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Monthly Leo Horoscope

Leo Monthly Horoscope


This month will be full of perplexity for you, according to the monthly horoscope 2024, but the 9th house ruler Jupiter will guide you throughout the month and help you realize how to overcome these obstacles. Your decisions will be crucial. You have the ability to make challenging and life-changing decisions. There is a possibility of a job change, and businessmen must exercise extreme caution. Because your business partner's connection may worsen. The weather will improve in the second half of the month. Long journeys will be advantageous to you. You will take an active role in matters of religion. This will boost your social standing. You will get popularity as well as financial benefits. You might also go on a religious pilgrimage with family members. In a marriage, tensions might increase. You may be concerned about your life partner's conduct and health. Such a situation may also happen on the in-laws' side, in which case you will be required to visit your in-laws' home and care for your family members. Marriage will be harmonious, although property problems may increase. Love relationships will become intense and passionate. You can make any kind of investment with caution. Investments made in the past will profit you, but you will suddenly confront issues, including financial loss. You could be concerned because of your poor health. There will be long trips.


From a professional standpoint, this month can bring you mixed outcomes. Venus, the lord of the tenth house, will be in a bad mood at the start of the month, as will Rahu and Sun in the eighth house. As a result of this, there will be ups and downs in the workplace. You will feel ignored, and your work will go unnoticed. This will agitate your mind and may cause you to lose focus on your work. This month is a good time to change jobs. If you work in a position that allows for transfers, you may be able to transfer during this time. Saturn, the lord of the sixth house, is conjunct Mars in the seventh house, indicating that you can achieve success by hard labor, but you should avoid quarreling or disagreeing with anyone at work. This month will be unpleasant for business people. The presence of Saturn and Mars in your seventh house in the early half of the month can heighten tensions between you and your business partner, perhaps sabotaging your relationship. This could have an impact on your business. If you run a solo business, you will be able to move your company forward with a lot of hard work and technology. You will be able to make good earnings and see your company grow.


If you examine your financial situation, you will notice that the beginning of the month is likely to be weak. Venus, Rahu, and the Sun are promoting your needless expenditures in the eighth house. Monthly Horoscope 2024 predicts that your spending will be very quick and very expensive, with certain hidden charges that may cause your financial situation to deteriorate. More complications may occur in this case owing to retrograde Mercury also entering the eighth house on May 9, while Ketu sitting in the second house may cause some difficulty in earning riches. However, in the second half of the month, you may receive money through covert means. It will be an unexpected fortune that you could never have predicted. The pathway of profit from the government sector will open on the 13th, when the Sun enters your ninth house in Aries, and your financial situation will begin to improve slightly. Investing money this month will be quite risky, so proceed with caution.


From a health standpoint, this month is likely to be full of ups and downs. Sun is forming Solar Eclipse Yoga with Rahu, and Venus is also with him, and all of them are suffering from health issues due to their placement in the ninth house. Saturn and Mars are also aspecting the first house and are located in the eighth house. Furthermore, retrograde Mercury from April 9 and Mars from April 23 will both move to the eighth house in Pisces, implying that health issues will remain throughout the month. You must take complete responsibility for your health. Eat well-cooked home-cooked cuisine instead of fast food. This can help you avoid some complications. If you have any concerns, you should consult a doctor right away. Reduce your intake of rice and continue to avoid fat-rich foods that contribute to obesity. This can help you solve a lot of problems.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

If we talk about your love life, it will be easy sailing thanks to the grace of Jupiter. Love will blossom between you and your family members, and you will have a greater understanding of one another. You will also be religiously attached and will care for the family's beliefs. Your relationship will begin to progress in the proper direction as a result of this. You should not put off telling your beloved your true feelings because they may misinterpret your words. When it comes to married people, Mars and Saturn in the seventh house will cause friction in the family life at the start of the month, which will not only affect your life partner's health, but will also raise the tension between your behavior and your relationship and there is obvious apprehension. Following this, Mars will go to the eighth house on April 23rd, and retrograde Mercury will enter your eighth house on April 9th, which will have some negative effects on their health, so you must pay attention. There will be a change in his speech as well. You could be surprised at the behavior. You may disagree with your in-laws, but strive to maintain your cordial relationship. This will be beneficial to everyone.

Family & Friends

This month may be filled with ups and downs in family life. Ketu will be present in the second house, Mars will be in the seventh house, and the effect of Venus, Rahu, and Sun will be observed in the eighth house, thus people will not enjoy your intervention in family problems. You can also do things that have two meanings, which not everyone will appreciate. This can harm your relationship, therefore it's best to work in peace and silence on crucial issues. Mars, the lord of the fourth house, is in the seventh house with Saturn, and Saturn is also aspecting the fourth house, thus there is a prospect of some calm in the family life, which may last for a long time. Venus, the lord of the tenth house, is in the eighth house, and Mars will also move to the eighth house on April 23, thus your father may face health issues, so you should look after him. The behavior of siblings will be cooperative due to Jupiter's aspect on your third house. They will assist you in your work, and your relationships with them will remain positive.


On a Thursday afternoon, put a top quality Yellow Topaz gemstone in a gold ring and wear it on your index finger. Every day, offer water to the Sun God and perform Surya Namaskar. Take advantage of meditation, Yoga, and exercise, as well as a morning walk, to help you become in shape. On Tuesday, plant a pomegranate plant in your garden.

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