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Monthly Pisces Horoscope

Pisces Monthly Horoscope


Pisces natives live under the suzerainty of the gracious planet Jupiter. It has been considered as a knowledgeable zodiac, therefore, great scholars and professors have also been found to be born under Pisces. It is also a spiritual sign, so those who wish to make progress in the spiritual field should be born under this sign, as it will bring success to them. At the beginning of the month, four planets will be collected from your eleventh house, due to which this month will prove to provide very good results for you. On 4th February, the transit of Mercury will also be in your eleventh house in the retrograde state. When there will be a conjunction of five planets in your house of income, which indicates that it will bring financial abundance. All your heart's desires will be fulfilled, also the time is favourable to accomplish all your past desires as well. The natives who wish to go overseas will need to be a little patient right now since this period is not very favourable. However, this month you may have to travel a lot, these trips will be beneficial for you and will improve your public relations. You will get a number of new contacts, which will be helpful in your work. After 12th February, when Saturn will be out of combustion, then there will be a rapid increase in your earnings. The students will have to be vigilant about their studies during this time, because this period can distract them from their path. This lack of concentration and disruptions can cause problems in studies. You will make great progress spiritually and if you are already trying in this direction, then assume that you will have many good experiences this month.


From the perspective of a career, the month of February is going to be very special for you. Jupiter, the lord of your ascendant and tenth house, will be located in your eleventh house. Along with it, the lord of the sixth house, Sun will also be positioned in the same house, due to which your performance in the job will improve, and there is a chance of promotion. There are strong opportunities for getting benefits from the government sector, so if you want to succeed, do not let this time go by your hand. On the 22nd of February, Mars will transit in your third house where Rahu is already positioned. After that time, you will have to take special care because you may have problems with one of your team members. They may stand against you or secretly rebel against you, because of which you may face troubles in your job. If you do business, then this month is made for you only. You will get good opportunities to earn profits this month. You will begin working with some new people by which you will finalize more business deals, and your plans will be successful, and they will give you financial benefits. You will be engaged in business with your heart and soul, and you will benefit from many mediums. If you are married, your life partner will also help you by extending their hand in your business, and through them, you will be able to further grow in your business.


At the economic front, this month will be on a streak. Due to the conjunction of many planets in the eleventh house, you will gain wealth through multiple resources and your financial position will be strengthened. Also, there will be a constant increase in your income. Whether you are working or doing business, your financial position will be strong. Mars will be in your second house at the beginning of the month, in its own sign, due to which it will be successful in enhancing your bank balance. Also, you will earn well by making good investments. However, due to the transit of Mars after 22nd February, there will be some ups and downs in your financial situation. You will also be able to help your siblings financially and you will spend a little money to solve their problems. Furthermore, you can earn through foreign sources during this month.


If you look at the health of the Pisces zodiac during the month of February, then this month will be good for you and there does not appear to be any major problem. However, your ascendant lord Jupiter will remain in combustion till 14th February and there will be effects of malefic planets like Saturn and the Sun, due to which you will have to be alert towards your health concerns. You may have to face problems like stomach pain, constipation, joint pain, body pain, air rage. If you do not keep a well-balanced diet and eat randomly then you may have a problem related to stomach or kidneys. The problem may not be a major one, however, precaution is better than cure. After February 14, the situation will improve slightly and your health problems will also reduce. You are advised to do a little yoga and meditation so that you remain fit and are able to avoid major health concerns.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This month will be full of ups and downs for the love life of Pisces natives, due to the influence of 6 planets on the fifth house. There will be a lot of peaks and valleys in your love life, where on one side there will be romance in your relationship, on the other side you will be fighting battles to prove yourself better than your loved one. You are advised to avoid confrontation and any kind of debate. Take them out on relaxing trips, visit with them to fine dinings and movies, this will help you spend a good time with each other and clearly talk out your heart with them. This brings transparency in your relationship and makes your bond stronger. After 14th February, Jupiter will be out of combustion, which will be a favourable people. Therefore, if you are deeply in love with someone and wish to tie the knot with them then this is the right time to propose, as you will get your desired answer. The married natives will not have a happening period at the beginning of the month, due to the position of Mars in the eighth house from your seventh house and the position of Mercury in the sixth house may cause tension and conflict in the relationship. Mercury will transit in your eleventh house on 4th February, due to which the relationship will improve to a great extent and you will be able to earn profit through your life partner. Your life partner will inspire you to move forward in work and if you do a business with them, then the path of success in business will pave you to keep your relationship special. You should also take care of your life partner's health this month.

Family & Friends

If you talk about the family outlook, Mars will be posted in its own sign Aries in your second house at the beginning of the month, due to which there may be tension in the family about something. However, the problems will not be too intense to bother. You can avoid the problem to a great extent by taking care of your set of responsibilities. There is no aspect of any planet in your fourth house, this indicates that you will feel peaceful and mutual harmony will be better in the family members. Due to the presence of Rahu in your third house, your siblings will progress in their respective fields. Furthermore, due to the aspect of Jupiter on your third house, your siblings can get some big benefits during this time. After 22nd February, Mars will transit in your third house and will be in conjunction with Rahu. This can bring a troublesome situation for your siblings, one of your siblings may face health concerns during this period. You will get a lot of support from your friends and with the help of friends, you will also get success in your work. You will continue to receive blessings and affection from your parents, which will stand by you in all your endeavours.


Now we are advising some remedies that you should perform in the month of February to get the best results. Firstly, you should wear a good quality yellow sapphire gemstone in gold, in the index finger of your right hand between 12 pm - 1 pm on Thursday during Shukla Paksha. It will strengthen your health and will bring happiness, your income will also increase. Further, offering water without a peepal tree every Thursday, without touching the tree will be auspicious. By worshipping the banana tree, you will be able to get very good results. During this month, feeding chapati to black dogs will keep you away from problems and after 22nd February when Mars and Rahu will pair up in your third house, take care of the health of your siblings. And if necessary, go to the temple on Tuesday and distribute prasad of jaggery and gram.

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