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Monthly Gemini Horoscope

Gemini Monthly Horoscope


People of Gemini have their unique aura. They have a very sharp mind, and can solve the most challenging problem real quick. For the tasks that other people take hours to solve, it is like a piece of cake for these natives. You will get full support of your luck this month because your lord Mercury will be sitting in your ninth house, due to which there will be strong chances of getting success in most of the works that you do. Some unexpected events can also happen in your life this month because planets like Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Sun will be in your eighth house. The eighth house is the house of uncertainty, so you can get both good and bad results this month. While on the one hand you will be benefited in terms of money and your financial condition will be good, on the other hand, you may get a health issue. You may get separated from some of your close ones, or you may face a breakup, but to forget that, something positive can happen that will give you a lot of happiness. You will get mental peace by taking part in religious activities. You may have to go on unnecessary travel this month, so you are advised to keep your necessary documents ready before going on any journey. Also, go with complete preparation only for one journey; otherwise, you can face some problems during your trip. Do not do anything against the law because your secrets can get revealed and because of that you can come under the grip of law. This time is very important. The day of love and valentine also falls in the month of February. At this time, you will get romantic. Just you have to keep in mind that you do not cross your limits, respect and do not hurt your loved one; otherwise, you may face issues in your love life. By reading the February 2021 monthly horoscope for your zodiac, you can get to know which events related to different areas of your life will get affected and how and what problems you should be prepared to face. If you are facing any problem, then remedies are provided for the same, which will prove to be beneficial to you.


Natives will see ups and downs in their career this month. Jupiter, the planet that governs career and profession will be in the eighth house and is in a transverse state. As a result, you will have problems in getting results as per your expectations. Some people may also plot a conspiracy against you, for which you have to be careful or else they can create problems for you. Keep your complete focus on your work, and make sure that you make no mistakes. Only then you will be able to stay in your job and get rid of your troubles to a great extent. You will have to work with confidence as the conditions will improve gradually. If you do business, you will have to be careful and maintain good relations with your partner because your partner may get stronger than you are and there is a possibility that your partners may try to make extra profit in your business. You are advised to keep your full focus on your work and be cautious. Preferably, you should go to the office and check everything. Some of your secret plans will help you in your career, due to which you will stand up again and move forward in your career. Your colleagues can also go against you, so it would be best if you work with the policy of minding your own business and you will get success in the coming time.


If seen from an economic perspective, then this month will prove to be a great month for you. Though it will take some from you, that is, there will be some troubles in your life but your financial situation is seen to be arising suddenly. Investing very thoughtfully at this time will be very good for you in the coming time. Just keep in mind that long term investment will be more beneficial rather than short term. The first half of the month will be better because when Mars enters your twelfth house on 22nd February, the economic situation may decline slightly and your expenses may increase. You should introduce austerity and need to pay attention to rising expenses. Do not give your money to your friend this month by trusting him excessively or else you will be sweaty in getting that money back. Suddenly, there will be chances of getting wealth and you may appear to have any ancestral property or inheritance. The beginning of the month will be very good for you and the first half of the month will prove to be more fruitful than the latter half. You can get financial help from your in-laws' side this month. However, on the other hand, your siblings will need financial help from you, so if necessary, do help them because it is also your duty. Overall, this month will prove to give mixed results for the economic situation. If you walk carefully and be alert, you will be able to achieve good financial status.


If you look at your health, then it is known that at the beginning of the month, the lord of Ascendant Mercury will be in the ninth house of the horoscope, which will keep your health good, but on the other hand due to the alliance of Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Sun in the eighth house. Health-related problems can be disturbing. In this time, it will be harmful to do any carelessness pertaining to your health, because even the smallest problem can give you serious concerns in the near future. After 22nd February, Mars will be further deteriorated due to its transit in Taurus, so take care of your health and follow a balanced routine throughout this month. You should follow a morning walk and a balanced diet. Yoga and Pranayama can also be done if necessary. This will keep your health good to a great extent, but because the time is bad, drive the vehicle very carefully, as any kind of accident can happen. You may have pain in your waist or joints, eye problems, sleep disorders, or any kind of hidden health problems or problems related to menstruation in this time may occur, so make sure to consult a doctor if needed.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

