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Monthly Libra Horoscope

Libra Monthly Horoscope


For natives belonging to the zodiac sign Libra, this month is expected to remain quite positive. From the point of view of your professional life, you will come across a favourable time but you will have to keep a tab on your emotions and sensitive nature. Do not try to give into controversies and gossip. For student natives in particular, this month will be very favourable. You will acquire the full fledged support of your mentors and teachers. The prospects of higher education are quite high. For love relations in particular, July 2021 will be great. Mutual compatibility and love between the two of you will increase. For married natives, the time can remain a bit challenging. You will have to pitch in more and more efforts to nurture your relationship with your life partner. The equation with your family members may go awry. Try to remain patient and sort out the differences calmly. Do not take chances with the health of your parents. You will find it difficult to keep your economic status stable during this month. Health requires attention during the first half of the month. Overall speaking, July 2021 will be favourable for the natives belonging to the zodiac sign Libra.


From the point of view of your professional life, this month is expected to remain favourable. The tenth house is under the occupancy of Mars which will bring success to you professionally. You will pitch in your full-fledged efforts and get some benefits in return. However, it should be kept in mind that Mars is situated in its debilitated sign and it is being affected by Saturn which may bring in some unexpected difficulties. You may fall prey to some controversies or arguments during this time. There are also high chances of arguments taking place between you and your senior officials. Try to check out the facts before making any remarks about anything. Try to keep your mind stable. Those who are into business will have to do some excessive hard work during this time. On the 20th of July, Mars will change zodiac signs and enter your 11th house. Apart from Mars exiting if they validated sign it will also enter the house of profit because of which all the difficulties pertaining to your business will come to an end. Benefits will flow into your hands.


From an economic perspective, this month is expected to remain full of ups and downs but profits are also on the cards for you. Jupiter is aspecting the house of your income. This will prove to be favourable for your economic status. New sources of earning money will be made available for you. You will remain in a happy mental state because of your prosperous economic conditions. But it should also not be forgotten that Ketu is present in your 2nd house, because of which some challenges can crop up lately. Money will surely flow into your hands but you will find it difficult to keep it steady. You will find it difficult to save a proficient amount of money. However, you are advised to keep up with the good efforts as only then your economic condition will prosper.


The month’s time will be normal in terms of health. The mutual aspection of Saturn and Mars is on the fourth and tenth house. Due to this, there may be a possibility of chest and waist pain. There may be some discomfort due to chest infection. If there are chronic patients with back pain, then pain may reemerge. Rahu present in the eighth house will give an unbalanced routine. Increase in diseases etc. is possible. Chronic diseases can disturb you once again. Therefore, if there is any medication going on, then don't be careless about it. You have to be very alert in the first half of the month. Health improvement is possible in the latter half. Even though there will be no major problem, vigilance is necessary.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

From the point of view of love life, this month is expected to remain favourable. Planet Jupiter is situated in the 5th house which will provide strength to love relations. Affection and growth in a relationship will increase and both of you will remain committed and loyal towards one another. This is also a very good time to get married. Now, married natives can you come across some challenging times because of Mars being in a debilitated state. A small matter can cause fights between the two of you. Try to sort out things on the basis of mutual understanding. Also do not share your private secrets with anyone. After the transit of Mars during the second half of the month situations will improve but you will have to keep up with your efforts to make your marriage stronger than ever. Your life partner may also stumble upon some great amount of profit.

Family & Friends

With regards to your domestic life, this month may be full of ups and downs. Some troubles can crop up within your household because of the presence of Ketu in your second and Saturn in your fourth house. During the first half of the month, Mars in the tenth house will keep aspecting the fourth house. Both the respective aspects of Saturn and Mars in your 4th house will only give birth to domestic struggles and difficulties. You may have to stay away from your family members for a certain period of time. Some inner conflicts and debates can take place between the members of your household. It is advised to remain extremely cautious and try to let go of the trivial things. Health of your parents needs immediate attention and you should take good care of them. You will acquire the support of your siblings in taking care of your parents. On the 20th of July, the planet Mars will change zodiac signs. This will bring back some amount of normalcy and your equation with your siblings will improve.


You should worship Lord Shrihari Vishnu daily and recite the Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra. Worship Maa Lakshmi or Maa Jagadamba. Read Sri Sukta. Donate things like curd, kheer, jowar, perfume, colorful clothes, silver, rice etc. on Friday. Recite the Shukra Beej mantra "ॐ द्रां द्रीं द्रौं सः शुक्राय नमः/oṃ drāṃ drīṃ drauṃ saḥ śukrāya namaḥ" 108 times.

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