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Monthly Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope


This engorging and relentless fire sign is governed by the spiritual teacher of celestial cabinet Jupiter, also known as the planet of Sages. Those born under this sign are always on their hunt to gain more knowledge which flawlessly complements their symbol of an Archer who is every time on the chase. They believe in abundance and perceive life with honesty which makes them popular among their friends. These natives are amazing storytellers and can light up the room with their great sense of humour and infectious laughter. Sagittarius natives are true explorers and have a good sense of adaptability and flexibility being the dual sign. They are highly adventurous which makes them a perfect companion for doing wild and crazy stuff. These warm and loving birds can't stand to be thwarted or bossed around as they have their own set of regulations and are totally devoted to their independent belief and idea of leading life. Sagittarius natives have a progressive frame of mind and are always on the move which makes them immense travellers. The month of March will be favourable for career growth for the archers. You will be passionate and will work on versatile things with their dynamism. Your high spirits will bring productive results and expand your resources. The students will need to put forth their best efforts to achieve favourable results in their academics and higher studies. They will face cut-throat competition in their examinations, and graduating with flying colours will be challenging during this month. You will need to pull up your socks and plunge into your studies for a good score. Your family will keep you occupied during this time, you will celebrate and have a rejoicing time with your loved ones and friends during this period. Your love life may be taxing and you will feel frustrated and stressed because of the same however things might improve moving ahead. Married couples will be busy with their family affairs and spend most of their time with their family members. The financial life will be balanced with good finances and numerous expenses on buying stuff and travelling. You need to take care of your health, which will be concerning during the month of March for these natives. The overall month will bring mixed results for the natives


The archers will have an auspicious month for career advancement. Your tenth house lord Mercury will be in your second house and will transit to your third house which will bring abundances especially for those who are in their lineage of the family business. Your sixth house lord Venus will be positioned in your third house with ninth house lord Sun in the beginning of the month which will make you work hard in your profession, you may face some competition with your colleagues during this time. Your sixth house lord will eventually be in your fourth house in the latter half of the month. This time will be fruitful for working professionals, you may get a promotion or hike in your salary. Mars will be positioned in your sixth house of services during this month which will give you dynamism in your endeavours. The natives who are in police services, military operations, engineers, surgeons, the aviation industry will have a favourable month. You will be too involved in your professional life during the month of March and will spend most of the time introducing new ideas, technique or methods in your business or job.


The financial life will be comfortable however you may underestimate things and feel insecure about your financial status during this month. Your second house lord Saturn will be in its own house which means that your savings will be considerable during this time. The initial days of March will be fulfilling and bring favourable results as your tenth house lord will be in the second house of income. Your eleventh house lord Venus will be conjunct with Sun in your third house and will eventually move to your fourth house which will bring good probabilities for investments, you can invest in property during the latter half of the month. You may face some heavy expenditure after the mid of March this could be on purchasing of a vehicle, expansion of family business or purchasing on an asset. Rahu will be aspecting your eleventh which may bring some unproductive spendings. You may not be able to evaluate or see the correct picture of your finances during this time as you will be busy with spending and earning side by side. This will give you some insecurity and may feel lost in maintaining your balance sheets. Things on the ground may not be that bad but it will disturb your mental peace and make you lost in your calculations.


The heath may not be very good during the month of March for archers. Your ascendant lord Jupiter is in the second house in its sign of debilitation which will make your immune system low. Mars and Rahu will be in your sixth house of disease which may cause some injuries and incidents during this month. You may feel frequent body pain or knee troubles. You may also be prone to blisters, ulcers and bad breath. You should increase your water intake and buycott too hot and spicy food during this time to keep yourself protected. You should eat a lot of fresh fruits especially bananas and go jogging or running to keep yourself fit. The precautions are any day better than cure therefore try to workout as much as possible but avoid swimming or any other water sport.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The love life of Sagittarians will be topsy turvy during this month. Your fifth house lord Mars will be in the sixth house with Rahu throughout March which implies that you may have a fight with your partner. You will not be able to understand the reason for your differences but will get into confrontations and conflicts with each other. You need to be cautious in your relationship as you may face complications and breakups during this period. The married couples will have some ups and downs in their relationship during this month. Your seventh house lord Mercury will be in the second house during the initial days of March which implies that you and your spouse will be busy with your home affairs and will try to keep your family happy. You may not get cosy moments with each other during this time. Mercury will then be positioned in your third house with sixth house lord Venus which will be a troublesome phase in your relationship as you may have some fights however you will be able to resolve your difference of opinion and your bond will be smooth by the last week of March.

Family & Friends

Family life will be good during the month of March. The ascendant and fourth house lord Jupiter will be in the second house of the family with the second lord Saturn which indicates that you will be completely involved in household affairs. You will keep your family members on top priority and will spend on your house by buying new things or renovation of the building at the beginning of the month. You may plan to go out on a short trip to enjoy some moments together. Your bond with your mother will be too strong during this time and you will be able to understand her concerns better. The Venus and Sun will be positioned in your fourth house of domestic comforts after mid of the March which may bring some minor confrontations at home but your elders especially your father will manage and sort out things for you. You may have some small family get together during this time, also there may be some expansion at your place it can be in the physical terms by some construction at your house or in terms of addition of members both ways you will have an occasion to celebrate with your dear ones.


Recite Hanuman Chalisa and Bajrang Baan everyday. Offer water to Banana tree on Thursdays. Donate yellow gram dal to needy on Thursdays. Apply Saffron Tilak on your forehead daily, Wear Yellow clothes on Thursday.

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