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Monthly Leo Horoscope

Leo Monthly Horoscope


The month of December is going to be pleasant for the natives of the Leo zodiac sign in many ways. Your wishes will be fulfilled which you have been cherishing for a long time. Peace and tranquility will prevail in the family and you will be successful in maintaining good relations with the family members despite some ups and downs. On the financial front, some good results will be forthcoming and you will have the support of your family members if need be. Now, it is time to have a look at how the month of December is going to influence you.


The month is going to be progressive for your career but you have to discipline your behaviour and avoid entering into any sort of controversy. Mars in the retrograde position is stationed in the tenth house, which points out that you can show unnecessary anguish and some arguments may happen at your workplace. So, you have to be very careful. The aspect of Sun, Mercury, and Venus will be on the fourth house and this may lead to changes at your workplace. Saturn, the administrator of the sixth house, is already placed in the sixth house which depicts your labour. You will have to work hard to maintain your status in your job and, in return, you will get higher positions. You will have a commanding future and put in your best in your work so as to win laurels. If you are in a business, you need to be careful a bit. You will have to put more labour due to the presence of seventh house lord Saturn, in the sixth house, It can also be possible that you may have to travel abroad in connection with your business or try to take advantage from your overseas contacts and you may gain success in it. Your hard labour will be the keynote of your success. If you are in a partnership business, maintain good relations with your partners as new assignments are going to come in your way and your business will flourish by the second half of the month after the movement of Sun, Mercury, and Venus in the fifth house.


Considering the monetary angle, you are advised to be a bit careful from the beginning of the month as the impact of Saturn, residing in the sixth house, will be on the twelfth house and the aspect of Jupiter, positioned in the eighth house, will be on the twelfth house. Because of all this, your expenses will increase. In spite of an increase in your income, your expenses will not allow you to save money, and as a result, your financial position will be dwindling. However, the transit of Mercury and Venus dated 03/12/2022 and 05/12/2022 respectively in the fifth house, aspecting the eleventh house will make your financial position better and there will be a rise in your income as well. You will be extremely happy and start planning something new. Investing in the stock market will be profitable for you. Intelligent investment will benefit you the most or you will earn high profits. In business, you will get mounting profits in the second of the month.


Interpreting the health aspect, Sun, the ruling lord of the zodiac sign, will remain placed in the fourth house in the first half of the month and stay in the fifth house during the second half of the month. The presence of Saturn in the sixth house and Jupiter in the eighth house is not considered favourable from the health angle. In this respect, you are advised not to neglect even a minor health related problem, otherwise, it may develop into a major diseases. Discipline your daily routine, improve your eating habits, go for a morning walk everyday and also, focus on meditation. Following these practises, you can minimize your health problems. You may catch cold or suffer from stomach related problems this month. Also, you may also face eye problems.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Taking your love angle into consideration, the month is going to be full of ups and downs. Although there will be enhancement of love and affection in your relationship and you will come close to each other due to the transit of Mercury and Venus in your fifth house at the beginning of the week, but there will be chances of misunderstandings due to the aspect of Mars on the fifth house and you will have to resolve them mutually, otherwise, upheavals may prevail in your love life. You will observe some changes in your beloved’s behaviour due to the movement of the Sun into the fifth house on December 16 and they may act egotistically which may hurt you and create differences in your relationship. To avoid any problem, you will have to manage things calmly and lovingly. Also, you should behave wisely and avoid entering into any sort of argument with them over futile talks. You can take your lover to a wonderful site and speak out your heart to them. This will make you feel happy and your understanding will strengthen. Understanding the married life of the Leo zodiac sign, the aspect of Saturn, the ruling lord of the seventh house, being positioned in the sixth house, will be on Jupiter present in the eighth house, Ketu in the twelfth house, and third house. As a result, there will be some mess between you and your spouse with respect to work. They will put in their hard labour to move forward in their field and you will have to realise that whatever is being done is in your best interest and this will be the end of your problems and your married life will be on the track. With the help of your spouse, you can gain much more in this month. You may hear good news concerning your child on account of the movement of Venus and Mercury into the fifth house.

Family & Friends

Shedding light on the family life, Mercury, the ruling lord of the second house, is positioned in the fourth house with Sun and Venus and the impact of Mars is also on it. In addition to this, the divine vision of Jupiter is also on the fourth house. On account of these reasons, the level of tension in the family will come down, and mutual understanding will see a positive rise. You will have softness in your voice which will attract your own people towards you and you will be successful in convincing them with your ideas. This will make the family atmosphere joyous and everyone will lead their life happily. During the first week of the month, there will be chances of getting benefits from property due to the transit of Mercury and Venus in the fifth house and thus, this may lead to a cheerful atmosphere in the family. But your parents may face health problems due to the influence of Sun and Mars on the fourth house. So, you will have to take care of them a bit. However, it will not be a big challenge for and you will be able to manage everything. After this, although Sun will move into the fifth house on December 16, Mars will be responsible for deterioration of your mother’s health. But your mother’s health will improve due to proper care and there will be a cozy atmosphere in the family. You may possibly purchase a property. You will maintain good relations with your brothers and sisters and this will become a source of happiness for you.


Plant a Shwetark sapling on Sunday and offer water to it everyday. Recite Shri Aditya Hridya Stotra. Feed the stray dogs with something on a daily basis. Water the root of the banana tree on Thursday and offer gram Dal.

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