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Monthly Leo Horoscope

Leo Monthly Horoscope


January will bring many major changes for the Leo natives. On one hand, this period will bring success for the working employees at the workplace, and they might get promotions and a salary raise. On the other hand, the Leo businessmen will receive average results. You are advised to be extra cautious towards your opponents as they will actively try to harm you during this time. However, the auspicious planetary positions will help you win over them. The beginning of the month will be very favourable for the Leo students. Students preparing for competitive exams will attain good results. But the students pursuing higher education might face some troubles. They must try to remain focused only on their studies. Apart from this, this period will be unfavourable for attaining foreign education, so the students will have to wait for some time. Your family life will be exceptionally peaceful this month. There will be unity and growth in mutual love among the family members, which will give you peace. However, you must avoid entering into an argument with your siblings, or it might lead to a conflict. January will be better than usual for the love related matters of the Leo natives. On one hand, the Leo lovers will succeed in enhancing their relationship, the married natives too will attain the love of their life partner. However, there could be troubles with your lover or life partner now and then regarding some misunderstanding or your partner’s deteriorating health. Significantly, the beginning of the month will be weak in terms of finances. An increase in your expenses during this time will lead to mental stress and financial crisis. But, due to the conjunction of Sun and Venus in the fifth house in the latter half of the month, you will successfully increase your income by reducing your extravagant expenses. Due to this, you might even save money with the grace of the planets. You might face some issues on the health front. Especially during this period, the Leo natives will suffer from problems related to the stomach, large intestine, and eyes, due to which they may have to go to the doctor. Therefore, you are advised to indulge in yoga and exercise and avoid spicy food.


The month will be favourable for the Leo natives on the career front. Especially the working professionals will attain success in the workplace. Due to the strong presence of Rahu in the tenth house, along with a promotion at the workplace, they might also receive an additional workload and responsibility. Your opponents and enemies will be very active during this period, but you will be able to conquer them by destroying their every move as Saturn of your own sign is present in the sixth house. Due to the success, some natives might fall prey to overconfidence and ego, but you are advised to avoid your egoistic attitude, as only then you will be able to get the support of your colleagues and the encouragement of the seniors. If you are associated with business then this period will be average for you as Jupiter will be present in the seventh house. During this time, you will get the full support of your subordinates which will help you in executing your previously made strategies. Besides this, if you were planning to make investments in your business for business expansion then this will be a good time as any investment made in the business will give you fruitful results in the future. However, there could be an occasional increase in your expenditure but due to your increased income, expenses won’t bother your business. Some natives might even benefit from government sectors or government employees during this time.


The beginning of the month will be somewhat financially weak for the Leo natives. There will be an immense increase in your expenses during this time which will cause you restlessness. Due to the aspect of Saturn on the sixth house and Mercury on the twelfth house, and because of your financial troubles in the beginning of the month, you might even plan on taking loans. But in the latter half of the month, when Venus will be present in a retrograde state in the fifth house, and Mars will also transit in the fifth house. This will bring some positivity to your life. This will be a time when you will overcome all your financial problems through your hard work. Your income will also increase due to your hard work, and you will get relief from your financial troubles. The month will bear average results for the Leo businessmen as well. But you must refrain from borrowing or lending anything and take advice from an expert before making any investments.


In terms of health, this month will be average for the Leo natives. But the conjunction of Mercury and Saturn in the sixth house in your sign, and the presence of the Sun in the sixth house in the latter half, i.e., on 14th, indicates health-related problems for you. As a result, you will be troubled by problems related to the stomach, large intestine, and eyes this month. Therefore, you are advised to eat good food and avoid going to any dusty and polluted places. Wash your eyes with cold water now and then.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

January 2022 will bring many favourable outcomes for Leo lovers. During this time, due to the conjunction of Venus and Sun in the fifth house, the Leo lovers will be seen strengthening and improving their relationship with their beloved. Despite this, there can be occasional lashing out between you two. This might lead to mental stress for both of you. To avoid such stress, both of you should try to find a solution to your problems. By doing so, you won’t only enhance your relationship but also improve mutual understanding. There could be ups and downs in the life of the married natives as the negative impact of various planets will affect the health of your life partner. Due to this, you will not only be deprived of marital happiness but may also have to spend some extra money on them. There will be a misunderstanding between you two during this period. It will be better if you spare time for your life partner and talk to them. Besides this, the time will be favourable on the children's front. Because this month your children's intelligence will develop, due to which, they will be able to achieve new heights in their education and career.

Family & Friends

This month, the family life of the Leo natives will be peaceful as there will be unity among the family members during this time. Due to the increase in the feeling of love among the family members, you would want to spend time with them. However, due to the conjunction in the fourth house, there could be an occasional argument or conflict with your siblings regarding any decision or matter, especially with your sister. On the other hand, you need to pay attention to your father’s health this month as the influence of various planets will give him health issues.


Distribute bananas to children and elders. Apply sandalwood and Kesar tilak on your forehead. Feed jaggery and chapati to the cow. Respect your elders, especially paternal and maternal grandparents, and take good care of them. Donate Besan Ladoos to old age homes or orphanages. Wear yellow clothes on Thursday. Recite Gayatri Mantra 108 times in a day.

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