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Monthly Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope


For Scorpio natives this month is expected to be average. There will be ups and downs in business, career, but there will also be benefits. The first half may be a bit annoying for the employed, so work with patience. Time will be successful for the students. They will be seen taking interest in their studies. Students trying abroad for higher education can get some good news. Their efforts can be successful. Overall, family life will also be pleasant.. But there can be differences with father or siblings about something. Try to make decisions with confidence when it comes to everyone. This will make the situation comfortable. Time is good for business, but laziness can dominate you. You will miss opportunities due to this laziness. There may be some losses. Therefore, be careful in the first half of the month. Do not leave the business to others. For those who have a love affair, if they are honest in the relationship, then the time will be more pleasant than expected. Relationships with beloved will be strengthened, trust will increase. You will spend time making merry with one another. Time will be very good for married natives. A bit of an uneasy situation can lead to an uncomfortable situation. Try to make things normal by negotiating with your spouse in confidence. Time is going to be good from the health point of view. Respiratory or lung patients need to take some extra special caution.


With regards to your professional life this month will be full of ups and downs. In the first half, the lord of the tenth house will be in the eighth house. This will cause problems in the working field. Small and big obstacles will arise at work. These problems can upset your mind. Failure of the close support of near and dear ones may also lead to disappointment. So try to keep the mind calm. Do not keep excessive expectations, there will be disappointment. Keep working with caution and wait for the latter and better time of life. The Sun will change zodiac signs on the 16th. With the arrival of Sun in the ninth house, the conditions in the job will improve. Transfer orders can be made available for employed people. For those who wish to change jobs etc. or are trying to change jobs, new possibilities can be created for them. You can get a new job etc. Time will be successful for people doing business. Rahu and Mercury are conjuncting in the seventh house. It will be very beneficial for business. There may be sudden gains. You can open the way of expansion in business by using your prudence and state of mind. With the help of your efficiency and clear thought process, you are likely to get success in business. Make the most of this time.


From an economic perspective, this month can be full of ups and downs. While the first half may be financially worrying, the latter will be normal. The Sun will remain in the eighth house till the 16th.The ruling lord of karma/profession is in the eighth,which signifies loss of karma. Being mindless can make you careless about your work. Due to this negligence, you may also have to bear losses. Loss of money is possible. Any loss may occur due to a close acquaintance. So you should not ignore the signs and remain tactful. On the 16th, the Sun will change zodiac signs and it will transit in your house of luck. This will increase your progress. Laziness will go away. You will be active at your business. Efforts will be seen. Some economic gains may usher in or the losses that were previously expected may be put to rest. Mars will also enter your tenth house on the 20th. This will bring a new kind of energy in you. If there was any negligence regarding work, you will regret it and you will try to compensate for it. Your efforts will also be successful. Wealth will flow in. The financial situation will start recovering, but it may take some time to be fully equipped financially. Time will be beneficial for the merchant class. Good profits are a likelihood in business. There will be special results flowing in if you work with hard work and honesty.


Overall, this month is expected to be good from a health point of view, but the ninth house whose zodiac sign is Cancer, is hosting the presence of Mars and Venus and being aspected by Saturn. This may cause lung or chest related problems. Elderly patients with asthma or other respiratory diseases need attention. This month, they should not be left alone. There may be complaints of some allergies etc., so caution is required on your part. There is a need to take special caution about drinking water especially. Avoid contaminated water,as it can prove harmful.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This month is expected to be good and enjoyable for those who are in love relationships. Being in the fifth house, Saturn will be beneficial for you. This will increase your partner's trust in you and will intensify the relationship. There is a possibility of you growing closer to your beloved. You can get an opportunity to spend some good time together. Maybe, there is also an opportunity to go somewhere together. Overall, there will be lots of fun and memories to treasure. Time can be challenging for married people. To keep your married life on track, you will need to be very tactful. If you maintain sweetness in your speech while remaining tactful, then marital bliss is on the cards for you. If you miss it, then the rail of your relationship will be seen derailing. A dispute that transcends the boundary of the house can occur otherwise. The presence of Rahu and Mercury in the seventh house can bring an increasing distance between partners. There may be a disagreement with the spouse about something. There can be doubts about each other about something. If you are trying to hide something, then be careful about it, because some of your secrets may be revealed. Some tension is to surface when a secret gets revealed. Do not let misunderstandings barge in and solve the problems of married life by mutual communication. Do not let any third person or relative etc. interfere in your marriage.

Family & Friends

This month will be good and successful for education. Time will be good for the students. Will be interested in reading. Concentration will form. You will try to keep the goal in mind. Time is for success with hard work, so do not let the hard work fall. The time for competitive exams can be fraught with challenges. Students striving for higher education will require more hard work. If you intensify your efforts, there will be benefits. Success is expected for students engaged in reading and reading technical subjects. Time can open the doors of success for students who are dreaming of going abroad for higher education. There will be hope of success in efforts. The difficulties that were coming in the way of going abroad, will be redressed.


You should worship Lord Shankar regularly and recite Sri Rudrashtakam. Drink water from a copper glass and wear red-colored Kalava or Raksha Sutra. Recite Hanuman Chalisa by standing in front of the Sun. Worship Hanuman ji and offer him Chola.

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