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Monthly Pisces Horoscope

Pisces Monthly Horoscope


The month of July is expected to be better than average for Pisces natives. You will need to make special efforts regarding your work. You will be able to take full advantage of your contacts in business etc. You will be successful in creating your work on the basis of excellent communication abilities. The month of July can be a bit troublesome for students. There will be small hurdles in studies as the mind will wander in various directions. Competitive exams etc. will also require extra effort. There are signs of partial success. If you want to take the responsibility of complete happiness of your family, then you will have to leave the tendency to dominate. Yes, you have heard it right, discard this feeling. If you can do this, you will get the full support of your brothers and sisters and you will also be able to take full advantage of it. For those who have a love affair, give some space to your partner in the first half of the month, then the rest of the month is going to be quite happening for you. If you are careful in speaking and can avoid the habit of fighting with your dear ones, then you will enjoy a lot. There will be a chance to get close to the beloved. Time is also quite right for married people. There may be some problems in reconciliation in the first half, but the latter half will be favorable. Marriage of the natives who desire marriage may be fixed. Even from an economic point of view, this month will be pleasant and positive. Sources of income will remain static. Some expenses are possible for religious purposes or holy functions. From the health point of view, time of the month is going to bring amalgamated results. Diet will need to be taken care of. This can cause some problems.


From the point of view of work and career, natives will achieve special kinds of success through efforts. You will need extra time and more effort to establish and increase work. There will be luck, but you will get your work done successfully. Employed people may have to travel long distances in connection with work. You may have to go abroad etc. Your travel expeditions will prove to be enjoyable and successful. You will be interested in taking more risk from the business point of view. By strengthening your communication, you can succeed in creating better opportunities. Your own efforts can create good prospects in business. Your contacts will increase. There will also be benefits from contacts. As a result of Mercury moving into the fourth house on the 7th, you will be specially able to complete your work with your contacts. Employees can be passive but pleasant. The situation will be especially beneficial for those who are into the fields of communicating with the public or with customers.


From the economic point of view, the month of July will be good overall. In the eleventh house, Saturn is sitting in the house of its own sign and Venus is also aspecting them. Venus and Saturn are friendly planets. Venus is a symbol of splendor and Saturn is a symbol of hard work. Rahu is sitting in the third house, who will inspire you to become financially strong with the help of your muscle, hard work and close people. New sources of income may open. There will be a lot of income from old sources. There may also be sudden benefits. Money on hold can return back into your hands. Your mind will be full of enthusiasm. But Jupiter is also enshrined in the twelfth house.


From the health point of view, the month of July is not going to bring any special problems. Health status will be considered normal. But for diseases related to the stomach, a little caution is needed. Eating and drinking habits will need special attention. Consumption of contaminated and crude food can cause indigestion and infection in the stomach. Take special care in traveling etc. Mars and Venus in the fifth house and the aspection of Saturn on it can increase the problems. So, if there is any problem, do not ignore it. The presence of Rahu and Mercury in the third house indicates that there may be pain in the throat or shoulder.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

For those who have a love affair, this month will be full of joy and happiness, if you use discretion and maintain sweetness in speech. Mars and Venus have their presence in the fifth house. This will make your love life full of romance,and you will also keep your sweetheart happy, but your speech will end up hurting others and you will be troubled on even the smallest things. There is a possibility of it getting dissolved in colors of life. Don't try to ridicule your sweetheart rightly. Your humorous mannerisms can also sting him/her and it can cause problems in your mind. It is possible to increase the romantic mood as well as intimate moments. There will be a lot of opportunities to spend time with the beloved. You have to keep sweetness in practice on that occasion, and avoid the habit of tightening. The rest is bliss. The month of July is going to be good for married people as well. The first half of the month may be slightly weaker. Avoid some unwanted talks with your spouse. Listen to their views and keep your word with love. Battle of egos is possible, avoid it. The latter will be relatively favorable. Harmony will be better. Relations will intensify.

Family & Friends

From the point of view of family life, you need to enlarge your heart this month. The tendency to run out of your own space and your own will can cause discord in the family. Do not impose your thoughts on people and do not always try to serve your interests. Voices of opposition can arise from the family contrary to your nature. The presence of the Sun in the fourth house will encourage you to dominate the family. The family runs happily in harmony. The habit of just saying what you say and not respecting other's views can spoil the atmosphere of the house. Be especially cautious about this. The presence of the second house lord Mars in the fifth house may lighten the tensions of family life. It is possible to worry a little about the child's side. There can be talk of marriage etc. of a person of desirable age in the family. You will be able to reconcile with siblings, but after Venus enters the sixth house on the 17th, you will have to bring special sweetness and harmony in your nature, otherwise the relationship with the siblings will be affected. Distances may increase. A member of the family may speak of separation. Be a little cautious regarding this.


Light Jasmine oil everyday and keep it in front of Lord Hanuman’s statue. Recite Shri Bajrang Baan. Maintain good relations with brothers and sisters. Do not insult Durga Maa even by mistake. Donate yellow things.

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