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Monthly Leo Horoscope

Leo Monthly Horoscope


Leo people mostly work hard to fulfil their ambitions. They are among the most honest people. The month of February will teach you a lot, you will face many challenges during this time. You will majorly have to be cautious about health and money as you may have to face problems related to these two aspects of your life. However, with your strong will power, skilful leadership and hard work, you will be able to overcome all these obstacles and will get success. Natives can get a chance to go abroad in February, and if you have already tried in this direction, then you will get favourable results in the same. Apart from this, if you were having difficulty in taking a loan from a bank or your bank loan was not passed, then it can get through in this period. This will enable you to complete your work that was on hold. Along with this, if you have already taken a bank loan and want to repay it, then you will get success in the last two weeks of February. In this month of February, you will find a way to give happiness to your partner, problems in your relationship will diminish, and you will move forward in your relationship in a positive way. You should keep your ego down, because it can be your biggest enemy. You may have to go on some trips in the middle of this month, which will help to strengthen your business relations. You are advised to be well prepared before going on these trips so that you can get the most out of them. Your relationships with your younger siblings may deteriorate at the beginning of the month. However, once the planetary situation changes in the latter part of the month, you will restore your relationship. But it would help if you tried on your behalf to keep your connections intact else it will hurt both of you. You appreciate the truthfulness, but at times talking too straight might get you in complexities in your relationships. You are advised to try to understand your better half and try to read their mind for their wishes and desires. This will enhance your married life and will help you maintain a healthy bond. You can go on a trip with your spouse. This will furthermore, make your relationship intense.


The month of February will bring ups and downs in your career. Venus, the lord of your tenth house, will create some challenges for you when it is posited in your sixth house with the Sun, Saturn and Jupiter at the beginning of the month. However, from 21st February when Venus will transit in your seventh house, then you can get positive news from your work, and there is also a possibility of getting a promotion. However, one thing to keep in mind is that from 19th February, you will have to work harder in your professional life because you will get results based on your diligent working. If you do any business, then the month of February is going to bring you very good results. You will perform your work with utmost intelligence which will benefit you tremendously, and you will also be able to succeed in your business by maintaining a good relationship with your partners. On 12th February, the Sun will transit in your seventh house. At this time, you will have to keep a little control over your tongue because your relationship with your partner can also deteriorate by not doing so. If you show a little understanding, then your business will progress well. Jupiter will be in your tenth house for the entire month, because of which, the decisions you will make will give you a lot of benefits. However, you will need to be cautious towards some of your opponents as they may try to spoil your image.


The month of February will bring mixed results for you from the perspective of Finances. Your income will increase, which will make you very happy, but your expenses will also be increasing rapidly, which can be a headache on you, so you should try to handle your financial situation with great care. The situation will be a bit weak in the first half of the month, you are advised to concentrate on investing your money properly and try to stay away from unnecessary spending. The latter half of the month will be relatively good and your income will also increase rapidly. The expenses will be less in comparison to the earnings, which will make you a little satisfied with your financial condition. The lord of your 2nd and eleventh house Mercury will be in retrograde motion and combust till 16th February, so you will have to fight hard to get money. On 16th February, Mercury will come out of the combustion and finally, on 21st February it will be out of retrogression phase. So your plans will grow rapidly and you will have a business expansion, also your monetary challenges will be reduced. You will become financially strong and hence by the end of the month, you will be able to accumulate wealth by collecting a good amount.


You are advised to pay a lot of attention to your health, because the month of February seems to be very weak regarding health. Sun, the lord of your zodiac, will be located in the sixth house itself which is a house of disease and along with it Saturn, Jupiter and Venus will also be located there. All these planets can also give you troubles. Some major concerns can arise during this time, so you should take special care and it will be beneficial not to ignore your minor health problems as well. This month you may have any problem related to the stomach or kidneys. In addition, lack of sleep, eye pain, and joint pain problems can also cause issues, so drink more and more fluids and avoid stale or over-spicy foods. In the latter part of the month, when the Sun is in Aquarius, you will get rid of health problems to some extent and you will move towards recovery. The challenges will reduce, however, it will not end, so this complete month you will be concerned about your health. One must remain alert because good health is the biggest achievement.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

In the case of love, the beginning of the month will be very good and there will be good compatibility in your relationship. However, some people may interfere in your relationship. Whether they are your friends or your relatives, prevent them from interfering in your relationship, otherwise a situation of separation can occur. Jupiter, the lord of the fifth house, is in the sixth house till February 14 in a state of combustion and reflecting your weakness in terms of love. You will not get the desired results and it is possible that your sweetheart may not understand your views. Due to this, some distance may creep in between the two of you, but if you try, then on February 14, i.e. Valentine's Day, you can give a new direction to your relationship. Trying to put a smile on your beloved's face will ultimately work in your favour itself. The latter half of the month will be good for your love life and you will talk a lot with your sweetheart. If you are married, then conflicts and a sense of estrangement between you and your spouse will decrease, and you will try to make your relationship easy by talking to each other and share every detail of your life. This understanding will help your relationship to move forward. Venus entering the seventh house on February 21 will prove to be a blessing for you as it will not only increase the love and romance in your married life, but you will also feel highly attracted to your life partner. A new guest can arrive in the lives of married people.

Family & Friends

At the family front, you will have to make a lot of efforts because you may face some disturbances in your personal life and your mind may get upset with your family over some issues. Because of the presence of Ketu in your fourth house, you may feel that you are completely alone, and no one in your family takes care of you. However, the actual situation will be different, and if you look closely, then you will find that your family is standing with you. Due to the position of lord of the fourth house Mars in your ninth house and after that, it's transit in your tenth house on 22nd February; you can succeed in buying a property, vehicle, house, or a shop, which will bring happiness in your family. You will also get a chance to spend time with your family.


In astrology, remedies help a person to avoid the negative effects of the planets. The remedies you should take this month are as follows: You should offer water to the God Sun by adding Kumkum in a copper vessel on Sunday. Also, you should see the rising sun daily with your eyes and pray for good health from the Sun. You should wear a good quality coral gem which is triangular in your ring finger on Tuesday of Shukla Paksha. This will benefit you financially and your luck will also support you. If you want, you can keep a fast on Thursday or offer water to the banana tree on Thursday and worship it. You can chant the Brihaspati Beej Mantra "ॐ ग्रां ग्रीं ग्रौं सः गुरुवे नमः / oṃ namaḥ śivāyaoṃ grāṃ grīṃ grauṃ saḥ guruve namaḥ" or Surya Beej Mantra "ॐ ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रौं सः सूर्याय नमः / oṃ hrāṃ hrīṃ hrauṃ saḥ sūryāya namaḥ”. This will prove to be very beneficial for you.

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