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Monthly Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope


This month will churn out mixed results for the people of the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Mercury, the lord of the tenth house, placed with the planet Sun in the seventh house will give success in business ventures. Along with this, new employment avenues will open. Time can be difficult for the students due to the presence of Rahu with Mars in the fifth house. There will be an atmosphere of happiness and peace in the family. Saturn in the second house will be present in the third house by passing through its own sign. Because of this, there will be full support of the family. However, love life will remain tense during this period. The presence of Rahu with Mars can lead to disputes between partners in love. The financial condition of the people will remain strong, but due to Saturn being in the third house, you will have to work tirelessly for success. Health-related problems may increase in the first half of the month and you may have to suffer from mental stress. Read the July 2022 Monthly Horoscope in detail to know how this month of July will turn out to be for your life and its various aspects such as family, career, health, love etc.


This is going to be a good time for the people of the Sagittarius zodiac sign from the career point of view. Mercury, the lord of the tenth house, will be posited with the planet Sun in the seventh house. Due to this, there will be an immense success in the field of business in the first half of the month. New employment avenues will open for those who are employed. Due to the placement of the tenth house lord Mercury with the Sun, the people working in the government sector will get the support of luck and they will progress. Venus will transit in the seventh house in the second half of the month. Also, due to the transit of Sun, placed in the seventh house, in the eighth house, changes related to work will be seen. There are complete chances of relocation or a change in job. However, it will prove to be beneficial and there will be chances of promotion or increment. In terms of employment, long impending opportunities will come in your way. The obstacles arising in the office will be eliminated as well. Senior officers will offer affection and colleagues will respect you more than before. However, during this time you have to avoid drowning in overconfidence. Avoid deliberately getting into a fight with anyone. The natives doing foreign-related business or working abroad will achieve success. There will also be profits incurring in business and new business avenues will open. Some natives may implement a plan to expand their business. You will get the support of old friends regarding business and your problems will be overcome because of them.


This time is going to be good for Sagittarius natives from the financial point of view. Your financial condition will be strengthened due to the presence of the second house lord Saturn in the third house. However, for this, you will have to work tirelessly. A sufficient amount of money will come in. In the second half of the month, if the Sun enters the eighth house, one can gain a lot of money in a secretive manner. The natives will also gain possession of the ancestral property. There will be benefits in matters related to property. The business will rise up and do well, and income from different sources will pour in. You will earn huge profits from foreign trade. New employment opportunities will open avenues of income for many natives. With increased income, it will be easier for you to save and invest. At this time you can invest in land or a house. Investing money for a long time will be beneficial for you. You will benefit from investing in the stock market. You are advised to avoid buying shares of only one company. Considering the ups and downs of the market, take your decision wisely and avoid doing anything out of excitement.


For the natives of the Sagittarius zodiac sign, this month will be normal from the point of view of health. At the beginning of the month, with Venus in its own sign in the sixth house, there will be an improvement in health. You will attain relief from any old disease and riddance from even minor ailments. However, your health-related problems may increase from the middle of the month. Try to avoid mental stress during this time. A heavy workload can have an impact on your health. During this, irritability will increase and some people may also suffer from depression. You are advised to take some time out from work and go for a walk. Fix your routine and ditch the habit of staying up late at night. Meditation and yoga can help you. You have to be careful in the matter of food also. The good thing is that there will be no health-related problems in your family at this time. Your father's health will strongly improve. You will get a diagnosis of an already ongoing chronic disease, for which you will get treated. You will get relief due to the transit of Venus in the seventh house taking place in the second half of the month. You and other family members can get relief from prolonged diseases.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

For the people of the Sagittarius sign, the beginning of the month can be full of sufferings in love related matters. Due to the presence of Rahu with Mars in the fifth house, there may be a dispute between the love mates. There will be problems in the first half of the month, thereby leading to ups and downs in the relationship. There will be doubts prevailing in the mind towards each other. Arguments and heated arguments can take place on some matters. During this, you have to pay attention to your words because anything wrong can also come out of your mouth. Any bitter word will increase the dispute and there may be distance feeding in the relationship. You are advised to be patient and avoid giving immediate answers. Do not let any outsider interfere in your relationship. If your relationship is new, then you should proceed with caution. In the first half of the month, with Saturn being present in the third house and giving full aspect to the fifth house, problems in love life can increase further. Your confidence will decrease. You are advised to believe in yourself. Also, have full faith in your lover. Time will be favourable for you in the last week of the month. You will get the reward of your love. There will be a good understanding with your lover and both of you can go on a trip together. This time will generally be good for married people. You will get a chance to spend a good time with your spouse. If you follow the advice of your spouse, then you will be able to make good decisions in matters related to family and society.

Family & Friends

This time will be good for the people of Sagittarius from a family point of view. In the first half of the month, Saturn will be present in the third house while passing through its own sign. Because of this, the atmosphere of the family will be good. During this time, you will get the full support of your family. The ongoing debates will be resolved. With the advice of elders, compromise will be seen taking place. At this time, try not to spoil your family atmosphere with any bitter talk of yours. You have to especially take care of the young members of the house. Unnecessary jokes can take a toll on your familial relations, so you have to be careful. Your relations with relatives will remain good during this time. Some relatives may also visit your house. Due to the full aspect of the Sun on the second house in the second half of the month, the family and siblings will become supportive. You can get good news from your maternal side. You may go on a religious journey with family members in the second half of the month. Apart from this, you can go for a tour with your family and visit some good places. By going on a trip, the mutual bonding of the members of the house will become even stronger.


Worship Lord Vishnu. Recite Vishnu Sahasranama every Thursday. Take a bath by adding turmeric to your bathing water. Recite the Suryashtak Path to please Lord Sun.

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