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Monthly Aries Horoscope

Aries Monthly Horoscope


Overall speaking, this month will move in a better direction for you. Certainly, there will be ups and downs but you will move past them easily. A change in job is likely. Business professionals are likely to remain in contact with some good profits. If we talk about education, then students will come across a favourable time but those who are preparing for competitive exams will have to work extremely hard. From the point of view of your family life, this month will give you some mixed results. Relations with siblings will remain stable. Try to take good care of your parents' health. For the aspect of love, this month has the mixed results in store. The initial half of the month will be quite favourable but problems will seep in during the second half. Married natives will come across an ordinary time. Your economic front will remain quite prosperous, the inflow of the money will be great and there will be chances provided to you so as to accumulate a successful amount of savings. If you talk about your health, then it is expected to remain ordinary.


From the point of view of your career, the month of July will bring in some mixed results. The planets and Nakshatra will remain in your favour and help you get past the problems. The planet Saturn is present in the tenth house of your zodiac sign which represents your profession, career, business posts name and fame etc. This transit of Saturn suggests that you will have to work extremely hard only then you can remain in contact with success. On the 28th of July, the red planet Mars will move into your fifth house, because of which you may see some ups and downs in your professional life. You may also switch jobs during this time. The time is quite right from the perspective of business. There are many chances of making profits, abundant. Pencher is also on the cards. You may also be busy in making some necessary schemes to expand your trade.


The planetary positions are indicating that this month will remain quite favourable from an economic point of view. In your house which governs finances Rahu is present in the second House along with Mercury. Jupiter is also present in your house of profits. These planetary conjunctions will be quite favourable for your economic life. The inflow of your income will increase and some additional sources of earning money will also get credited to your account. You may also stumble upon some certain sources of earning money. Salary hike is quite a possibility now. You also get some incentive for your exceptional performance at the workplace. Meanwhile, those who are into business will also come into contact with some exceptional amount of profits. Self employed natives will also do well. To be frank, the entire month of July will be favourable for your economic life but the second half of the month will prove to be remarkably prosperous. You may also acquire some benefit from the government sector. Also, the money which has been on hold for quite a long period of time will flow back into your hands. Overall speaking, your bank balance will increase during the month of July.


Overall speaking, this month will remain ordinary in terms of health. Although you may complain of back pain in between. There may also be some problems in your chest or lungs. Ketu is seated in your eighth house and is being aspected by Mars from July 20, as a result of which you can also suffer from blood related problems. There may also be some skin problems. However these problems will not be serious but, do not ignore them. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor if needed. Keep your routine and lifestyle healthy. Keep doing yoga, exercise, and Pranayama regularly.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

If we talk about love relations, then this month has mixed results to offer. During the initial part of the month, you will be lucky in love while the second half may bring in some problems. Jupiter is aspecting your 5th house which is very favourable for your love life. Relations with your partner will grow more sweet and intimate. You will remain attracted to each other. Some of you may also hear wedding bells ringing very soon. You will not find it quite difficult to woo your partner for marriage. However, do not keep waiting for long as after the 20th of July the planetary positions will not remain in your favour. After this particular date, the red planet Mars will move into your fifth house because of which your hot headed nature may come into the forefront. There may be a clash of egos between the two of you. Try to keep a tab on your behaviour and remain careful as a breakup is most likely to follow during this time. If we talk about married natives then the time will remain quite ordinary for you. The presence of Venus in the 4th house will keep your conjugal life blissful. Romance and clashes will be there, but there will not be too much of these anymore. The compatibility between the two of you will be great and you will carry out your responsibilities towards one another very honestly. You will not also face any difficulties from your children's side.

Family & Friends

If we talk about your domestic life, then this month will offer some mixed results. The fourth house of your sign is under the occupancy of Mars and Venus. The fourth house also happens to be the significator of aspects like mother, happiness, property, house etc. Because of the position taken by both of these planets, some mild ups and downs can hit your domestic life. A religious or another auspicious occasion may be hosted by your family members which can invite many of your relatives and closed ones. Relations with siblings will remain stable but do not maintain a competitive attitude when it comes to them as it may ruin your relations with your brothers and sisters. On the 7th of July, the planet Mercury will move into your 3rd house because of which relation between siblings will improve. The royal planet sun will also enter your 4th house on the 16th of July, because of which your mother may have to face some health problems. After a few days your father may be also infected with some health problems. Hence, it would be your responsibility to take good care of them.


It would be auspicious if you offer yellow sandalwood and worship Shri Hari Vishnu. On Tuesday, distributed the Prasad or offerings made to Lord Hanuman. Wear 3 Mukhi Rudraksha. Chant the Beej Mantra of Mars (ॐ क्रां क्रीं क्रौं सः भौमाय नमः/oṃ krāṃ krīṃ krauṃ saḥ bhaumāya namaḥ)

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