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Monthly Gemini Horoscope

Gemini Monthly Horoscope


For natives belonging to the zodiac sign Gemini, this month will have some mixed results in store. Professional life will remain ordinary and you may even face some ups and downs. Your hard work will not bear the desirable fruits of success. In the case of business, new relations will get established. From the point of view of education too, this month will have some mixed results to offer. Hurdles will crop up but they will not be permanent. Those who wish to accomplish their higher education will come across a good time and so will the students who wish to complete their studies in a Foreign based college or university. Partial amount of success can be expected in the case of competitive exams. Happy and joyous occasion may be hosted by your family members. However, some clashes may take place on account of some property. Things will return back to normal in the second half of the month once again. Love relations in particular this is quite an auspicious time, the mutual attraction between the two of you will increase along with the trust factor. Both of you will also be seen spending some quality time with one another. However, married natives will come across a challenging time. Debate and fights may take place between the two of you. Life partner’s health may also remain in low spirits. The inflow of your income will be comparatively low and there will be more and more expenditures. The second half of the month will turn out to be somewhat favourable for your economic condition but you will still have to manage your expenditures. Health will remain in low spirits. Do not overlook even a minor disease as it can turn out to be something major in the due course of time.


For natives belonging to the zodiac sign Gemini, this month will prove to be ordinary with regards to your career. The planet Saturn is in your house which is also aspecting your tenth house, which is the house of your profession business position at 17. Due to this transit of Saturn, there may be lots of ups and downs in your career. You may not be able to get the good results of your hard work. Consequently, you may feel distressed. However the second half of the month will turn out to be quite prosperous for you and things will improve gradually. On the 28th of July, Mars will move into your 3rd house and keep aspecting your tenth house, because of which you will become capable of dealing with your troubles at your workplace. Situations will also improve in your office and there will be some favourable work conditions. Those who are into business may undertake some Journeys which will turn out to be quite profitable. New business relations may get established which will be of great help to you in the future. The second half of the month will turn out to be great for job holders as you will be seen performing better at your work and concentrating at job. The attitude of your senior officials will also improve towards you.


Your financial situation will fluctuate this month. At this time, earnings will remain constant while expenses will increase. Venus and Mars are present in the second house, while Rahu and Mercury in the house of loss and expenses. This combination of planets is indicating that you will have some income, but expenses will remain very high. Regular expenses are fine, but you will develop a tendency to spend more on unnecessary things. It is possible that you may lose money in an investment. All these will affect your financial health and your financial situation may be disastrous. There may also be a need to take a loan. If you want to avoid any crisis, it is very important to curb your expenses. However, the latter half of the month will be relatively better. Some increase in income is possible. You may earn from some sources, which will give you some kind of relief, but still you need to pay attention to your expenses. Deposited funds may decrease.


From the health point of view, this month can be a bit troublesome. Health will fluctuate. Venus and Mars are present in the second house, while Rahu and Mercury are present in the twelfth house. In addition, Ketu in the sixth house and Shani or Saturn in the eighth house are sitting. The position of the planets is unfavorable in terms of health. You may face health-related problems. Do not ignore any problem or leave it on time to heal. Consult a doctor immediately and follow his/her instructions. Pay special attention to your health. Maintain good eating habits and do not let your routine become irregular. Keep yourself physically and mentally active. Do yoga and exercise regularly.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

For Love relations in particular, this month will turn out to be great. Mutual compatibility will increase. Couples who are in love will be provided multiple opportunities to spend some quality time together. Love, respect and affection towards one another will increase. You may also visit a restaurant for a fancy dinner or lunch date. This will be like a fresh breeze of air for your relationship. Those who are in the lookout for a prospective partner will also be successful in getting one during this time. Meanwhile, the married natives of this sign will have to undergo some challenging circumstances. The Royal planet Sun is positioned in the 7th house, which is not at all favourable for your marital life. Relations between husband and wife can deteriorate. Clash of egos may also take place as a trivial matter that can induce fight between the two of you. On the 16th of July, the royal planet Sun will move into your 2nd house, because of which your life partner may face some health related difficulties, which is why you should take adequate care of him or her.

Family & Friends

There will be ups and downs in the family life of the people of Gemini sign this month. The second house, which is considered to be the significator of the family, has the presence of Mars, the commander of the planets, and Venus, the guru of the demons. There may be a religious / auspicious event in the family or a marriage ceremony can be held. This is pleasing to the mind, but the problem is that there is an aspection of Saturn on Mars, which can give rise to some debates. In fact, in the second house of Mars, the lord of the sixth house is situated in a debilitated sign and there can be a dispute about any property in the family or there may be a dispute about something else. Due to discord between family members, the home environment can be stressful. Bitterness towards each other may increase. Family balance can waver. Be patient, do not escalate the dispute from your side, so that the situation does not get out of hand at all. Conditions will change in the second fortnight of the month. From the 16th, there will be a change in the planetary transits and you will be able to bring relationships back on track with your intelligence. You can get all kinds of help from younger siblings. The family atmosphere will be happy once again.


Worship Lord Ganesha. Offer red Hibiscus flowers to Mata Durga on Friday. Offer Durvanakur to Lord Ganesha. Feed green grass to the cow on Wednesday.

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