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Monthly Virgo Horoscope

Virgo Monthly Horoscope


For natives belonging to the zodiac sign Virgo, September will prove to be a generous month. With regards to some aspects of life, you will be quite lucky. What you may have to remain careful with regards to the other fields. To begin with, if we talk about career and job holders, you may face some problems and business professionals will also face the same during the initial half of the month. However, the second part of the month will prove to be quite favourable. Students who are pursuing regular courses may come across some difficulties but the ones who are enrolled in technical studies may be blessed with some positive outcomes. Those associated with higher studies and the ones who wish to complete their education in a foreign based college or university will also receive some good results. Domestic life will be quite satisfactory. Lovers may face some problems. At the same time, married native may also face difficulties during the second half of the month while the first half will turn out to be quite favourable. Economic condition is expected to remain quite proficient. You will acquire a significant amount of wealth and luck will stand by your side. With regards to your health, you may have to remain a tad bit careful.


With regards to the career of Virgo natives, this month is expected to remain quite crucial. Hence, it would be necessary for you to move ahead with extreme care and caution. Your professional life is expected to remain full of ups and down this month. Job holders may come across an extremely ordinary time but those who are into business and the self-employed native may go through a weak phase. It is also quite a possibility that you may not be able to see the immediate fruits of your hard work. However, you shouldn't let your moral down as this is the time to move ahead with more hard work and diligence. The second half of the month will have some good news in store for you. This will be the time when Jupiter in a retrograde motion will move into your fifth house because of which business professionals will come across an extremely favourable time. You will be able to witness the fruits of your hard work. Your business venture will also gain momentum. The second half of the month will not turn out to be quite profitable for job holders. You may have to forcefully switch jobs in this duration and the new job may turn out to be somewhat more difficult than the previous one. There are also chances of a layoff during this time period.


For Virgo natives in particular, the month of September is expected to remain quite favourable. The aspection of the planet Saturn will be in your eleventh house along with your second house. Because of this, you will keep earning money from multiple sources. Job holders may lay their hands on a promotion. Your family members may also contribute towards their economic well-being. After the 15th of September, the planet Jupiter will also make additions to your existing source of income. Rahu will also provide you with the necessary help for the same. However your expenses may remain on the higher side at the beginning of the month but this will not prevail for a very long period of time.


This month is expected to remain a little less favorable for you in terms of health. The Sun, the king of the planets, and the red planet Mars are in your tenth house. Also, Jupiter is in the sixth house. Because of all these planetary movements, you may fall prey to certain diseases. Due to this conjunction of three very important planets, you may have health problems this month. You may suffer from fever. There is also a possibility of having a headache. There may also be pain in the eyes. Mental stress will be another added trouble. So in the month of September, you need to be very alert and cautious. Do not ignore any health problem and take the help of a doctor if needed.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

With regards to love relations, this month is expected to remain ordinary for you. You will get to enjoy your fair share of happy and sad moments. The month will not begin on a very good note for you but things will fall into place gradually. The planet Saturn is present in the fifth house of your zodiac sign, which is not quite favourable for your love life. Honesty and loyalty are the prerequisites which you should be following religiously during this month to keep your relationship stable and static. If you remain disloyal to your partner, then your relationship may fall apart. Saturn in the fifth house is indicating towards that only. You should remain patient during this time. On the 15th of September, when Jupiter moves into your fifth house in retrograde motion, then your marriage prospects may be decided upon very soon. For married natives in particular, the month will begin on a good note. The affection of Mercury and Venus will be in your seventh house. These two planets will make your conjugal life even more blissful. Mutual love and attraction will increase between the two of you. You may also go on a romantic getaway together. On the 6th of September, the red planet Mars will aspect your ascendant house which determines our own self. Because of this particular planetary condition, fights and clashes may take place between the two of you. A trivial matter can bring differences in your relationship. Try to let go of your ego and pride in this duration. This would be the most viable alternative available in front of you if you want to make your relationship work.

Family & Friends

From the point of view of family life, the month of September will turn out to be quite favourable. Family members will maintain a very good bond. There will be a feeling of cooperation and harmony amongst one another. There will also be a lot of love between each other, which will keep the family atmosphere happy. There may also be an event in the family, which can pave the way for further happiness. However, the planets in your Kundli also indicate that there may be some mishaps amidst this happy go lucky atmosphere. Your siblings may face some health concerns. But worry not, as it will not turn out to be anything major, just take a little care of them and enjoy this good time.


Offer flour to ants and grains to fishes on Saturdays. Donate green-coloured bangles to young girls. Venerate Laxmi-Narayan. Chant the Budh Beej Mantra: ॐ ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रों सः बुधाय नमः। oṃ brāṃ brīṃ broṃ saḥ budhāya namaḥ।

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