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Monthly Gemini Horoscope

Gemini Monthly Horoscope


The month of December is going to be full of ups and downs for the natives with the Gemini zodiac sign. The beginning of the month will be full of troubles but the situation will settle gradually. Still, you will have to be very careful. Health and financial front must be safeguarded. As far as the career is concerned, the time is going to be very favourable. To be apprised of different fields such as health, finance, career, etc. you must go through your horoscope and AstroSage is at your back end call.


The month points to be quite responsive on the career front. Due to the presence of Jupiter, the lord of the tenth house, in its own zodiac sign will bless you with great success and proficiency in your career. Your hard labour will be a source of inspiration for others and people will seek your help in case of need and it will also be rewarding for you. Your reputation at the workplace will increase and you may be favoured with promotion and you will feel happy. If you are in a job, you will have a good time with your seniors and you will succeed in being close to them and this understanding will be beneficial for you. In the second half of the month, the presence of the Sun in the seventh house will give your promotions outrightly. If you work hard, you may also earn good remuneration and perks. If you are in business, the beginning of the month is going to be low and you will have to be careful of it. Avoid making any sort of investment as you are likely to confront problems or you may meet losses and if you really want to invest, you should do only after seeking some suggestion from others as the period is not going to be good. But the situation will get stable on account of the movement of Mercury on 5th December followed by Venus on 6th December 2022 in the seventh house and you will start getting benefits. You will get benefits from the government sector after the transit of the Sun in your seventh house on December 16. You may also have the opportunity to work with it. In the later half of the month, your business will flourish as your plans will be in your favour altogether. This will make you feel satisfied and you will feel happy.


Financially, the month is going to give mixed results. No doubt you will have different sources of income but at the same time, expenses will also increase. The aspect of Sun, Mercury, and Venus on the twelfth house and the presence of Mars in the twelfth house will be the main reasons for the increase in expenses. Consequently, your mind will be more taxed. However, the presence of Rahu would be supportive from one or the other angle, and as a result, you may not have to face problems and your financial position will be strong. The entrance of Sun, Mercury, and Venus in the seventh house will make your business progressive and money will flow in from government or other sources. You will be successful in clearing all your old debts. Some near or dear one may face health problems which may burden you financially.


Healthwise, the month can not be predicted very favorably as Mercury, the ruling lord of your zodiac sign, is stationed in your sixth house with Venus and Sun and the aspect of Mars will be on it (sixth house). Besides this, Ketu is positioned in the fifth house and the impact of Saturn sitting in the eighth house will be on it. Due to this, the chances of abdominal diseases will rise and you should have control over your diet. Besides this, the seventh house will also remain under the impact of Mars, and as a result of which, you may not only suffer from stress but also face secret problems. The last two days of the month will be highly crucial as the impact of retrograde planets will be on the sixth house.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Focussing on the key points of a love relationship, the beginning of the month will be weak. Problems will rise and you may not be able to trust each other to a great extent because of the presence of Ketu in the fifth house. There is also a possibility of break up and thus, you are advised to avoid falling into arguments with them. The situation will get stable gradually due to the presence of Venus, the ruling lord of the fifth house, in the sixth house and you will be seen cultivating trust in your beloved’s heart. The presence of Sun with Venus will again create challenges and you may indulge in ego clashes which in turn will be unfavourable for your relationship and therefore, you should be careful about it and try to avoid any sort of conflict with them. With the entrance of Venus in the sixth house on December 06, you will be able to introspect yourself and try to find a place in each other's heart. You may also give a proposal of marriage. The second half of the month is going to be extremely pleasant from your love angle. If you are married, there can be tension in your relationship due to the aspect of Mars on the seventh house. Your spouse’s behaviour may not be up to your liking and thus, the relationship may become more strained. But the transit of Mercury and Venus in the seventh house will reverse the gear and your relationship will bloom. You will become more caring about each other and shoulder your responsibilities sincerely and thus, your married life will be promising. Situation may again change after the transit of the Sun in the seventh house on December 16 and therefore, be careful about it. Your spouse may face some health issues. You may be a bit worried about your children but you need not panic as they will be in a position to put their best in their field.

Family & Friends

Interpreting the family life of Gemini, the month is going to bring mixed results. Problems are likely to increase in the family due to the complete aspect of Saturn on the second house and differences of opinion may prevail among members. At the same time, situations will improve because of the divine position of Jupiter in the second house and old members of the family will try to resolve the misunderstanding through their guidance and thus, there will be a positive atmosphere in the family. The movement of Mercury, the ruling lord of the fourth house, in the sixth house may create family conflicts and women may stand at the forefront i.e. the possibility of rift is very high among ladies. All sorts of problems will decline after the transit of Mercury in the seventh house on December 05, 2022, and things will be in order in your family. You will also extend your support to all the family members. There will be happiness in the family because of the aspect of Jupiter, the ruling lord of the seventh house, on the fourth house and you may also plan for a religious or pious activity. Your relationship with your brothers and sisters will be full of ups and downs. You may have misunderstandings with them over something due to the presence of Sun, the ruling lord of the third house, in the sixth house, but the situation will change completely after the transit of the Sun in the seventh house on December 16 and you will have a good understanding with them. Like this, December is going to bring different kinds of results.


Recite the Path of Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra. Reciting the path of Shri Ram Raksha Stotra will be favourable for you. Worship Lord Shri Ganesha and recite the Path of Shri Ganapati Atharvashirsha while offering Durva. Prepare fried fritters or Pakoras of Urad dal in mustard oil and donate it on Saturday.

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