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Monthly Taurus Horoscope

Taurus Monthly Horoscope


The folks born under the sign of Taurus will have a nice month in every way. With Saturn in the tenth house and the presence of Venus in the first house of its own zodiac sign, you will receive full assistance from luck in matters of career and employment advancement. Similarly, having Jupiter's complete aspect on the fifth house would help you achieve success in the sphere of education. This period will be particularly beneficial for students preparing for competitive exams. Mercury will be present with the Sun in its own sign, bringing happiness and serenity to the family. The natives' love lives will also be fantastic as a result of Jupiter's appearance in the fifth house. Your income will rise due to the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in the second house. However, you should be cautious about your health because Ketu's placement in the 6th house, together with Mars' full aspect, can bring issues.


Taurus people will have a nice month in terms of their careers this month. The planet Saturn will be in the tenth house. Due to the presence of Venus in your own zodiac sign, you will receive complete luck support. You have a certain amount of success and advancement at work. Your efforts at the office will be recognised, and you will be able to gain the officers' trust. You may be assigned to a responsible position. You must remain away from office politics during this period. It's possible that your colleagues may feel jealous of your success. The conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in the second house will provide you with the full benefits of Budhaditya Yoga. Those looking for a job will meet success and find it of their choice. Those who are already employed may be able to obtain a better job offer. You will also be successful in a job that requires you to travel abroad. This time will be very fruitful for business people due to Jupiter's presence in the eleventh house. New business opportunities will emerge. You will implement new business strategies and achieve success. This period will also be favourable for business expansion.


The conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in the second house will provide financial rewards to the Taurus natives in the first half of the month. Your earnings will rise. With Jupiter moving into the eleventh house and being in its own zodiac sign, international money will flow in and your international business will grow. You can earn money in a variety of ways. Your company strategies will be perceived as effective, and you will benefit financially as a result. In the second part of the month, the transit of Venus in the second house with Mercury will be advantageous to you. Parents and family will provide financial resources. During this time, the investment you make will pay off handsomely. You will be able to save more money as your salary rises. If you invest your savings in long-term plans, you'll reap the benefits. You can also earn from the stock market during this time.


Taurus persons may have health issues right now. Due to the presence of Ketu in the 6th house and Mars' full aspect on the first half of the month, there will be health issues. You must pay attention to your proper diet throughout this time. You may fall prey to stomach-related disease as a result of your inconsistent routine. Outside food and fried foods should be avoided. You will undoubtedly benefit if you add sprouted grains in your diet. In the second part of the month, the timing will be advantageous for you. Any chronic disease will be cured with Rahu's complete aspect on the sixth house. Chronic eye disorders will be alleviated. The mother's health will improve significantly in every manner.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

So far the love life of Taurus natives is concerned, this time is going to be pleasant for them. The period will be good for you due to the presence of Mercury, the ruling lord of the fifth house, with Sun in the second house at the beginning of the month. Apart from that, having the full aspect of Jupiter on the fifth house will be advantageous. The love between the lovebirds will become stronger. The situation, such as mental stress in the relationship, will be resolved. The greatest moment to accept a girlfriend as a life partner is now. It is recommended that you spend as much time as possible with your lover so that you may have the chance to know each other. It would be beneficial if you avoid focusing on your partner's flaws. If you have a negative attitude, your difficulties may worsen. The lovemates’ faith in each other can be unshakeable throughout this time. This month is favourable for married couples. The presence of the planet Venus in the seventh house will strengthen confidence in the life partner and improve coordination. It is important for you to value your spouse's opinion and speak out your heart to them. You will be free from court cases and associated problems.

Family & Friends

Taurus people will have a fantastic month in terms of a family atmosphere. Mercury, the lord of the second house, will be present with the Sun in its own zodiac sign. As a result, the family will have a pleasant atmosphere in the first part of the month. The family's current disagreements will be resolved. The elders of the house will continue to work together during this time. Mother, in particular, will be more supportive. There will be happiness in the family in the second half of the month because of the transit of the Sun in the third house and the movement of Venus in the second house from your zodiac sign. All of your family members will adore and respect you. You will strive not to make any of the family's children feel alone. Be in touch with all the family members. During this time, a new member of the family may arrive. Your relationships with family members will improve, and you will receive assistance from them. During this time, you will have the complete support of your siblings, as well as joy from them. This time, old family disagreements will be resolved, and you will also get rid of court cases.


Worship Lord Ganesha. Donate green items to unmarried girls. Wear shiny clothes of white colour on Friday. Install Sri Yantra and worship it regularly.

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