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Monthly Virgo Horoscope

Virgo Monthly Horoscope


This month will bring mixed results for you. This is a good time from the career perspective. There is a possibility of finding success in the job and flourishing time in business, for the entrepreneurs. For people in a job, there is a chance of getting a promotion. It is essential to be focussed and do hard work. You will be having good relations with your senior officials. Due to the influence of Mars, Mercury and Venus, you will have a good reputation at work, but after that, there is also a possibility of increasing differences with senior officials due to transit of Mars and its relationship with Saturn, which is why caution is required. Business people have to be careful at this time. There are chances of getting success when working with foreign countries, but your relationship with the business partner may get affected. From the education point of view, this time is moderate. There will be an advancement in studies due to Saturn's transit. With the transit of Jupiter, there is a possibility of getting only partial success in the competitive examination, and that too after working hard for it. The conjunction of Sun and Rahu is going to give success to students pursuing higher education in technical subjects. They can also get success in going abroad. From the perspective of the family, this is a good time due to the aspect of Jupiter on the house of the family. The lord of this house, Venus will be positioned in the tenth house and will transit in the eleventh house on the eleventh house, this will get full support of your family. The aspect of Mars, Mercury and Venus on the fourth house and at the beginning of the month with Mars entering the eleventh house, this period will be very good in terms of family happiness. There will be an atmosphere of laughter and happiness in the family. There are chances of getting financial benefits possible with the help of siblings. This time is challenging for love related matters. The transit of Saturn and Mars at the beginning of the month can create a situation of conflict in your relationship. You may see ups and downs in your bond. You will not understand each other, which will cause misunderstandings and may cause a quarrel. There is a possibility of separation in the relationship, so caution is necessary. It is important to be patient. This time is moderate for married people. The transit of Jupiter may cause some problems to the spouse, but mutual relations will be good. The feeling of dedication to each other will become the strength of the relationship. From an economic perspective, this time is not particularly favourable. With the transit of Saturn in the house of profit and income, you can face challenges on the economic front. Your income may fluctuate. Some projects may get delayed or are likely to get stuck due to obstacles in funding. It can be harmful to give money to anyone right now, hence caution is required. This is a good time to invest in a business. This is the time to pay proper attention to health. There isn't any possibility of any serious illness, but precaution is better than cure. Follow a good routine. Yoga-exercise and meditation and morning walks will prove to be very beneficial for you. Consuming fluids will prove beneficial in health care.


The month of June is likely to be good in terms of career for the Virgo natives. You may get auspicious results in your career. Conditions will be favourable for you in the job. You will have good relations with high officials but will have to work diligently. You are also likely to get a promotion. Mars, Mercury and Venus posited together in the tenth house, which is considered to be the house of karma, occupation, position and fame. As a result of the placement of these three planets, your position in the field will remain strong. But after Mars enters the eleventh house and due to mutual influence of Saturn and Mars, there is also a possibility of differences with higher authorities, so it is necessary to walk with great caution and understanding. It is time for business people to proceed with caution. The business is expected to recover. You can see the chances of getting work from foreign sources, which will speed up your business. If doing business in a partnership, your relationship with the partner may be affected. Such things are not good for business, so it is best to be patient.


This month will bring mixed results for the natives. Saturn will be aspecting the eleventh house, which is the house of profit and income. Also, from June 2nd, Mars will be posited in the eleventh house. As a result, you may have to face ups and downs on the economic front. There will be some obstacles in the fulfilment of financial desires, due to which some of your projects may get stuck or delayed. This can disrupt your income. Try to avoid monetary transactions at this time. There is a possibility of loss if you give money to someone. You need to be careful on the economic front. This is the best time to invest in a business. With this investment, you can earn a good income in future.


From the health point of view, the month of June is likely to bring mixed results for the natives. There is no visible sign of any significant disease, but there may be some minor problems. If you are negligent, then you may face more problems. Therefore, it is very important to take care of health. Keep your routine right and eat healthily. Excess consumption of fluids will be beneficial for your health. Morning walks will also be very beneficial for you. Also, daily yoga-exercise and meditation will also help you to be physically and mentally healthy.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This month is not favourable for love life. At the beginning of the month, Saturn will be positioned in your fifth house, and it has an aspect of Mars on it. This mutual relationship between the two planets can create a conflicting situation in the relationship of lovers. There may be a dispute between them about something, which is likely to cause tension in the relationship. Then with Mars going into the eleventh house, where it is aspecting on the fifth house can cause ups and downs in the relationship. There will be a lot of difficulties where the couples will not be able to understand each other properly. Because of this, mutual harmony can decrease. There is every possibility of misunderstandings between them, which can cause serious troubles. Discord can reach such to a level that there are chances of a breakup as well. If the relationship has to be saved, be patient and try to resolve disputes with peace. This is the right time for married people. Due to the transit of your seventh house lord Jupiter, which is considered to be the house of marriage, into the sixth house, you may face some problems, but the relationship between the husband and wife is likely to be good. The connection between the two of you will be fine, and there will be a sense of dedication towards each other, also you will support each other for betterment.

Family & Friends

The month of June will bring pleasure for the family members of the Virgo natives. The aspect of Jupiter is on your second house, which is the house of the family. With this, Venus, the lord of the second house, will remain in the tenth house till 22nd June, and then it will move into your eleventh house. As a result of this position of Jupiter and Venus, you will get the support of the family, and due to the support of your family, you will get success in your work. The aspect of Mars, Mercury and Venus on the fourth house, which is considered to be the house of mother and happiness, is perfect for family life. On 2nd June, Mars will transit into the eleventh house, which will result in a further increase in family happiness. The atmosphere of the family will be very cordial. The feeling of love among family members will increase. The harmony will be great, and everyone will cooperate with each other. You can get financial benefits from your siblings. Their support is likely to strengthen your position.


You should worship Maa Durga and chant any mantra associated with her 108 times daily. This will help you to get through difficulties. Offer Modak to Lord Ganesha on Wednesday. To get benefitted by Mercury, women should wear green bangles on Wednesdays and eat cardamom. Offer water to the holy basil(Tulsi) plant.

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