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Monthly Cancer Horoscope

Cancer Monthly Horoscope


The people of the Cancer zodiac are governed by the planet Moon and prefer to do most of the work with the heart instead of the mind because they are very emotional. Taking care of the people around them, helping them, spending time with them is their tender feeling. For this reason, they are loved by many people and are devoted to the family, but sometimes they are worried, due to which their health and its progress are hindered. The month of February brings many such opportunities for you, when you will need to test yourself. You have to know where you have to work from the heart and where you will be able to get success only by taking quick decisions with your mind. Due to the position of the four planets in the seventh house from your zodiac, you will be mentally under a lot of pressure. The pressure to do many things will dominate you, due to which you will need an assistant or someone who can support and guide you in such a situation so that you can come out of these challenges. Those who want to go abroad should not think about it during this month because the position of the planets is not in your favor and if you try to do so you may have to suffer financially and physically. The first half of February will be relatively good. In the latter half, there will be a loss of money, so you should use your money with caution. This month, you can also fulfil some important aspirations, whose completion will make you happy and enjoy partying with your friends. Religious thoughts will also come to your mind and your interest in the field of politics will be awakened. You will offer prayers from your heart and soul, also you will have a feeling of deep involvement in the chanting of Mantras. All such things will come in your mind this month and if you try in this direction, you can also get success.


The month of February is going to be very important for your career. Due to the conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter, Sun, Venus in your seventh house and Mercury retrograde from 4th February, you will see favourable results in your business. You will be partnered with some new people, which will start benefiting your work. Your planning will be so good where all the partners will be united and try to use some new technology, which will bring success in advancing the business. This will give you double the happiness, and you will carry out your work faster with double vigor. Just keep in mind that there should not be any illegal working, otherwise you may have to bear the losses due to the same. If you are an employee, then the month of February will be very special for you. Mars will be positioned in its own sign in your tenth house till 22nd February. Due to this, you will be able to perform very well in your work and will get the support of your superiors. You can get a great benefit from the company. Your work will be praised and you will also have good chances to be promoted. Your authority and workload will increase, which will boost your confidence. After 22nd February, the transit of Mars will be in your eleventh house and you will start doing your work quickly during this time. However, being in the eleventh house Mars will be conjunct with Rahu, which indicates that you may face difficulties in maintaining good behavior with your boss, but you can control the situation with your efforts. In this way, from the perspective of your career, the month of February will be very good and you should take full advantage of it.


At the present time, money has emerged as one of the biggest needs and the way in which people have suffered in jobs and business in the time of Coronavirus, the importance of money has increased all the more. So let's talk about the most important sense of your life's situation. February 2021 is going to be very favorable for your Financial Life. Rahu present in the eleventh house will get you wealth in many ways. Your mind will work calculatively and you will turn even stones into gold during this time, which improves your financial condition. You have to be a little careful in the first four-five days of the month because investing money in this time will not be good. After that, some things will start improving. When the Sun will transit on 12th February, in your eighth house, then you need to be careful as it will make some combination of losses in terms of money. You should be particular that there is no mistake from your end which brings a major change in your financial situation. You will have an abundant amount of money, so you should think about investing it properly so that you can make the most of it in the coming times.


Let's talk about your health. You are born under the sign Cancer, due to which you are very active mentally and the mind is directly related to the stomach, so thinking more increases the problem of stomach pain and also upsets the stomach. Due to the conjunction of planets in Capricorn in the seventh house, women may have health problems related to menstruation, so you have to take care of yourself. You may complain of backache, due to which you may have to pay a couple of visits to the doctors. When Ketu is placed in the fifth house, one may have some stomach related problems which normally will not be figured out during any physical examination, so you may have to consult more than one professional for the same. You are advised to drink maximum amounts of fluids and eat digestible food. This will help you to keep yourself better in health. The transit of Mars will be with Rahu in your eleventh house from 22nd February and Mars will aspect your second, fifth and sixth houses. During this time you may have the possibility of foot pain, stomach pain or any kind of injury, so be careful while walking. As you know that caution is the biggest protection.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The month of February may not be very special for those who are in romantic relationships. You should expect less from your relationship and try to live your life with simplicity. Due to the presence of Ketu in the fifth house and the influence of Mars, the possibility of resentment and quarrel may arise between you and your beloved. Do every possible effort from your end to avoid such a situation, since the presence of Ketu in the fifth house can cause a failure in the relationship. There are great possibilities that you may have a breakup, therefore, it is important to be careful. On 22nd February, the transit of Mars will be in the eleventh house. It will be very important to handle the situation after that because both of you will be in aggression and will keep your perspective in front of each other pertaining to the relationship, this will increase the bitterness between you two. You are advised to listen and understand your beloved’s point of view and try to explain your expectations from them in a polite manner. In this way, you will be able to lead a good life. If you are married, then this month is going to be very crucial for you, because having five planets together in the house of marriage is not an auspicious sign. This shows that your spouse's health may deteriorate this month and you will also have to spend a good amount of money on their health problems. However, on the other hand, they may also ask you to accompany them for shopping, because of which most of your time will be spent outside the house. This month, you can take them with you on a long tour, which will make the relationship between you two more sweet. There may be some concerns from the children, but it will be short term, so there is no need to worry. Through your life partner, you will try some new work and earn success in the same. Your life partner will ideally and sincerely support you in all your endeavours, which will increase your work capacity and confidence.

Family & Friends

The home and family members have the greatest importance in our lives and we are most affected by them because we grew up with them and their values ​​are always surviving in our heart. Talking about this month, the family life will go smoothly but you will be so busy in your work that you will not be able to spend good time with the family, due to which you may be refrained from performing some of the family activities. This time will be a bit challenging for your siblings and they will need you, so feel free to help them if needed as it is your duty and moral obligation. Your relationship with parents will be strong, but your mother's health may deteriorate and she may fall in the grip of some disease, so it will be very important to take care of her. In the latter part of the month, your father may get a big achievement. They will have strong chances of getting good money in the field of work.


We are telling you some remedies which will provide you with the best benefits during this month and you will get rid of problems. You should take this remedy especially during February 2021. They will also help you in facing challenges. You should recite Ganpati AtharvaShirsha daily and offer Durva to Ganesha. In addition, you should put a red coloured flag which is triangular and has two faces in a temple. Put the flag in such a way that it keeps waving. This will give you good results related to Ketu. To improve your health, you should worship Lord Shiva and offer milk to him every Monday and chant the mantra "ॐ चंद्रशेखराय नमः / oṃ caṃdraśekharāya namaḥ''.

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