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Monthly Gemini Horoscope

Gemini Monthly Horoscope


Mercury rules Gemini, a common dual sign. The nature of natives born under this sign may be more evolved and clever. They have a strong enthusiasm for music and other creative endeavors. They can work more in speculative fields and gain from them. However, they regularly change their choices. These people prefer taking more trips. These natives may be in a position to earn good money as Jupiter, the general benefic planet, occupies the eleventh house in October 2023. Additionally, because Rahu is also located in the eleventh house, natives may be able to gain in an unexpected way. Venus, the fifth and twelfth house lord, will occupy the third house starting on October 2nd, 2023. Major planets: Saturn is placed in the ninth house in retrograde motion and Jupiter occupies the eleventh house. From the 1st of October 2023 to the 19th of October 2023, Mercury is the first and fourth house lord and stays in the fourth house. Mars as the sixth and eleventh house lord and as the energy planet occupies the fifth house from 3rd October 2023. During this month, results are said to be moderate as the nodal planets- Rahu/Ketu are not placed in favorable positions and occupy the first and seventh houses respectively. Venus as the fifth and twelfth house lord occupies the third house from 2nd October 2023. Mercury occupies the fifth house as the first and fourth house lord from 19th October, 2023. Due to the above planet positions, mixed results are set to happen during this month with respect to career and relationship. The main focus for these natives will be earning more money. Read the October Horoscope in detail to know how the month of October will be for your life and how you will reap fruits in the areas of family, career, health, love, etc.


The Monthly Horoscope of October 2023 says that the presence of the career planet Saturn in the ninth house may give good results this month. But the favorable results that these natives may be getting will be possible after some strong efforts that these natives may need to put in. Jupiter, the other major planet and which is auspicious, occupies the eleventh house and due to this, new job opportunities will be possible and chances for witnessing promotion may be possible in the existing job. Some natives may get overseas opportunities during this month. These natives may have a wide range of job options because to Rahu and Jupiter's planetary placements in the eleventh house from the moon sign. Natives might be in a position to use their special skills at work and might be in a great position to succeed. From the first of October 2023, Mercury, the first house's lord, will be occupying the fourth house. As a result, Natives who are engaged in business may be able to make good profits and gain a lot from partnerships. With regard to business, you might form a new partnership.


As Jupiter moves from the moon sign to the eleventh house, the natives will feel secure in their financial situation, according to the Monthly Horoscope for October 2023. This month, natives may be able to make a decent amount of money and may also be able to save the same thanks to Jupiter's positioning above. Rahu in the eleventh house may bring unexpected financial advantages to the natives as well as through inheritance. This month can also see some profits from share purchases. Rahu’s position may also provide ample scope for these natives to save some good amount of money. Rahu placement in the eleventh house with Jupiter may increase the money fortunes for these natives and widen the base. Those who are doing business may find the month to be flexible and the natives may be able to gain good profits due to the position of Jupiter and Rahu in the eleventh house. More new business chances may also be possible for these natives during this month as Mercury occupies the fourth house as the first and fourth house lord. Due to the above-new business chances may be possible for these natives. Mercury next occupies the fifth house for these natives from nineteenth October 2023 and this denotes good earnings via speculation. Venus as the fifth house lord occupies the third house and there may be development regarding gaining good money via travel.


According to the Monthly Horoscope for October 2023, the fortunate movement of Jupiter in the eleventh house with respect to the sign of the moon will enable the natives to keep good health. As Jupiter will be in Aries in the eleventh house with Rahu, natives of this sign may be able to keep good health. The above-mentioned planet positions could make things better for these natives in terms of their health. However, Ketu's placement in the fifth house could make the people feel more uneasy and anxious. Rahu's placement in the eleventh house may increase the likelihood that these natives will remain in good health and have plenty of energy. Additionally, the fourth house's advantageous placement of the sign lord Mercury in its own sign could provide additional health comforts for the people. Overall, it seems that the natives' health will be good this month..

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

According to the Monthly Horoscope for October 2023, favorable outcomes with regard to romantic relationships may be feasible due to Jupiter's placement in the eleventh house alongside Rahu. Because of the aforementioned, those born under this sign will find success in love with their significant other. For these natives, connection and love will develop more. These natives will be able to feel good satisfaction and fine comprehension as a result of their loving maturity. Also, natives who are yet to get married may succeed in getting married this month due to the planet combinations of Jupiter and Rahu in the eleventh house. Venus occupies the third house as the fifth house lord and due to this there will be scope for development with respect to love and maturity with respect to the same and development in married life.

Family & Friends

According to the Monthly Horoscope for October 2023, there could be good values in the family as Jupiter, Rahu, and the Sign Lord, Mercury, are placed in favorable positions in the fourth house starting on October 1st. This month's Jupiter transit in the eleventh house from the moon sign may foster family harmony and provide opportunities for improved communication among family members. Family conflicts that were previously present may be resolved.


Chant “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya” daily 41 times. Chant “Om Budhaya Namaha” 41 times daily. Donate food to handicapped people on Wednesday.

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