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Monthly Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope


This month is going to be full of ups and downs for Scorpio people, according to the monthly horoscope 2024. You will need to prioritize your health. You could have a significant stomach condition. You may become ill if you do not adjust your eating and drinking habits. Your self-esteem will remain high as a result of your solid salary. The intellect will also be involved in religious works. There will be some peace in the house, causing some strain in family life. A family member's health could deteriorate. There will be financial difficulties as well. Income will be high, but costs will be high as well, and health will suffer as a result. Expenses may be incurred as a result of this, so use caution. There will be success at work. Job changes are possible. Profits will be made by business owners. Students may confront difficulties in their education.


In terms of career, this month will be relatively fruitful. Sun, the lord of the tenth house, will be seated in the fifth house at the beginning of the month, generating eclipse flaws with Rahu. Venus Maharaj will also continue in this sign, and retrograde Mercury will enter on April 9th. This increases the likelihood of a career move. You may lose your job, so don't make any mistakes that will force you to leave, but the good news is that you will have more than one job opportunity during this period. You can attain some significant success and earn a good living by working. If you are looking for a new decent work in addition to your current job, you can get it during this time and should accept it right away. Because of the presence of the sixth house lord, Mars, in the fourth house with Saturn, certain opponents may cause you problems at work, but they will not be able to hurt you. You must remain calm and focused on your work. This month will be beneficial to business owners. Your business will be very strong on the path of progress. You will have success in your business, and it will reach new heights. Your firm can get stronger as a result of foreign investment, and it can also receive support from the government sector. If you are already conducting business with the government or abroad, you will be able to earn good profits and be successful in developing your firm during this time.


If you look at your financial situation, planets like Rahu, Venus, and Sun will have a full view of your eleventh house from the beginning of the month, and Mars will also aspect the eleventh house from the fourth house. This will boost your chances of earning more money in the future. There will be powerful and attractive opportunities of obtaining money via more than one means. This will improve your financial situation day by day, but starting at the beginning of the month, Jupiter and Mercury will sit in your sixth house and form a relationship with your twelfth house, which will raise your spending. However, the monthly horoscope 2024 says that these costs will be on auspicious activities and programs such as worship, which will be beneficial to you. However, your expenses will be reduced further as the Sun enters the sixth house in Aries, and on the 23rd, as you sit in the fifth house and view Mars in the eleventh house, your expenses will be reduced while your income will increase. In this way, this month will make you financially stronger until the end of the month and enhance your financial position, but keep in mind that investing unduly can result in a loss for you, so avoid investing money.


This month is expected to be rather weak in terms of health. Saturn and Mars in the fourth house might cause chest tightness and a burning sensation. You may also suffer from back ache. The presence of planets like Rahu, Sun, and Venus in the fifth house can bring about stomach problems. You could get in trouble if you don't handle your food and drink properly. Jupiter will also be in the sixth house, along with retrograde Mercury, which might contribute to obesity and health issues. Mercury's retrograde motion in the fifth house on September 9th could worsen the situation. Although the Sun will enter Aries in the sixth house on April 13th, the situation will improve and health difficulties will decrease, but health problems may resurface due to Mars entering the fifth house on April 23rd. Throughout the month, you must pay close attention to your health and avoid any neglect.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

If you are in a romantic relationship, the beginning of the month can be highly astonishing. Venus, which is exalted here, will make you madly in love. Your link will be strong. Your romance will be at its peak. There will be time to swim in the ocean of love. Rahu and Venus together will make this situation more energetic, but because the Sun is also here, the health of your partner might suffer owing to the solar eclipse Yoga of Rahu and Sun. Health issues could affect them, causing your plans to be ruined, or there may be a verbal conflict between you two, which will later prove to be bad to you, so maintain your connection with peace and patience. Live freely and cherish every moment of your connection. On April 13th, Sun will exit the fifth house, creating some favorable situations; nevertheless, on April 23rd, Mars will arrive, bringing with it Mars and Rahu's Angarak Dosh. However, Mars will arrive on April 23rd, bringing with it Angarak Dosha of Mars and Rahu, so maintain a cordial connection with your partner and don't let the debate grow. If you are married, this period will be beneficial to your marriage. Although the start of the month will be a little weak. Mars, sitting in the fourth house, will gaze at your seventh house from his fourth aspect, which may cause disagreements in marital life and quarrels, but as soon as April 23 leaves here, the situation will change and your life partner will be happy. In the interim, the situation will normalize, and you will understand your relationship and behave well with your life partner, and the atmosphere at home will also be nice and good, resulting in a solid married life.

Family & Friends

This month will be filled with family strife. By staying in the fourth house, Saturn, the lord of the fourth house, will do his best to fill the house with happiness and tranquility, but Mars residing there at the beginning of the month will also affect your mother's health and take away your peace of mind. This conjunction of Saturn and Mars might cause tensions and disputes between family members, so exercise extreme caution. However, if you want to make effective use of it, you should conduct some construction or renovation work in the house so that the negative energy is altered positively and the atmosphere improves. Jupiter, the lord of the second house, is seated in the sixth house and aspecting the second house. Even after the dispute, excellent results will emerge, as will happiness and serenity in the house. Your relationships with your siblings will be harmonious. Include them in your joy, and listen to their joy and grief. This will enhance your relationship, and you will be happy, as will your family members.


On Saturday, you should donate black sesame seeds. On Sunday, the mother cow should feed herself dry wheat flour. The Sun God should be presented with water laced with turmeric and Akshat. To counteract Rahu's malevolent effects, recite any Maa Durga Mantra.

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