far-off from your family. There will be a feeling of love and affection within the family due to the presence of Venus, the ruling lord of the fourth house, in the fifth house during the first week of December, but after the transit of Venus in the sixth house, you may have some differences with your mother and this may also affect her health adversely. Therefore, you have to understand your responsibility and take her to a specialist. You will have good relations with your brothers and sisters but certain problems will crop up in the second half of the month, however, you can resolve things through mutual understanding.


Offer milk or Akshat to Shivlinga on Mondays. If possible, perform Rudrabhishek. Recite ॐ नमः शिवाय मंत्र / oṃ namaḥ śivāya maṃtra 108 times everyday. Apply Haldi or Kesar Tilak on forehead on Thursday.

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