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Monthly Aries Horoscope

Aries Monthly Horoscope


January is going to bring significant changes in different strata of life of the Aries natives. The working professionals will get good results that will give them progress in their field of work. Mercury will conjoin with Saturn during this time in your tenth house, which will make you work hard because of Mercury’s retrograde state, but you will also attain successful results at your workplace. However, Sun will be present in the house of the profession at this time, which might lead to conflicts at the workplace. So, you need to steer clear of any confrontation with your peers. This month will be favourable for the Aries businessmen as the presence of the lord of the seventh house, Venus, in the ninth house, will help you expand your business. Students under this sign will get mixed outcomes. The first half of January will be better than the latter half. The student might have to face challenges in the last fifteen days of January due to a lack of concentration. In terms of family life, your parent’s ill health might lead to some troubles for you. There could be disagreement regarding an issue among the family members and relatives, too. The presence of Saturn in your tenth house could result in family conflicts owing to money-related matters. But the favourable planetary position will earn you the support of your siblings despite the ups and downs. In love-related matters, the Aries lovers will enjoy a positive time in the first half of the month and might even propose to their partner for marriage, but the latter half would be challenging due to the presence of Jupiter. Owing to this, you are advised to refrain from getting into conflicts and seek advice from your elders to overcome misunderstandings arising in your relationship. Venus will be present in the seventh house, which will bring favourable results for the married natives as they will get to spend quality time with their spouse by travelling to someplace. They will also build a good connection with their siblings. The aspect of Jupiter on the fifth house will encourage the newly married natives to plan for a child. In terms of finances, the Aries natives will be financially sound and earn good profit in the latter half of the month, due to the presence of Mars in the ninth house. The natives might also benefit from the government sector due to the impact of the Sun on the tenth house in the second half of the month. Some lucky natives will be able to reclaim their stuck money during this month. Due to the presence of Mars with Ketu in the eighth house, the natives will need to be careful in the health domain this month, as diseases like back problems, boils, etc., may bother you. The chances of meeting with an accident are probably high and going through surgery during this time. Some natives might face stomach-related problems because of their poor eating habits. Be careful about your health and consult a doctor when needed.


Aries natives will go through ups and downs in January 2022. The working employees under this sign will enjoy favourable results at the beginning of the year. But the presence of Mercury and Saturn, the ruling lords of intelligence and deed, respectively, in your tenth house, might make you work harder than usual. Due to your good oratorship and witty nature, and the grace of Mercury, you will build a good reputation. You will try to make things work by focusing on your goals and putting in good efforts. However, you are advised to avoid getting into any controversy at the workplace as the Sun’s conjunction with Mercury and Saturn, along with its presence in the tenth house in the second half of the month might negatively affect your reputation. Along with this, Sun will transit this month in the tenth house of your sign, which will result in challenges for the working professionals, but you must stay calm and focus on working hard instead of panicking during this time. The Aries businessmen will attain above average results due to the favourable placement of various planets. Some natives might earn good profits by going on a business tour. Jupiter will have an aspect on the seventh house, which will help you come in contact with prominent people and leading businessmen of the society that will greatly benefit you. However, making any kind of investment might not be favourable for you, so avoid it for now. Sun will transit in your tenth house after 14th January, which will create possibilities for you to benefit from government officials or government sources.


January 2022 will be financially sound for the Aries natives. There could be some financial challenges at the beginning of the year, but you will overcome them soon. There will be a sharp increase in your income this month as you will attain money from various sources. The planets will be in your favour, and you might even recover stuck money during this time. The second half of the month will especially be favourable for you in terms of monetary gains. Mars will retain its position in your ninth house giving you favourable financial outcomes. Both the businessmen and working professionals under this zodiac sign will successfully increase their income. Along with this, the Sun will transit in your tenth house, which will provide benefits from government sources to some natives, while others might receive awards. Some Aries businessmen might benefit from business-related travels.


In regards to health, Aries natives are advised to be careful as they may suffer from backaches, boils, etc. as Ketu will be present in the eighth house. The natives must be careful as there are chances of meeting with an accident or undergoing surgery during this time. However, due to the transit of the red planet Mars, you will get relief from an ongoing chronic disease to a great extent, in the second half of the month. Besides this, you need to be careful while walking along the road or driving. In addition to this, you must avoid eating junk and spicy food to steer clear of abdominal problems. The natives above 40 years of age may suffer from back problems.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

n terms of love life, Aries lovers will enjoy a pleasant time and might even plan to visit a nice place with their beloved. Some natives might even propose marriage to their partner and tie the knot in the first month of 2022. However, due to the transit of the lord of the fifth house, Sun, in the tenth house, the latter half of the month can bring some misunderstandings among the lovers. You both might take your time in contemplating the situation. You are advised to seek guidance from elders as it will help you deal with stressful situations. Married Aries natives will experience a favourable beginning of 2022. Venus present in the ninth house will strengthen your bond, and you might plan to visit a wonderful place or a pilgrimage site. Along with this, you will successfully handle family responsibilities with your spouse this month. You will also earn the support of your siblings. The newly married couples will enjoy the closeness with each other and may plan to expand their family.

Family & Friends

The Aries natives will face obstacles in their family life this month. The family environment will be tense from the beginning of the month. A family member might suffer from a health issue. A conflict with your mother may suddenly affect her health, which will, in turn, give you mental stress. Some natives might have a hostile bond with their father or a person of a fatherly figure during this time. There could be misunderstandings among the family members over money-related matters. The family atmosphere will be disrupted due to the eruption of an old family dispute at the beginning of the month. Besides this, you are advised to take care of your father’s health as he might go through health problems in the latter half of the month. However, you will cultivate a special bond with your siblings and earn their corporation, which will help you achieve success in your work.


Recite Hanuman Chalisa at least once a day, every day, or seven times every Tuesday. Observe fasts on Tuesdays. Donate red Chana lentils in a temple. Offer Boondi Ladoos and Sindoor to Lord Hanuman. Offer water to a Banana tree each Tuesday. Visit an open space like a park and hug an elder person or a tree. Take some turmeric and mix it in a glass of water. Keep it in a room or sprinkle it across the house.

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