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Monthly Leo Horoscope

Leo Monthly Horoscope


Leo is a fire sign governed by the royal planet and king of Zodiac, the Sun. As the name suggests they are fierce lions who are heroic and valiant. They are born leaders and eminent for their stability and consistency. In relationships, they make the most loyal and dominating partners, too sensitive and loving, however they will never pose off. In friendship, they are truly dedicated friends and will go head over heels for their companion. The ambition and determination are in their blood, they will leave no stone unturned to achieve their goals. High in energy, they are always particular about their surroundings and make selective friends but those loved ones are their adornments and they will keep them protected. They are outstanding in their endeavors and expect appreciation for their accomplishments from the surrounding environment, consistently admiring the spotlight. They loathe to be forced to perform any tasks or get into a conversation, master of their own will they articulate when they think it is required. The Leos will be exuberant in the month of March, their zest and strength in their work will bring boon in their professional life. You will travel to the moon and back to build their goodwill in their respective industries. Your inundate activeness and force in work will provide you auspicious results in the month of March. The financial status will be strong and you will achieve what you desired from your current business or job. Your personal life may not be as good as your professional life, you may have fights with your loved ones. You will have some struggles in keeping up the interests and expectations of your family. The atmosphere at home may be tense and you may feel like travelling more for work so that you have less time to spend at home. Your love life will not be on cloud nine, you will face some disagreement with your lover. The married couples will manage with their dissensions and eventually the love and warmth of your relationship will improve. Your health issues will take a toll on your mind by the end of the month however you will be able to fight with it by keeping yourself fit and free from burdens of thoughts. The overall month of March will bring mixed results for you where professional life will be on the go and personal life will demand attention.


This month will be auspicious for Leos for their career. Your tenth lord Venus is in conjunction with the ascendant lord Sun which implies that you will be active and dedicated to your profession during this time. Your job or business will be tossing over your mind throughout the month of March and you will be working towards growth and achievement, as rightly said that action speaks louder than words, therefore, your vigorous labour will bring fruitful results. The tenth house lord Venus is in the seventh house during the first half of the month, which makes for very good planetary combinations. Those in business related to Travel, transportation and vehicles will flourish, also those who are working in a joint venture or partnership firms will witness blooming days. The employees in the government sector can expect some transfer and promotion this month. The natives doing business, in general, will move to and fro in the beginning of the month which you may find tiresome but will be productive for the advancement of your company. Your sixth house lord Saturn is in its own house, which indicates that employees will have contentment in their work and salary during this period. Your work ambience will remain disciplined and subordinates will be co-operative. Those who are employed in the field of real estates, civil services and legal services will have good clients and their dealings will get them quality favours with handsome earnings.


The financial growth will be good after the first week of March. Mercury will be in your sixth house during the beginning of March. During this time, you will spend your time clearing off your debts or loans, if any. Then eventually the second and eleventh house lord Mercury which is the benefactor of wealth for Leo natives will be transiting from their seventh house. The lord of savings and income in this house will provide favourable results. Your income flow will be great during this time, you will be earning from the investments made in the past. Also, you will get fruitful results from your existing business, the employees may get salary hikes or promotions which will improve their finances. This month will bring financial abundance to the lions. If planning to invest on the property, then you should wait for a while as Rahu is aspecting your house of property which indicates that you may not get a fair deal. Your ninth house lord is in the tenth house of the profession which will bestow luck on your work and will give fruitful results of your labour. Overall, you will be happy with your financial transactions and economic status and will be able to close your balance sheets without any fuss.


The health concerns may bother you during this month. The beginning of the month may bring some stress and emotional imbalance due to disturbances in the personal life however you will be able to deal with them efficiently. The Sun will be in your eighth house during the fourth week of March which will cause illness. You may suffer from heat strokes, stomach issues, eye problems and poor vision. You may also have some hormonal issues during this time. Mars will aspect your fifth house which can cause digestion issues and acid refluxes. You are advised not to eat too hot and spicy food as a precaution and try to hydrate your body as much as possible. Those who have BP and heart issues should be extra cautious and keep a check on your BP on a regular basis. The beginning of the month may not bring any major concerns but you need to be proactive and take care of yourself after mid of the month as the ascendant lord in the eighth house is not a very favourable position and can cause troubles which will deplete your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The love life of lions is never easy, they are passionate, dynamic with sky-high expectations. They don't fall in love easily, but if they do, they want their partner to be their Queen/King. Your fifth house lord Jupiter is in the sixth house with the sixth house lord Saturn, which indicates that you will have confrontations with your loved ones, which could go to the extent of you wanting to walk away. Also, the planet Mars is aspecting your fifth house of love which shows that you may have some major fights but will be resolved by your friends or family if they are aware of your relationship. It is advisable that you should not take any hasty decisions in your relationship during this time. Your ascendant lord will be in the house of marriage during the first three weeks of the March. Because of this, those who are single may find their alliance during this time. The seventh house lord is in the sixth house with fifth house lord Jupiter, which may lead you to have some heated discussions with your spouse. Despite the dissension with your better half, you will come to a point of conclusion and embrace each other with love. The warmth and comfort of your connection with your spouse will be unimpaired.

Family & Friends

Life may not be very happening in the family for the Leos. Your fourth house is occupied by the planet Ketu in mutual aspects with Rahu and Mars; this indicates that you may have a cold war and conflicts with the members. You may feel that some things are hidden from you in the household affair which will make you perceive that you are left out of the important discussions and decisions. You will be in solitude and might feel like going on a solo trip or to someplace to spend time alone and get your peace of mind. You may also have some differences with your siblings but you will overshadow them with your righteous approach and thoughts. You will face a communication gap with your parents, especially the mother. Things at the family front will not be working out well during this month, but you will have to spend some quality time with your close friends. Also, you will be more companion-driven in this month of March. Your close friends will be there to hear you out and support you in this time, you will meet them frequently and may go out for casual outings or dinners.


Chant ‘Gayatri Mantra ‘ 108 times a day. Feed chapatis and jaggery to cows especially on Sundays. Offer milk and water to Shivling on Mondays. Walk barefoot on the ground every morning. Apply Chandan and Kesar tilak on your forehead in the morning after taking shower.

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