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Monthly Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope


December will bring favourable results for the Sagittarius natives. With the blessings of Jupiter, all your work will be completed, and you will feel relieved and execute all the tasks with dedication. If you wish to go abroad, then put in your best efforts as there are chances of the fulfilment of your wish this month. You might even go on a short trip that will boost your morale, and some people you meet on that trip will become good friends with you. Read the horoscope in detail to know what the month of December has in store for you in terms of family life, career, health, love and married life, etc.


The month will be favourable from a career point of view. Saturn present in the fourth house will have a complete aspect on your tenth house which will bring favourable results in your career. Due to the presence of the Lord of the tenth house, Mercury, in the twelfth house, you will have to put in extra efforts at the beginning of the month. You might get a chance to go abroad. Mercury will enter your sign on the 3rd and Venus on the 5th. After that, you will start to pay attention to yourself. You will find ways that will benefit you and try to get rid of obstacles that will improve your position in the job. The Sun will enter your sign on 16th December. You have Lord Sun in the house of fate, which will strengthen your luck. You might get promoted and earn more honour and respect in the workplace. The beginning of the month will be weak for the businessmen as the Lord of the seventh house will be present with Venus and conjoin with the Sun, due to which there will be challenges in business. But when Mercury will enter in its own sign and aspect the seventh house, your problems will start to resolve. Due to the aspect of Venus and Sun on the seventh house from the first house, you might get a chance to work with the government sector, which will give you great benefits and big contacts. These contacts will help you in expanding your business.


From a financial point of view, we can notice that Saturn is present in its own sign in the second house, and Rahu and Ketu have an influence on the eleventh house of the horoscope. Apart from this, Mercury, Venus, and Sun are situated in the twelfth house of the horoscope, and Mars has a full aspect on them. So, your expenses and income, both, will increase rapidly right from the beginning of the month. But on the 3rd and 5th of December, Venus will enter the first house and reduce your expenses to a great extent. You will spend money on yourself and some important items, but the change of zodiac signs of Venus and Jupiter will again reduce your expenses. After 16th December, expenses will significantly reduce and your financial condition will be good. Businessmen of this sign might benefit from the government sector, and your business will prosper. The working employees will gain great benefits in the second half of the month. In all, this month will give you good results before coming to an end.


The health will be strong due to the presence of the lord of your sign in the centre house of your horoscope. But the excessive presence of planets in the twelfth house can cause some problems in health. The presence of Mars in a retrograde state in the sixth house can cause blood-related problems, injuries, surgeries, boils, pimples, or blood pressure problems. There may also be an eye disease or insomnia. The presence of Mercury and Sun in the first house will improve your health, but problems, like increasing high fever, can trouble you throughout the month. You must take care of your health from the beginning and consult a doctor in case of need. Eat your meals on time and consume a lot of liquid items. This will improve your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Due to the presence of Rahu in the fifth house, you will be carefree in love-related matters. That means you will not care about any other person besides the person you love the most and spend all your time on them. The differences between you too will eliminate, and you will conquer new heights of love. You will be completely carefree. You are advised to maintain decent behaviour as due to the influence of Mercury and Venus along with the Sun and Mars on the tenth house, you might have to face defamation if you move in the wrong direction. Show your love but know your boundaries to stay happy throughout the month. The latter half will be favourable as your abundant love for each other will strengthen your relationship. If we talk about the married life of Sagittarius natives, Mercury is present in the seventh house that is conjoining with Venus and Sun in the twelfth house which will increase love and intimacy among the partners. But the Sun might lead to ego clashes in between, so you should remain patient. The presence of Mercury and Venus in the first house and their full aspect on the seventh house will help maintain good relations among the partners, and they will have a sense of love, self-respect, and devotion for each other. Due to the aspect of Mars present in the sixth house on the first house, you might show a fierce attitude that may create tension in the relationship. But other planetary positions will help you take full responsibility for your relationship, and you will happily move ahead in love.

Family & Friends

If we shed light on family life, Saturn will be present in its own sign in the second house, due to which you will speak your mind without sugar-coating it. However, some people might get offended because of this. Therefore, try to be polite to maintain a positive atmosphere in the family. Due to the presence of Jupiter from the fourth house of your horoscope, your family life will be full of happiness. You will get the support of the elder members of the family, and there will be a positive environment in the house with their blessings. You will pay attention to the house needs and make an expenditure for the same. An auspicious activity might be fulfilled, which will lead to peace and harmony among the family members. The arrival of a guest will also add to your enthusiasm. The presence of the lord of the third house Saturn in the second house will provide you siblings’ support. They will help you financially and otherwise. However, take care of their health at all costs.


On Tuesday, write Hanuman Chalisa on yellow paper with red ink and recite it. On Thursday, apply turmeric tilak on the forehead and offer water on a banana tree. On Sunday, offer Arghya to the Sun from a copper vessel and mix some kumkum in it. Respect the elders of the family, do not lie to anyone, and worship Lord Vishnu.

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