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Monthly Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope


This month is going to be average for Sagittarius natives. You need to be careful and alert this month. There may be some hurdles in functioning properly, but your competitive ability will open the doors of success for you. There can also be differences with friends, so be as sweet as you can. This month you may have to face uncomfortable situations due to your bitter speech. Bring pleasantness to speech, otherwise friends and family may get hurt. Avoid speaking a lot. Do not utter a single word unnecessarily. This month can also be frustrating for students. You may remain distracted. There may be obstacles in your path. Time will be pleasant for those who wish to study abroad. You will also need to reconcile in family life. If you can keep a tab on your speech, you will be in bliss, otherwise you will suffer along with your family members. You may have to stay away from your home for a while. Married life can be challenging. There may be a situation of conflict with a spouse even on trivial matters. This thing can go out of the house and reach the in-laws and there can be a dispute with the in-laws. Do not let such a situation aggravate. Love relationships can be fun, but avoid abusive behavior. This can cause sourness in relationships. One can also get the pleasure of going on a long journey with his/her beloved. From an economic perspective, this month can be troublesome for you. There will be a tendency to spend more than what is expected. Avoid extravagance, otherwise there is every possibility of getting into a debt. This month should be very cautious from the health point of view. Be very alert while walking on roads as you can fall prey to an injury.


Speaking from the point of view of profession and career, this month is likely to be full of ups and downs for you. Mercury, the lord of the tenth house, is conjuncted with Rahu in the sixth house. However, in many cases this situation can also be said to be beneficial for the employed people. Especially for those with performance pressure or the ones who have to meet the target of the month. Such people can beat their opponents in the competition, but the number of your opponents will also increase at the same time. Closed ones may also turn out to be hostile. However, eventually you will also be able to overcome them. The situation will change after the 7th. The situation will become more favorable. Time will be good for business ventures. The first half may be particularly beneficial for you. The Sun will change zodiac signs on the 16th and move into your eighth house. This is likely to increase your challenges. During this time, you may have a tendency to do something illegal. There may be shortcuts or suggestions of taking the wrong route for profit, but you have to stay away from them. Doing any such act against the law can prove very harmful for you. More damage is to come your way than expected. So, stay alert. It is important to avoid government tax evasion, otherwise it can cost you dearly.


From an economic perspective, this month can prove to be weak for you. Both Venus and Mars will be in the eighth house in the first half of the month. You will have a tendency to spend unnecessarily. You can spend your money and can also find yourself in debt. Some hidden expenses are possible, due to which the financial situation is in danger of being ruined. Avoid taking loans, as you will not be able to repay it in the near future. So be careful. Do not spend money unnecessarily. Make financial decisions in consultation with a well-wisher. Consult with more than one person. It is possible for the economic situation to improve after the 20th. Mars will change signs and it will move into the house of luck. You can get any stagnant money and it can support your financial situation extremely. Due to the presence of Saturn in the second house, there will be success making gradual savings. You can invest in some schemes to save money a little bit. By the end of the month, good business income will get generated. Money may start flowing into your hands. Accumulation of wealth will also be possible. This will boost your confidence.


This month is going to be weak from the health point of view. Special caution is required for you. Mercury and Rahu in the sixth house and Sun in the seventh house and Venus and Mars in the eighth house, and the aspection of Saturn on them is a condition that weakens your health. Although there will be obstacles in health, your ability to combat diseases will also increase. The disease will not be able to last long or cause much trouble. Blood disorders are possible. If there is already a blood disease, then you need to be cautious. There is a possibility of injuries occurring. Drive vehicles etc. very carefully. Be especially careful while walking on the road. You do not have to make any compromises on road safety. The transit of Mars on the 20th is likely to bring some relief, but caution should not be reduced.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

For those who are in a love relationship, time will be full of fun and happiness. The closeness with your beloved will increase. The presence of Venus and Mars in the eighth house is indicative of an increase in intimate relationships. You will spend a lot of time with your sweetheart, but your lover also expects decent behavior from you. You may show a special interest in uninteresting things, due to which there is a possibility of tension sparking up in the relationship. Take care of your partner's respect and desire, then the time will be very enjoyable. On 20th, Mars will change zodiac signs and it will transit in the ninth house. This can lead to a travel expedition with the beloved. You can also go on a long journey or travel abroad. For married natives, the presence of the Sun in the seventh house can be a challenge for the relationship. There will be fierceness in your nature. Small things, which could have been ignored, can also possibly spark things with your spouse. There will be a tendency to dominate each other and this is expected to cause trouble. Be soft in nature. The latter half of the month may prove to be more troublesome. On the 16th, the Sun will transit in the eighth house. This allows mutual quarrels of the house to reach the in-laws. Relations with in-laws will be affected. Spouse may also have some health related problems which is why caution is required on your part.

Family & Friends

If seen from the perspective of domestic happiness and bliss, then this month will be mildly fruitful for you. Saturn is sitting in the second house, from where it is also aspecting the fourth house. This is how it is influencing both family and familial happiness, although he is sitting in its own zodiac sign. Mars' presence is also seen on the second house. What would be the effect of two inauspicious planets on the second house? Due to this, there will be a situation of fluctuation in family life. Distance from family is possible due to remaining busy at work. You may have to stay away from home and family due to travel, work etc. You will develop a tendency to speak clear but bitter. This can cause bitterness in your relationships. You need to be very cautious in this direction. Think before you speak, because people are likely to get hurt because of you, and you may end up hurting their self-esteem. This can also cause bitterness in relations. You should be as silent as possible. Avoid giving opinions on a subject without knowing it, otherwise you may get hurt. Siblings are expected to benefit. Financial assistance from their side is also possible if needed. There is a need to be vigilant about the health of your mother, as she may face some troubles.


Offer Arghya to Lord Sun from a Copper vessel and also recite the Aditya Hriday Strotam regularly. Tie Raw Turmeric covered in a yellow thread on the right arm. Apply Kesar Tilak for 27 Thursdays and keep a small packet of Kesar or Saffron covered in a yellow-coloured cloth or paper with you. Chant the mantra: ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय/oṃ namo bhagavate vāsudevāya".

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