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Monthly Libra Horoscope

Libra Monthly Horoscope


For Libra people, the month will provide mixed results. At the start of the month, health troubles will require specific attention as health will remain a little weak for the entire month. The financial condition of natives will remain stable and the expenses rise. You’ll be able to handle the expenses in a suitable promotion to your income. The economic condition doesn’t deteriorate that much and the natives need to be careful about things related to educational prospects. In preparation for competitive exams, there are chances of different distractions, and try to commit yourself towards higher concentration levels. In terms of your career, get favorable results and also the unemployed people will get new employment opportunities. The interest in religious tasks increases and you will get the chance to move to a new city, other states, or abroad for relatable tasks. There will be sure success for individuals or students following the right discipline. Your love relationship will be favorable and the married people will experience the sound of happiness in their lives. The family life also remains moderate and also gets top assistance from the family members.


From a career point of view, the month will bring moderate and fruitful results. Saturn will be positioned in the fifth house, which is the seventh house from the eighth house. If you desire for change in your job position, then the opportunity will occur this month for suitable changes in the job profile. By adopting it one can be successful in changing their job role. There are prominent chances of getting a new job this month for unemployed people and thus keep trying for the best job. The presence of Mars, Rahu, and Mercury in the sixth house will bring your opponents into prominence and will try their best to disturb you in multiple ways. There are chances of using new tricks against you and thus be careful about it and avoid obstructions being created in your career path. Improve your work with the right kind of focus. The attitude of the employee towards you will be indifferent and thus the natives will keep their belief in themselves. Things will slowly settle down in the second half of the month, and also avoid any kind of fight against you. There are also chances of success for the businessmen. Sun staying in an exalted position in the seventh house will result in different kinds of for businesses & government sectors. Achieve the right kind of success in your business. Saturn’s aspect in the seventh house will result in different legal struggles from time to time, and these problems will be solved gradually. On 10 May, Mercury comes to the seventh house in Aries to play a crucial role in the removal of obstacles occurring in your business and they will run in a better way.


If you discuss the financial condition of natives, Saturn sits in the fifth house and will look at the seventh & eleventh house and the second house with total vision, and thus the overall financial condition remains stable. The income level rises and there will also increase in regular income and you will start receiving the money this month. However, the positioning of Mars, Rahu, & Mercury will be in the sixth house, Jupiter will be in the eighth house, and Ketu will be placed in the twelfth house, which will result in the rise of expenses and will be even beyond your control. It will be hard to find a fine balance of income this month. The expenses also increase in the second half of the month, and the transit of the Sun and Venus in the eighth house will add to the overall expenses. You can also have some spending secretly on different pleasures, and you need to curb such expenses. Only you can take positive strides towards improvement in your financial situation, so be careful in spending and make timely tries for it. Investments in stocks related to metal & iron and machinery can provide you best results.


From a health point of view, the month will be full of ups and downs. The planet Venus sits in the seventh house with the Sun and Saturn sits in the fifth house and aspects on the other side, that can have adverse health troubles on individuals. Also, the combination of Mars, Rahu, and Mercury in the sixth house will deteriorate the health of the natives. From here one needs to pay the right amount of attention to prevent blood impurity, problems, acne & pimples, and other health troubles. It will be crucial to contact the medical experts timely. Jupiter remaining in the eighth house will increase the chances of different diseases and from 19 May, Venus stays in the eighth house alongside Jupiter. Also, from 14 May, Sun moves to the eighth house. Keeping health favorable will be a challenge in the period and it will be vital not to avoid even the smallest of health troubles. Get the checks done in time so that you get desirable health benefits.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

If we discuss love life, Saturn will sit in the fifth house and will be testing your love. There will be tests time and again about the truth & honesty of your love. It can also happen that your beloved will test your loyalty, but if you are true to your love, then the chances of success are very near. The chances of marriage are prominent due to the creation of an auspicious time if you’ve proposed marriage to your beloved person. Your loved ones can be bothered with different kinds of physical troubles and thus advise them to take care of themselves. If we discuss married people, Venus in the seventh house will fill the relationships with romance. Also, the exalted Sun will ensure the rise of different conflicts in married life. Your spouse can say something out of ego that can bother you and can result in the rise of tensions in the relationship. On 14 May, Sun moves to the eighth house, and till 19 May, he will stay alone in the seventh house, which results in the rise of happiness in married life. On 10 May, Mercury enters the seventh house, and the combination of Mercury & Venus results in a successful married life. On 19 May, Venus and on 31 May, Mercury will move swiftly to the eighth house and it will ensure the rise of participation in the family functions. Mars will sit in the sixth house and also aspects the first house, and it will result in the rise of anger levels between the partners. Keep the anger in control as it can spoil the relationship.

Family & Friends

The month will be moderate for family life. The lord of the fourth house, Saturn will sit in the fifth house, and it will ensure the creation of Rajayoga. There will be a sharp increase in the overall domestic incomes of the family members. The health of members also rises, there will be an increase in wealth, and there will be better harmony among the family members. The family environment will be favorable for the members to achieve their success. Mars, the lord of the second house, sits in the sixth house along with Rahu & Mercury, which can result in fights and arguments among the family relatives. Try to fix troubles within the family before things escalate and court cases can arise at specific timelines. On 10 May, Mercury transits in the seventh house, and there can be a reduction of troubles. The behavior of siblings will remain good and will support you in different situations. There will always be a helping hand ready for your assistance and the relationship with siblings will gradually become stable. In this month, the relationship among the family members will grow stronger.


On Wednesday, donate Black Sesame in a temple. The donations should be done in the evening time. On Thursday, feed gram dal to a white cow. Also, apply perfume every day after a bath. The Worship of Shani Dev will provide you with crucial results in life.

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