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Monthly Taurus Horoscope

Taurus Monthly Horoscope


The natives belonging to the Taurus sign are very dedicated by nature as they wish to live their life to the fullest. They want all the available happiness in their life so that they can do something good for their family and their loved ones. Working hard is their special quality since they know that because of this diligent working they will be able to achieve success in life and enjoy all the happiness they think about. They usually do not like to get entangled with anyone and like to mind their own business but sometimes when people bother them too much they show their rage and once they give their state of mind, then there is nothing left to say or do. These people are connected to the ground, who walks through thinking good and bad. There will be four in the 9th house of your horoscope from the beginning of the month and on 4th February, Mercury will also join them. In this way, because the five planets are in the 9th house, this month will be good for travel and pilgrimage. You will go on long journeys. Sometimes you will have to go out for some work and at times you will feel like going out on your own for fun. Basically, you will frequently go out on trips. Your willpower and courage will increase. You will like to move forward after fighting challenges and this will give you success in life. The best thing is that you will make a big decision regarding making your home this month, which will make you and your family very happy. Those who were dreaming of travelling abroad can be thrilled this month because this wish of yours is going to be fulfilled, as you can get success in going abroad. After the transit of Mars in your zodiac from 22nd February, there will be changes in your behaviour and you will start getting irritated on small things. You have to work on it in advance because such a situation can prove to be harmful to your personal as well as your professional life. You will have a lot of fun with your friends and you will also get a chance to make some new friends, which will bring happiness in life and you will consider yourself lucky. This will also boost your confidence.


The month of February 2021 will bring mixed results for you in terms of career perspectives. In your horoscope, Lord of Karma Saturn will be seated in the ninth house of your horoscope and along with Saturn, Venus, Sun and Jupiter will also be in the same house at the beginning of the month. Thus this time will be proved to provide very good results for your career. You also have to travel a lot in relation to your work, which will also give you respect and will strengthen your work profile. You may get a transfer far away from where you are currently residing, however, this transfer will be beneficial, as it will improve your financial condition and will also make good possibilities of salary hike. The Saturn will be in combustion state till 12th February, due to which you will have to focus on your work because at this time there will be some mistakes and troubles in the work. To avoid this, it will be very important to work diligently and fight your challenges with your mind. The time after this will be relatively good. On February 21, the transit of Venus will be in Aquarius in your tenth house, which will result in getting better results in your career. If you do any business, then the month of February will bring mixed results for you. You will make a lot of effort and try your best to get your business on the right track, but till 22nd February when Mars will be in your twelfth house, you will have to spend a lot on your business. However, a positive side of this is that now if you work with an MNC company or with a foreign person or company, then in this time you will get full benefits and you will be successful in expanding your business. After 22nd February, when Mars will move into the ascendant house and will see the seventh house with full vision, where his own zodiac sign Scorpio is situated, then you will enjoy your business. Your stalled plans will start moving forward, which will make you very happy and exceed in your career. The presence of Ketu in your seventh house suggests that your relationship with your partner can deteriorate, so keep in mind that such a situation does not occur or else you will have to face some challenges. You should treat them well and give equal importance so that you can succeed in expanding your business faster.


In the present time, money is very important and for a person who wants to take pleasure in life, money has become the ultimate essential because it not only fulfils your desires but also your needs. If seen from an economic perspective, then February 2021 will bring mixed results for you. Mercury and Jupiter are the masters of the house of money in your horoscope and they will be conjunct together in the ninth house, therefore, you will get good wealth due to the compatibility of luck. Your money will pave the way and you will be able to see yourself in good financial condition. However, till 22nd February, the transit of Mars will be in your twelfth house of expenditure therefore your expenses will increase significantly, due to which you will also be worried. You will also be anxious and think about how to get out of this situation. However, after February 22, when Mars will change sign and will go into your first house, then you will get rid of these expenses and you will be able to use your money properly. There could be some expenditure on your health after that. The lord of your 2nd house Mercury will be in the retrograde position will motivate you to earn money till 21st February and you will work hard so that you can increase your wealth.