If attention is given to matters related to love, then this month will bring mixed results for you. While on the one hand, the bond between you and your beloved will enhance and your intimate relationship will increase, on the other hand, there may be a lot of differences between you and your partner. Remember, when this situation arises, there will be strong chances of getting your relationship spoiled, so try to avoid such situations and do not doubt anything about your dear one. As doing this will reduce your respect in your lover’s mind and they will start finding flaws in the relationship. Due to the aspect of Saturn and Mars falling on the fifth house, both of you can quarrel with each other because of misunderstandings between you two, but it will be short-lived. If you maintain your patience, after 22nd February, things will improve and you will spend good moments with your sweetheart. Your connection will improve and gain strength to the extent you will not be able to live without each other. You are advised to give something special to your admirer on the upcoming Valentine's Day this month, but remember, that gift should not be such that it hurts their sentiments instead of cheering them up. Venus will enter the 9th house 21st February, which is the lord of your fifth house. With this, you will move forward in your romantic life. The distance in your relationship will be short and you can go on a long drive or long journey together. This will improve your relationship and it will be stronger than before, also you will feel a sense of attraction towards each other. Married people will try hard to bring back happiness in their married life. Jupiter, the lord of the seventh house, will be in your eighth house with Venus will ensure that love is maintained in your bond and you will at heart wish that your spouse doesn't get angry with you. In fact, you will try to sort out all the misunderstandings with them. However, due to the influence of Saturn and the Sun, there will be hindrances in resolving problems. In fact, it will cause a fight between you and your life partner. In such a situation you will have to seek the help of your in-laws. In the beginning, they will shy away from accompanying you, but after knowing the situation, they will help you and only with their help, you will be able to find a way out. The second half of the month will be better than the first half and the problems that are going on will start to get rid of them gradually, but take care of the health of your life partner, because at this time they can be ill due to any major health problems. Due to your eloquence and a sharp mind, you will be able to convince your spouse with your sweet words and this will strengthen your married life.

Family & Friends

Family has special importance in our life because this is the link that connects us with the community and the family also has a big contribution in increasing our honor in the society. The fourth house lord Mercury will be in the ninth house, due to which you will get happiness in the month of February. Family life and your relations will improve and people in your family will help each other with a feeling of mutual affection and take care of each other. This month, you can also try to buy a big property. Due to the aspect of Jupiter, Venus, Sun, Saturn and Mars on the second house, you can also see some tension in family life and conflicts are also possible, but in spite of all this, everyone will join together in doing all activities of the house. There will be a lot of guest appearances this month. It is possible that there may be a big occasion in your family, due to which your near dear ones will pay a visit, there will be an atmosphere of excitement in the house and people will exchange gifts with each other. For younger siblings, the time till 12th February will be weak. During this time, health problems can disturb them. However, the time will be appropriate after this and they will progress in their field. After 22nd February, you may provide big financial help to your siblings, for which they will also thank you. This February is a special month for relations with the in-laws, because the position of the planets in the eighth house may also make you unhappy about anything with the in-laws, but gradually the conditions will improve and you will get praise due to your good behavior with them. They may also help you in some of your important work. This month, your father's health may be suffering and he may come in the grip of diseases, so take full care of him and seek medical treatment if needed. Your opponents may try to solve problems in your family life, so be cautious with them and do not give them any chance that there can be any distance in your family. In the latter part of the month, one can go on a pilgrimage with the family. This will increase peace and harmony in the family.


Among the measures that the Gemini zodiac should take in the month of February, the main measures are: Worship Ganesh ji daily and offer him Durvankur. Along with this, you can make your financial situation beautiful by reciting Ganapati Atharvashirsha. Wishing your ancestors before 11:00 am in the morning, chanting “ॐ पितृदेवाय नमः / oṃ pitṛdevāya namaḥ” 11 or 21 times will give satisfaction to your forefathers and will help you get rid of problems in your life. It will be best for you to wear your emerald gem in gold sheet of best quality in your junior finger on Wednesday. This will strengthen your health as well. Offering flour to ants will also give you good results related to Saturn.

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