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Monthly Taurus Horoscope

Taurus Monthly Horoscope


This month will prove to be good for natives belonging to the zodiac sign Taurus. You will not have to face many difficulties in many areas of your ​​life. This month will be good in terms of business. Job holders will also do well. This is the right time for both business and job-related natives. Benefits and profits will flow in from the government sector. This month will also be fine in terms of education as students will be seen taking interest in their studies. Despite some obstacles, there is a possibility of acquiring success in the field of higher education. Guidance of a qualified person will help you with the competitive examinations. Family life will offer mixed results this month. There will be peace and happiness in the family. There may be some problems with siblings. The health of the parents will be good, although there may be some problems in the health of your mother in the latter part of the month. With regards to your love life too, mixed results will be acquired. Married people may face some problems in married life. Spouse's health may remain in low spirits. Some clashes can also take place which is why patience is required on your part, otherwise things can go awry. Your financial condition will be fine this month. If you accelerate your efforts, then surely you will stumble upon luck and get profitable opportunities. If you get involved in any transaction with the government sector, then you will benefit from it. This month will also be normal in terms of health.


From the point of view of your career, this month is likely to prove to be good for you. There will be good progress in your work. Jupiter is present in your tenth house, which will strengthen your career. Also, Mars is the commander of the planets, taking a nest in the third house, which will provide you with the necessary courage to do things. You will make the necessary efforts to improve your career, which can prove to be good for you. You can make a bold decision in your business, which can benefit you later. Your trade will also provide a lot of profitable opportunities. On the 16th of this month, the Sun will move into the third house of your horoscope. This situation is very good for the business professionals, self-employed people and jobbers. There are good chances of acquiring success here. A new partnership is on the cards. Employed people may get some crucial responsibilities at their institution. A promotion is likely to grace you. Traders and merchants can benefit from the government sector. If you supply goods to government departments or provide services to them, you are likely to get good benefits.


From the point of view of your economic life, this month is expected to remain favourable. The inflow of your income will increase and you may also get some economic help from some old sources. The justice provider Saturn is situated in your ninth house, which is also the house of your luck. Saturn is aspecting the eleventh house, which is the house of profits and income. This position taken by Saturn will help you acquire the support of luck. Consequently, the inflow of your income will increase. You will also be seen facing your efforts towards some economic prosperity. Along with this, the presence of Mars in the 4th house and its aspection on the 11th house and the Sun transit in your 3rd house on the 16th of July will make positive contributions to your existing source of income. But you will have to work really hard for the achievement of the same. There are also chances of you acquiring profit from the government sector and the ones who are in position and power.


Planetary transits indicate that this month is likely to remain normal for Taurus natives from the health point of view. You may have some minor problems like cold & cough and sometimes you may feel a little tired due to heat, but you will not be inflicted with any troublesome diseases. Nevertheless, the advice for you is to keep your routine & schedule right. Do not be very careless with food habits, otherwise problems caused by poor lifestyle can irritate you. Maintain physical and mental activity. Yoga exercises will help to keep you fit, so keep doing yoga exercises regularly. Following the right routine will be better for your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This month will offer some mixed results when it comes to your love life. If you are in a relationship with someone, then it is advised to remain cautious. The love and affection between love birds will increase. Since the grey planet Ketu is present in your 7th house, you may witness some ups and downs in your relationship. Love and clashes will go hand in hand during this time. Hence it is advised to remain a bit patient. For the married natives of this sign, the month of July is somewhat sensitive. Life partner may be inflicted with some health problems because of which you may face difficulties. On the 28th of July, the planet Mars will move into your 4th house, because of which clashes may take place between you and your life partner. A trivial matter can induce debates between the two of you. You have no other alternative other than remaining patient and calm also of this while. Remember saying careful is always the best option available in front of you.

Family & Friends

The month of July will prove to be quite satisfactory for your domestic life. The 4th house of your sign is being aspected by Jupiter. The same house also signifies aspects like your mother, happiness, property, vehicle etc. Because of Jupiter's aspection favourable circumstances will get created. Happiness and serenity will prevail over your household. The harmony and mutual compatibility between family members will be great. Each and everyone will be seen supporting one another. The health of your parents will also remain in good spirits. If they have been suffering from any kind of help this order then they will come to an end very soon because of which there will be mental stability and satisfaction. However, the third house is under the occupancy of Mars, because of which you may come into terms with some problems with your siblings. They may also be inflicted with some health issues. Along with this, the planet Mars will move into your 4th house on the 20th of July because of which your mother's health will get affected. It would be your responsibility to take adequate measures to keep her in good shape.


Feeding green fodder to cows daily with your hand and patting your hand three times on their back will be beneficial for you. Offer Mishri or crystalized sugar on a Peepal tree. Light a lamp of ghee at the altar in the house till afternoon. Offer Batashe to Mother Durga.

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