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Monthly Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope


For the Sagittarius people, the month will provide favorable results as the Devguru Saturn will remain in the sixth house and it will result in different ups & downs in your health. There will also be a rise in expenses in the financial sector, but the personality of natives will remain religious. You will be able to test your hands at good work and it will result in respect in society. Things like unrest in the family will bother you. Also, you will be able to do hard work with courage and prowess. There will be an increased rate of romanticism in your love life and also ego clashes are possible in the month. For people leading a married life, the month will be favorable and family interferences can put the relationship in trouble for limited timelines. Your sibling will provide the necessary help for the completion of tasks. The employed people should be careful and there will be chances of difficulties & challenges in the workplace. Businesses will be able to progress in time and people involved in business activities will be able to move forward despite all the challenges. There is also the chance of traveling abroad due to business needs. The feeling of joy in the mind will ensure suitable results for students in the education field.


From a career point of view, the month will be full of ups and downs. Mercury, the lord of the tenth house will sit in the fourth house and sit in the debilitated sign Pisces. Also, planets like Rahu and Mars are forming suitable alliances with Mercury, which can result in different kinds of arguments with someone. A verbal mishap can make the workplace unfavorable and it will result in some kinds of troubles in the job. Your mind will also work less due to the presence of Ketu in the tenth house. The people will unnecessarily look worried in their work and you need to do better things for it. There is also the possibility of a rise in errors at your workplace and avoid fighting with anyone in the work area. But, one thing will be in your favor, Jupiter sits in the sixth house, and from there it will aspect the tenth house, and due to it you’ll get favorable results in your job life and also experience the support of your seniors. The chances of success in the career are very bright and there will be good progress in your business. But, the interference of the family members will rise due to which natives need to face some problems. Avoid unwanted fights with the business partner and also prevent the debates from escalating. Businesses will benefit a lot from it. On 10 May, Mercury enters the fifth house, which is the seventh to eleventh house. This will result in effective business progression and using your intelligence, try to achieve new heights in your business life.


If we talk about the financial condition, then the start of the month will be very suitable. Mars will sit in the fourth house and aspects the eleventh house. Also, the Sun and Venus planets will aspect the eleventh house from the fifth house, and there will proper rise in the financial condition. There are also good chances of financial gains in the month. Money will come to you through different directions or sources, but Rahu Mar’s Angarak Dosha in the fourth place proves crucial to avoid buying or selling different kinds of properties. There will also be the possibility of the rise of different disputes and you can suffer losses due to it. The chances of getting money from the government sector will result in the blessings of the Sun god. Also, Saturn sits in the third house and it will ensure financial gains through muscle power & sheer hard work. The arrival of Sun in the sixth house will raise the overall expenses, but Mercury in the fifth house will contribute towards different profit levels in the business. If you desire, then invest in the stock market carefully and earn the right amount of profits from it.


From the point of view of health, the month will remain somewhat weak. The lord of horoscope, Jupiter, and the house of diseases, i.e. the sixth house will stay for the entire month and it will result in weak health. On 03 May, Jupiter comes to a retrograde state and it weakens the overall health of individuals. There can be stomach-related troubles due to it and there are also chances of troubles like chest irritation, infections, or tightness. On 14 May, the Sun enters the Taurus zodiac and it will result in the elimination of different health troubles. It will also enhance the overall immunity of natives. Don’t ignore the health troubles and adopt a good routine like a morning walk, exercise, or yoga for critical results. It is also advisable to consult with a doctor to fix different troubles. Get suitable health benefits from it and consult with a doctor to fix the troubles.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

If we talk about people in love relationships, the start of the month will be favorable for the natives. There will be the rise of romanticism in the love relationship with the presence of Venus in the fifth house and the relationship will be filled with love. Also, the exalted Sun will result in the rise of pride in the partner’s mind and this will result in a clash of egos between the partners. The time is favorable, if you’re trying to avoid it. On 14 May, Sun moves to the sixth house in Taurus and before that, on 10 May, Mercury will enter the fifth house. The positioning of Mercury and Venus in the fifth house will result in the showering of love towards each other. There will be ample opportunities for your romantic life and also spend quality time with each other. You will do things like watching movies together, going out for dinner to eat your favorite meal, and traveling with each other, which thus results in the enhancement of overall love in the relationship. Mercury stays in the fifth house and there will be enhanced chances of love marriage in the period. If you like someone and are planning to marry your beloved partner, then the chances are bright to express your mind for getting the desired level of success. For people in married life, time will be very favorable, and take the life decisions together with your partner. Due to the presence of peace within the family members, there can be different kinds of troubles in the relationship. Avoid such situations under any circumstances and the focus should be on handling different situations in time. This will result in favorable outcomes in married life. There are chances of health troubles for your spouse and thus take special care of your health.

Family & Friends

Family life will be somewhat weak this month. In the fourth house, Rahu and Mars will create Angarak Dosha. There will be the presence of Mercury alongside the other planets and this results in a lack of mutual harmony among the family members. There can be a rise of unrest in family life and different health troubles can trouble the mother of natives. Ketu remains seated in the tenth house and these planets can enhance different troubles in the family life. There will be disturbance in overall understanding between the family members and there will be competition among themselves to show superiority. There can be the rise of different problems due to it and can result in family discord. Unwanted or extra interference of the family members in the business can create trouble for you and thus be careful about it. With it, there will be the rise of cooperation among the family members and the siblings will be in good condition. This will result in better financial conditions and there will be the rise of mutual love among the family members.


Every day you should offer Arghya to the Sun God. Avoid the effects of Angarak Dosha of Rahu and Mars by worshiping the Lord Hanuman. Every day apply turmeric or saffron tilak on your forehead. On Thursday, gift the study materials to any Brahmin or student.

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