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Monthly Gemini Horoscope

Gemini Monthly Horoscope


This month will bring mixed results for you. In Family Life, you have to be cautious and choose words carefully while conversing with parents. Financially, the people of this sign will remain strong at the beginning of the month, but in the middle, they are advised to be careful about expenses. Love and marital life will be normal, but you will have to control your anger. Let us now know in detail how this month of May will be for Gemini natives.


Gemini natives will get mixed results this month in their career. Some people may have to face job-related transfers even if they do not want to. Although you will not like this change, you will definitely gain benefit from it. Those who are looking for a good job will have to increase their efforts and work hard. You should also pay attention to your behavior in the field of work, do not use wrong words during interactions with colleagues, otherwise the situation may be contrary to your expectations. If you are a senior, talk nicely with your juniors. Talking about businessmen, you can benefit from new contacts this month. You may also have to travel in relation to work. These trips will give new momentum to the business and you will also be able to earn financial profit. Some businessmen can discuss with the elders of their household about their work-related problems and also get good advice from them.


The financial life of the natives of the Gemini zodiac sign will remain good at the beginning of this month. The presence of Sun and Venus in your eleventh house will bring a rise in your income and you can make up your mind to buy essential things during this period. However Rahu and Mercury are sitting in your twelfth house and also, Saturn is placed in your eighth house, due to which your expenses can increase suddenly. With this, some of the natives may also face a loss of money. After May 4, you will have to pay special attention to your expenses because, during this time, Venus will change its zodiac sign and go into your twelfth house, due to which you may have to spend a lot of money during this time. After May 14, Lord Sun will remain seated in your tenth house, which will greatly affect your financial side. This month, you should avoid spending your accumulated wealth under any circumstances. You can consult your spouse or senior members of your family with regards to curbing your expenses. If you plan a good budget in the beginning of this month, then you can avoid several unnecessary expenses and your financial condition can also become better.


The people of this zodiac sign will have to pay a lot of attention to their health in this month of May. You may have many problems regarding health this month. The position of Ketu in your sixth house, Saturn in the eighth house and Rahu and Mercury in the tenth house can bring many ups and downs in health. This month you will have to improve your eating habits and routine. Avoid eating fried or roasted things from outside, otherwise you may have to suffer stomach-related disorders. Eat a balanced diet as much as possible. Those who have crossed 50 years of age should consult a good doctor about their health. Along with this, yoga-meditation and exercise will prove useful to you, it will definitely bring good changes to your health. If you want to take good care of the health of your family members, then it is important for you to foremostly improve your health. The natives of this zodiac sign should avoid going to dusty places, otherwise you may have to suffer from eye-related problems. To overcome abdominal disorders, you should practice Mandukasana daily.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This month will offer mixed results for the lovers of this zodiac sign. You will have many good experiences this month, while some bitter experiences may also occur. You will get mixed results due to the aspect of Sun and Venus on your fifth house. Your egoistic attitude may lead to conflicts over petty issues between you and your beloved. Intimacy between you and your beloved may increase when Venus enters your twelfth house on May 4. However, due to some work, your loved one will have to go away from you and you will not like the distance. However, you can talk to them on the phone for hours. Many times, distances bring your loved ones closer, and something similar can happen to you this month. There may be a quarrel with your beloved when Surya Dev enters your twelfth house after May 14. In order to avoid it, do not react to small things and stay calm. Married natives have to control their anger this month. The aspect of Mars on your seventh house can lead to a rise in your aggression level. Your anger will cause problems to your life partner, due to which a situation of separation can be created. This month Jupiter, sitting in the ninth house, is looking at your ascendant due to which you will also be able to handle adverse situations. Also when the time comes, you will understand your mistakes and behave appropriately.

Family & Friends

In terms of family life, Gemini natives will have to move ahead carefully this month. Do not make false statements or speak rudely during conversations with parents. The aspect of Saturn on your second house and the aspect of Mars on the fourth house can cause discord in the family. To make the situation normal, you need to maintain a smooth way of communication with the family members of the house in order to conserve the harmony of the house. However, your relations with your siblings will remain fine and together, you can also try to improve the family situation. Your siblings will try to support you in every field. The natives of this sign can spend some money to meet the needs of younger siblings. Sometimes lack of communication is the cause of instability in the family, so share as many things as possible and try to know what is on their mind. Doing this will make your family life favorable.


Feed stray dogs and venerate Bhairov Baba every Sunday. Adorn the gemstone Emerald. Feed green fodder and Sabut Moong Dal to the cow. Recite the Beej Mantra dedicated to the planet Mercury: ॐ ब्राँ ब्रीं ब्रों सः बुधाय नमः/oṃ brām̐ brīṃ broṃ saḥ budhāya namaḥ

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