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Monthly Gemini Horoscope

Gemini Monthly Horoscope


The vivacious sign of Gemini belongs to the planet of intelligence Mercury. The natives born under this zodiac sign are interested in developing healthy relationships, they are friendly and fun-loving people. They do not prefer any unnecessary drama or conflicts, so if you drag them to that point you will see them walking away. If you force them to be a part of any confronting situation, they will not spare anyone. They will not only keep their point but also give the reasoning for the same and convince the audience with their thoughts. They are awesome communicators and leave a remarkable impression on the spectators listening to them. They are one of the loyal and committed companions and lovers if they are convinced for the person. They have fine persuasive power, however compelling them to believe your idea will be a challenge as they will only get cogent if the conversation is driven by good examples and logic. They have a great sense of humor with which they can turn any dull and boring chat into something special and gain everyone’s attention present in the room. The third month of the year’s insight for our dialectics is as follows. You will be full of inquisitiveness, keep on researching and knowing more during this period. You will draw out new meanings and measures to existing tasks and be cloud nine with your successful achievements. The singles will have luck in interacting with new people and finding the charm of their life. You will enjoy having chatty conversations with new people and try to socialize with new and old friends, in return the surrounding people will be kind, amiable and receptive towards you. You will get commending proposals in your work life and also your performance will be recognized well. You will look up to go out of a long relaxing vacation during this month. You may face some emotional disturbances in your personal life, there may be clashes between your family members which will demand your intelligence and aptitude to find a solution. You may get into exploration and understanding of some deep fundamental, psychological or spiritual realm, also you will have an inclination towards mysticism. You may face some minor health concerns due to your magnifying thoughts and ideas during this month.


The ‘Twins’ will be successful in their professional life during the month of March. Your sixth house lord Mars is in twelfth house with Rahu. This will give you dynamism and strength to work hard in your endeavours which will provide you benefiting results. The malefics in the sixth house of services provide you valour and makes you brave, Ketu is in your sixth house which will prompt you to perform outstandingly in your professional life. Your sixth lord will land you with good connections with overseas clients. Those who are working in MNC’s and companies and have global clients will get favourable results as your work will be recognised and you will be rewarded with bonus and salary hikes. Those who are looking for jobs in foreign lands should post resumes during this month as they have great possibilities to find a good profile. Your tenth house lord Jupiter is in eighth house in conjunction with Saturn, this is a combination that can bring some great changes in your work profile and workplace. Therefore, time is good for the natives interested in changing their jobs as you will get commending results. Business professionals may face some sudden gain from their projects done in the past You may also face some critical situation which requires your urgent attention, you could face an emergency at your workplace. Those who are in the field of research, mining, detective services, journalism and law will have a glowing month.


Geminis will face some ups and downs in their finances during the month of March. As we know, March is the last financial month of the year and there are loads of monetary transactions and balancing of sheets for income and expenditure. Your eleventh house lord Mars is in the twelfth house of expenditure due to which your spending will be more during this period and since it is positioned with Rahu, therefore, you may spend on some unproductive goods or liquor, this will put pressure on your earnings. Your ninth house lord will be in the eight house which may bring gains from the ancestral property or rented property. Business professionals may face some loss during this period. Your savings house lord Moon will be transiting in all the signs providing fluctuations in the finances. You will be making efforts to improve your finances by doing some sideline work or providing your services. You will get new sources of income with your extravagant attempts and hard work will provide you beneficial results and you will be able to maintain a balance between your earnings and spendings.


The month of March will not be good for your health. Your lagna lord is in eight houses during the beginning of the month which will give you stress, anxiety and depression. You can also suffer from some allergies and skin rashes. Your sleep will be disturbed due to overthinking and you may suffer from Insomnia. You should take good sleep and rest as it is the only way to relax your mind. Also, do some chanting and meditation. It will give you peace and make you calm, also you will get the strength to deal with problematic situations. You will feel a little relaxed with the planet Mercury transit to your ninth house during the second week of March. You should do some mild exercising and Yoga to keep yourself fit, also avoid processed food and try to eat freshly cooked meals as much as possible. Gemini is an airy sign ruled by planet Mercury which is karaka of intelligence, therefore, you should adapt some techniques to keep your mind calm as too much of pressure will eventually make you sick mentally as well as physically. Try to be around nature or go for a walk in the park to release all your tensions.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The love birds will share some comfort, togetherness and understanding with each other. Your fifth house lord of love will be in the ninth house during the start of March, which will make your relationship with your partner deep and intimate. You will spend most of the time together and will be too lost into one another. You may also flaunt your bond in the society during this month by dating frequently or telling your family off-front about your connection and introducing your loved one to your family members. The singles may get to meet the person of their dream during any outing or get together. You will try to hide your emotions and wait for the response of another person as you choose to keep your feelings and expressions to yourself for the time being. Married couples will have some coldness in their bond. Your seventh house lord will be in the eighth house lord conjunct with eighth house lord Saturn. You may feel that your spouse is hiding things from you and this will make you unhappy. You may also feel pressured and burdensome due to the ups and downs in your relationship. You need to relax and sort out your differences with your partner as communication and understanding is the only key to resolve complications in bond. Your relationship will improve if you keep all your stress aside and talk to your spouse about everything tossing over your mind and get to know what is disturbing them.

Family & Friends

Geminis are social birds and cannot think about staying in isolation, you always need a group of good friends or family around you. This keeps you high in spirit and makes you cheerful. Your fourth house lord of domestic comfort is in the eight house of uncertainty, secrecy and illusion during the first half of this month. You may not get along with your family well during this period. You may also face some crisis during this time and will feel confused and lost about managing your personal life and trying to cope up with circumstances. You may be cold and bold with your family members, especially your mother. You will feel that you are not being understood or taken care of well. Those who are living away from the family will have healthy relations with your parents during this period. Your connection will improve or strengthen by the third week of March when Mercury will transit from your ninth house. Your communication gap will be sorted out and you will share a good relationship with your parents, especially your father. You will spend happy moments with them and may spend time together going out for casual dinner or accompany them to some religious place.


Recite Vishnu Sahastranaam Path. Water plants every day. Light a mustard oil lamp at Shani temple on Saturdays. Recite Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Donate green gram pulse to the needy on Wednesday.

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