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Monthly Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope


This month will have mixed results for you. It is a differing time for your career. You will work with loyalty and dedication. There may be a promotion in the job. Also, conspiracy is suspected by opponents. After the transit of the Sun on 15th June, the field is expected to fluctuate. Due to Rahu's transit, there may be a situation of confusion with the partner in the business and this time may be a bit weak in terms of business. However, the latter part of the month is likely to be favorable from the business point of view. This is a good time from the point of view of education, but the aspect of Saturn on the house of knowledge can cause some disturbance. Work on your concentration. Success in competitive examinations requires more diligence. This time seems to be good for students of technical subjects. After the transit of Venus in your ninth house, the desire of those going abroad is likely to be fulfilled. Students pursuing higher education still need to study with diligence and concentration. The transit of Jupiter will result in peace and happiness in family life. People in the family will have a feeling of affection for each other and their affinity will increase. All the members will contribute to each other's work. There may be occasional conflicts in the family, but the situation will not deteriorate. You will have a good relationship with your siblings and will play an important role in the family. There is a possibility of some auspicious work at home. There may be the arrival of guests at your place. This time is normal from the point of getting into a romantic relationship. Saturn's transit will inspire you to remain loyal to the relationship. Also, there will be maturity in your relationships. It is a time of ups and downs for married people. The combination of Sun and Rahu is going to increase differences between husband and wife. It is necessary to resolve your disputes with patience. There is a possibility of a slightly better time in the latter part of the month by the Sun going into the eighth house. There will be good relations with the in-laws. This time is beneficial for you from an economic perspective. There is a possibility of earning more income than hard work and whatever financial benefit will be there will be due to your own efforts. Do not rely on someone else's help, since Mars, Mercury and Venus, the three planets are in the eighth house, expenses will be more than income, so it is very important to use the money properly to avoid economic stress. In terms of health, the month of June is expected to be a little lighter for you. The influence of malefic planets on the seventh and eighth house is not favorable for your health. Blood and skin problems may occur. Take care of your health properly and keep the routine and lifestyle right.


This month is expected to give mixed results for you in terms of career. The first half will be good for the employed, but you may face some challenges during the latter half. Jupiter is positioned in the tenth house, which is considered the house of karma, occupation, position and fame. As a result of this transit of Jupiter, you will be engaged in the field with great dedication and devotion. The transit of the owner of the tenth house is indicating that you may get a promotion in the job. However, due to Rahu's transit, the opposition can also plot against you. You have to be very careful. Rahu's presence in the seventh house may result in some problems with the partner in the business. The pace of trade may be slightly weaker. After 15th June, the Sun will move into the eighth house, which is likely to cause fluctuations in the proffesional field. The latter half of the business season is expected to be favorable.


Economically, this month is likely to bring mixed results for the Scorpio natives. You will earn in proportion to the hard work you do. If you work hard, you will get more benefits. Luck will neither help or hinder you too much. The biggest thing is that you will be benefited from personal efforts in your respective field. If you think that your work will be done with the help of another person, then it will be your mistake. The presence of three planets - Mars, Mercury and Venus together in the eighth house, indicates that your expenses will be more than income this month. Therefore, it is very important to make a budget. Avoid spending on non-essential and luxury items, otherwise you may be in financial trouble.


This time is not good for the Scorpio natives in terms of health. You may have to deal with severe health problems. There is an influence of the planets on the seventh and eighth house, indicating that some diseases may bother you. You may have to face diseases caused by blood disorders. Also, you will be prone to skin diseases. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor in case of trouble, otherwise the disease may increase. Keep your diet good, eat nutritious and healthy food. Avoid food that is spicy and contains more oil or butter. Keep yourself physically active and do yoga-pranayama regularly.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This month will be normal for Scorpio natives who are in a love relationship. It will neither be good nor bad. The aspect of Saturn in your fifth house will increase your loyalty towards your partner. This will bring sincerity in the relationship and the partner's attitude towards you will be better. The feeling of love towards each other will increase. The overall time of loving couples will be well spent. There can also be ideological disagreements with each other about something, due to which there may be some mild tensions. This time can be a bit challenging for married people. In fact, the Sun and the shadow planet Rahu are present together in the seventh house, which is the house of marriage, spouse and partner. Due to this combination, there can be a tussle. Also, there may be some disputes. It is necessary to resolve mutual disputes with patience. Do not let any third person fall into it, otherwise, it can go wrong. There may be interference from the in-law side. In the second half of the month, when the sun goes into the eighth house, then a good time will start in married life and the interaction with the in-laws will be good. Cohesion and love will increase between husband and wife.

Family & Friends

This month is likely to be auspicious for your family life. The lord of the second house, considered to be the spirit of the family, Jupiter is in the fourth house, which is called the spirit of mother and pleasure. As a result of this position of Jupiter, family life is likely to remain peaceful and pleasant. Family members will have a feeling of love for each other. There will be togetherness and harmony in the family. Everyone will cooperate in each other's work. The family atmosphere will be positive and comforting. Although planetary commander Mars will aspect your second, there may be any conflict in the family, but the situation will remain in control and the family environment will not deteriorate. You will have good relations with younger siblings. His role in the family will matter a lot. There may be auspicious or religious programs to increase auspiciousness in the house, so there is a possibility of guests coming. Their arrival will bring home buzz and increase your enjoyment.


Worship lord Vishnu and recite the Shri Gopal Sahasranam. Observe a fast for 21 or 45 days on Tuesdays and do not intake salt during this time. Chant 3, 5 or 7 Jaap Mala of ‘Om angarakaya namah’ Recite the Hanuman Chalisa or Bajrang Baan.

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