No matter what you say, there is no wealth in life more than good health, because if your body is healthy, then only you can enjoy all the happiness and sorrows, otherwise, everything is useless. If you talk about February 2021, then this month your health will be amidst ups and downs. Due to the position of Mars in the twelfth house, you have to be aware of your health problems because any kind of injury or blood-related problems can bother you at this time. During this time, you may also have problems with back pain or joint pain or gastric attack. If this happens, take effective measures after consulting a doctor so that you will be able to keep yourself well. Though there is no major problem at this time, after 22nd February, when Mars will enter your zodiac sign, where Rahu is already there, then the combination of Rahu and Mars will form Angarak Dosha. Since it is forming in your zodiac sign, you will get entangled in health problems. Then you will also have to pay attention to your food and if necessary, seek medical treatment. To keep yourself free from mental stress, it would be very beneficial for you to do Kapalbhati and Pranayama.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Everyone has a heartfelt desire that love sprouts in their life and they can spend their life drowning in love. Although only lucky people get this gift, let's talk about your love affairs this month. If you love someone, then suppose that the month of February will help you in carrying that love forward. Mercury, the lord of the fifth house, along with the aspect of Jupiter and Venus on the fifth house will make your love life very good. Sometimes you will go on a long drive with your sweetheart, and at times would love to spend time with your beloved by eating out somewhere, or walking somewhere, watching a movie or some other occasion. You will try not to come at any point where you will have to get away from them, your personal life will be filled with love. Though there will be some heated debate between you two due to the mutual aspect of many planets of opposite nature. However, bypassing these confrontations, you will be able to celebrate your love again with your sweet talk and your romantic style. In this way, it can be said that you will also celebrate Valentine's Day in a very special way and can give a very good gift to your beloved. If you try in the last week of this month, you can propose to your dear one for marriage. This month will bring mixed results for those who are married. Due to the position of Ketu in the seventh house, some problems may arise in your married life because the work of Ketu is to be severed. Therefore, even if your spouse behaves abruptly with you then you should ignore it during this time. You may also have to spend a lot on them. There will be chances of shopping together, but the best thing will be that both of you will be very serious about your relationship and will try to make your married life even better. You should be relaxed from the children's prospects because their growth will be good this time. If you and your life partner want to work together, then this time would be suitable.

Family & Friends

Family is the strength that gives encouragement to anyone to achieve the best in life. If your family is with you then you can easily fight any challenge. If you talk about your family life during February 2021, then this time is going to be very favorable for you. Mercury will be in your fourth house at the beginning of the month and after that on 4th February, when the Mercury returns to Capricorn, your fourth house will be empty. In this time you will get success in matters related to property because the lord of the fourth house Sun will be in the 9th house. If you are dreaming of building your own house, this is the time when you have to intensify your efforts because there is only a little time left for success. The alliance of planets in the ninth house indicates that this month may be weak for your father's health, because so many planets can cause the loss of his energy, due to which he may suffer from health problems, hence it is important for you to take care of him. This time will be beneficial for your younger siblings. They can also get promoted in the field where they study or work, which will keep the family happy and you will get a sense of satisfaction from inside. You will feel the utmost comfort and satisfaction upon coming home after work, which you have not been feeling for some time. This month, you can take your family members on any pilgrimage, also you will be able to go to a scenic spot. Due to this, there will be a new enthusiasm in the family. Furthermore, there will be some religious activity at your place, due to which you will have visitors, which will make your family lively. In this time you can get some help from your in-laws’ side and they will also motivate you to move forward in your life.


Among the special measures to be taken during the month of February, you should please Lord Shani and light a mustard oil lamp under a peepal tree on Saturday while praying for your success in life. This will empower your luck, also you will get good results in your career as well. You should feed green fodder or spinach to cows every day. Try to keep your coworkers and those working under you happy. Go to the Goddess Durga temple on Friday and offer red flowers and if possible, offer hibiscus flowers.

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