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Monthly Pisces Horoscope

Pisces Monthly Horoscope


For the natives under Pisces, the last sign among the 12 zodiac signs, this month is going to be nothing short of an adventure. You will get immense success in your career as the presence of various auspicious planets in your tenth house will help the working employees to fulfil all their pending and new tasks. Along with this, they will improve their relationship with their seniors and earn promotions with their support. The natives who were waiting for a job transfer or switch will be favoured by fate during this time. There will be positivity in the life of Pisces businessmen as well. Especially the natives doing business in partnership will earn good profit during this time. This period will be good for the Pisces students, but they will still have to work hard. There are chances that your personal matters might affect your studies during this time. Students preparing for competitive exams might also have to face disappointment. Besides this, you will get auspicious results on the family front in the first half of the month. Your parents’ health will improve, making the family environment better. But your father may face health issues after the 16th. So, take care of them and consult a good doctor when needed. Pisces natives will get favourable results in Love and Married Life. You will win your lover's heart with your charming nature and sweet talks. This will increase the love and romance in your relationship and some natives might even plan to go on a trip with their beloved. But after the mid of January, the changes in the planetary position might give rise to a conflict among the lovers, so be careful during this time. January will be most favourable for the married Pisces natives. Your life partner will openly support you, and you might discuss and take a decision on important family matters during this time. This month will be good for the Pisces natives in terms of finances. Whether you are a businessman or a working employee, you will receive monetary gains during this time. The natives who wanted to make investments will succeed, and they might benefit from long term investments. The working employees will also be able to increase their salary. Your religious interests will make you spend some money on religious activities during this time. However, you will get mixed results from a health’s perspective. As a result, this month you might suffer from back pain, calf pain, or latent disease-related problems.


The working Pisces employees will get better than usual results this month in their career. The presence of various auspicious planets in your tenth house will help you attain success in all your work. Due to this, you will feel motivated and complete all your important pending tasks on time. You will improve your relationship with the seniors and enhance your image among them, which will help you attain success at the workplace through their support. Your seniors will notice your hard work and dedication and might offer you a promotion. Besides this, the natives who wanted a job transfer might get one in this period. However, you have to avoid making any wrong decisions by getting lost in the excitement. This time will be good for the Pisces businessmen as well. You will attain benefits in business from your friend, worker, or someone close. The natives doing a business in partnership will earn good profits due to the auspicious placement of various planets. Due to the conjunction of the lord of the seventh house Mercury, with the lord of the eleventh house Saturn in the eleventh house, many natives might even enter a new business partnership. Along with this, you will bag new deals with your capabilities. However, before signing any document, read all the documents properly.


In financial matters, this month will be positive for the Pisces natives. The favourable aspect of many planets on your house of money will give you monetary benefits. Due to the conjunction of Saturn and Mercury in the eleventh house, you might plan to make a long term investment that will benefit you in the future. You will convert this investment into your income and acquire money through it. This will give you a continuous flow of income and help you improve your financial condition. This time will be good for the working employees too. You will earn an increment in income at your workplace through your efforts and knowledge. This month is bringing monetary benefits for the Pisces businessmen as well. You will earn a good income through business expansion, but due to your religious interests, you will be seen actively participating in religious activities and spending money on them.


This month will bring mixed results for the Pisces natives from a health’s perspective. During this time, while some natives will be troubled by problems related to back pain and calf pain, other natives might suffer from bile or other similar problems. Therefore, you need to take care of your health. Your unbalanced diet could also become a reason for your deteriorating health. So, practice yoga or exercise and maintain a healthy routine to stay fit.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The lovers of the Pisces zodiac will get favourable results this month. You will win your beloved’s heart with your sweet talk. You might even plan to go on a trip together where you will get to spend a good time with them. According to the planetary positions, the first half of the month will be more favourable for love-related matters as in the second half, there are chances of minor conflicts between you two due to the aspect of Mars on the fifth house. So be careful and don’t let any conflict escalate. Only then will you be able to improve the situation. January 2022 will be positive for the married Pisces natives as well. You will get the full support of your life partner during this time, and you will discuss important family matters together and take important decisions for the same. This month will be average from your children’s side as well.

Family & Friends

The Pisces natives will get better than usual results at the beginning of the month. Your parents will get rid of every physical problem, and you will feel relieved of mental stress. But the planetary changes after the 16th might give you some problems. Due to this, your father will have to face some health issues, therefore, take care of them and stand with them in every situation. The moody behaviour of the siblings of many natives might also become a reason for their tension. Due to their behaviour, your siblings will feel annoyed with you.


Recite the Shree Gayatri Mantra 108 times every day. Mix jaggery with water in a copper vessel and offer it to the Sun every morning. Respect your father, elders, and father figures in your home. For this, take their blessings by touching their feet every morning. Feed jaggery to the cow every Sunday. Observe a fast on Sunday.

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