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Monthly Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope


January 2022 will bring average results for the Scorpio natives. The working professionals will enjoy a good time as they will attain success at the workplace due to the aspect of Jupiter on their tenth house. They might also earn prestige, respect, or an award at the workplace. They will be supported by their seniors. Rahu and Mercury will be present in the charts of Scorpio businessmen helping them expand their business through new techniques. But you must also make investments to improve your current business. The Scorpio students might go through a troublesome time. They will enjoy a favourable time at the beginning of the month, but there will be a hindrance in their education after the first week due to the changes in planetary positions. This will make you feel stressed and restless. This month will bear mixed results in the family life of the natives as well. The love and harmony among the family members will increase as Jupiter will be present in the fourth house, and Venus and Sun will conjoin in the second house. But the family atmosphere will be tense now and then. You are advised not to make hasty decisions and listen carefully to family members before reaching any conclusion. This month will be favourable for Scorpio lovers. They might plan to make their family meet their beloved and this will strengthen their bond. However, you must contemplate your family’s mood before making any decision. As for the married natives, some misunderstandings between you and your spouse might deprive you of marital happiness. But all the problems will be resolved by the end of the month. The period will be average in terms of finances. The working employees will see a fall in their income, but they will avoid financial losses by controlling their expenses from the beginning of the month. The month will bring good money for the Scorpio businessmen. The Scorpio natives will not be bothered by major diseases this month and enjoy an average time, health-wise. But you need to be careful of diseases like irregularities, blood pressure, boils, accidents, bruises, etc. as the aspect of Rahu might make you prone to these illnesses.


Scorpio natives will enjoy a splendid time in terms of career. The month will be favourable for the working employees due to the aspect of Jupiter on the tenth house. You will earn a good reputation and respect at the workplace along with attaining achievement in your career. Owing to this, your colleagues and subordinates will ask for your help and advice. You might even strengthen your bond with your seniors and boss and be rewarded for your efforts at the workplace. You must avoid getting into conflicts with anyone at the workplace as your congeniality with everyone might benefit you in the future. January 2022 will bring significant changes for the Scorpio businessmen. You will expand your business by incorporating new techniques at the workplace due to the presence of Mercury in the third house and Rahu from the seventh house of your horoscope. However, the influence of Mars on the first and seventh house will create ups and downs among the business partners doing business in partnership. If you want to maintain a positive atmosphere at the workplace, you must improve your bond with your partner.


Financially, this month will be average for the Scorpio natives. You will manage to save your money by controlling your expenses, but a decrease in your income during this time will lead to financial problems. You will fail to make important financial decisions due to a lack of funds which will cause you mental stress. However, your condition will improve, and your bank balance will grow in the latter half of the month due to favourable planetary positions. This will bring a wave of relief to your life. Scorpio businessmen will acquire good wealth in this period and earn profit through rigorous hard work.


The month will be average for you in the health domain. You might suffer from blood pressure, irregularities, surgery, injuries, or abscesses, due to the presence of red planet Mars and shadow planet Ketu in your charts, and Rahu in the seventh house. You must be cautious regarding your health, especially while driving or walking along the road.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This month will be above average for Scorpio lovers. You will feel encouraged to accept your love for your partner in front of your parents and might introduce your beloved to your family members. There are good chances they will approve of your love. However, Saturn will have an aspect on the fifth house, so you must contain your excitement for now. Despite your family’s cooperation, you are advised to share your feelings with your partner and also give importance to their emotions and words. You will establish a strong bond by doing so. The married Scorpio natives will also experience turbulence in their marital life this month. Mars will conjoin with Ketu and Rahu will influence the seventh house which will not be a favourable state for the natives. This will lead to misunderstandings and other issues in your relationship. You must try to resolve your issues instead of making a fuss out of insignificant matters.

Family & Friends

January will bring twofold outcomes in the family domain for the Scorpio natives. You will suffer from minor family inconvenience due to the presence of Jupiter in your fourth house and Venus conjoining Sun in your second house. Despite the lows, the family environment will be harmonious. You will be able to enhance your reputation by showing respect towards the elder family members. Many guests will arrive at your house as there are chances of an auspicious event taking place, which will make you elated. Many natives will successfully rectify their past conflicts with their siblings and improve their relationship. However, the presence of Mars in your second house on 16th January will give rise to bitterness in your words. You are advised to keep your speech in check while talking to family members, or it will create a stressful environment at home.


Offer raw milk and water to a Banyan tree. Recite Hanuman Chalisa regularly. If possible, recite Hanuman Chalisa every Tuesday at least seven times. Observe a fast on Tuesday. Worship lord Ganpati on Wednesdays and offer him two Besan Ladoos. Plant leafy plants or green shrubs in the northeast direction of your house. Fill a bowl with water and keep it in the centre of your house.

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