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Monthly Taurus Horoscope

Taurus Monthly Horoscope


The natives of the zodiac sign need to be careful as the month of March will bring different ups and downs in their careers. Many of the troubles will vanish due to good income levels and the natives can resume their work. They will also be interested in the religious tasks. There will be tension & confrontation in the love relationships, while there is the possibility of love remaining in the married life. Take care of your health in the month and there will be the need to implement the economic plans in a fresh way. There will also be the tendency to control the expenses and there will also be the chances of travel in the first half of the month.


From the point of view of the career of the Cancer natives, the position of Sun, Saturn and Mercury will be in the tenth house at the start of the month. This is the reason behind different types of challenges at the workplace. At multiple times, such a situation occurs due to which the self-esteem of the individual will be hurt. As per the monthly horoscope 2024, the natives will feel unsatisfied with their work and it may create troubles in the job life. Sun enters the eleventh house on 14th of March and after the situation in the work area will start coming under control. However, after that the individuals need to maintain good coordination with the superiors, resulting in a rise of troubles in the job. The start of the month will be favorable for the business people. Travel related to business connections will prove beneficial for the natives. You’ll get strength in the business and in the month, you will be seen making the right efforts related to your business and due to it, the natives will experience success in business life.


As you look at it from the financial perspective, Dev Guru Jupiter remains in the twelfth house for the entire month and thus there will be a good amount of expenses. There will also be chances of spending in the auspicious & religious tasks. Other than that, some expenses also arise suddenly which the natives have to bear, but due to the presence of Rahu in the eleventh house there won't be any shortage of income and all the wishes will be fulfilled. On the 15th of March, Mars will enter the tenth house and on 14th of March Sun will enter the tenth house and Mercury will get into the eleventh house on the 7th of March. It will see a good increase in the income levels. With the use of other means, the natives will get more money, due to the financial condition will get stronger. If you've invested in the stock market then after 7th of March the natives will get a good amount of money.


As per the health point of view, the month will be filled with ups and downs. According to the monthly horoscope 2024, Devguru Jupiter stays in the twelfth house and Ketu stays in the fifth house, other than Saturn’s vision on the twelfth house for the entire month. If the natives are careless about their health, then the chances of troubles in life increases. The natives will also face troubles due to health-related problems. At the start of the month, Mars aspects in the twelfth house and thus the natives need to be careful about any kind of accident. The second half of the month will be favorable for the zodiacs and there will be chances of health improvements. In case you feel any kind of health problem, then get it checked immediately. The creation of good routines also provide appropriate health benefits.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

As we talk about love affairs, Ketu remains in the fifth house for the entire month, which can create some kind of misunderstanding in the love affair. There will be lack of misunderstanding in the love affair and the lack of mutual understanding will result in different tensions. There will also be less trust levels that will increase the tension within the relationship. Other than that, on the 15th of March, Mars enters the tenth house and from that aspect to the eighth or the fifth house. It will result in tensions within the relationship and result in fights within partners. With the blessings of Venus, there will be sprinkles of love to continue and the natives should be focused on saving the relationship. The start of the month will be favorable for the natives and the couples can plan to go somewhere far away from the current place. There will be an effort to make your relationship beautiful by visiting some fantastic places and the natives will be successful to a great extent. There will be romance in the relationship, and love will increase, but in the second half of the month, Mars also sits with Saturn in the tenth house on the 15th of March. There will be an increase of tensions in married life. There will be fights with the life partner regarding work & money. To overcome the problem, the natives need to pay more attention to their work and stay away from arguments for some time.

Family & Friends

As per monthly horoscope 2024, the month will be full of different kinds of tensions in your family life. The beginning of the month will be favorable to an extent as the planet Mercury, the lord of the second house, will sit in the tenth house of the horoscope. The persons involved in ancestral business will be benefited. You will get the cooperation of the family members due to the presence of Sun, Saturn, and Mercury in the tenth house and also will aspect the fourth house. It will lead to the creation of an atmosphere of tension and dissatisfaction in family life. There will also be the possibility of an increase of family conflicts and also the father’s health also declines, and thus take care of his health. On 15th March, Maharaj Mars will be in the Aquarius sign along with Saturn in the tenth house, leading to different situations of fights within the family. You need to show a lot of calmness & refrain in the rise of confrontations. By doing it, the natives can avoid different types of challenges and also keep the home environment peaceful.


Donate gram lentils on Thursday to get all the benefits. The chances of all your work getting completed rises with the feeding of gram lentils on Friday. On Saturdays, offer food to the disabled people. Daily recite Shri Ganapati and Atharvashirsha and Sri Sukta.

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