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Monthly Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope


Scorpio is governed by Mars and it belongs to the eight house of Natural Zodia, which represents hidden and secret things. Scorpio is also defined as the world, which states that this zodiac is consequential in itself and people belonging to this sign remain within themselves. They generally do not give any trouble to anyone and make their effort to find comfort and happiness. They have the ability to fulfil, but if they feel insecure, then they will not take even a moment to hurt the person from whom they feel scared. They have a feeling of revenge and if someone cheats them, they never will never forget it nor ever forgive them.


From the career point of view, the month of February will give mixed results to you. Sun, the lord of the tenth house, with its presence in your third house, along with the influence of Saturn, Venus and Jupiter, and with the influence of retrograde Mercury from 4th February, you will have to be dependent on your colleagues or fellow employees to a large extent. Your work will be related to them, so their happiness and their grief will become very important for you. If they get into a problem because of you, then understand that this can also be a threat to your job. So you are advised that you should be friendly with them. Your boss will be happy with you, but they will get a lot of work from you for which you'll have to put efforts, since they will have a lot of expectations from you. The transit of the Sun in your fourth house on 12th February will be good for you, your reputation at your work will increase, and you can get some benefit from the government as well. If you are doing any business, you will not need to worry due to the grace of Rahu sitting in your seventh house, and you will get more results than your efforts. But on 22nd February, Mars will transit from the sixth house to your seventh house where Rahu is already positioned. This can cause some misunderstandings or fight between you and your business partner, try to avoid such issues as this can cause problems in your business.


In regards to Financial Life, the lord of the second house Jupiter which is also the lord of your fifth house will be posited in your third house, the lord of the eleventh house Mercury will be posited in your fourth house, but on 4th of February, Jupiter will transit in your fourth house, which means that you can spend money on one or more of your hobbies. This also means that you can make financial progress by investing your money into your interests. With the blessings of the planets, you can benefit monetarily from the government sector, and you can also think of building a house for yourself with that amount. Your siblings will need your help, and you can also help them financially. With their help, you will move forward in your work, and you will see an increase in your earnings. You will be spending a lot at the beginning of the month, but by the middle of the month, your expenses will decrease, and you will be able to control your finances, which will strengthen your financial position.


People of Scorpio zodiac need little attention in terms of health as sometimes they do not reveal to anyone what is in their heart, and even if they are ill, they do not tell it to anyone. The month of February is going to be very good for you, and there is no possibility of you getting affected by any major illness. Yet the presence of Jupiter in your third house and the presence of Ketu in the ascendant house suggests that you should take care of your throat. Because of an unbalanced diet, throat problems such as sore throat can cause you problems. You may get pain in your right ear, so go to the doctor and get the cleaning done so as to get rid of this problem. Mainly, you will not get any major problems, but when Mars transit in your seventh house after 22 February, then it is likely that women may face some problems related to their menstruation cycle. But there is no need to panic; you can get relief with the appropriate first aid and medical, if necessary.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

In regards to love relations, this month will bring good results for you. Your fifth house will be empty with no planet transiting there, however, due to the aspect of Saturn, which is in conjunction with Venus and the lord of the fifth house Jupiter; your love can turn into a marriage. Therefore, if you love someone and want to marry them, then it is not too late, share your feelings with them, and it is possible that you will get married to your loved one. People who are already trying to propose your dear one can also get success. This means that it is likely that you will get engaged in the bond of marriage. You will also be very serious about your love life and will try that no third person interferes in your relationship. This is necessary as well because, during this time, there is also a possibility of someone trying to create disturbances. Remember that if this happens, then you will face some problems. It would be better if you try to keep your loved one happy and keep them in your heart. Talking about the life of married natives, because of Rahu posited in your seventh house, love in your relationship will increase. Your spouse will say such good things to you that you will not understand whether they are mocking you or saying this to keep your heart. But actually, your relationship will get stronger. With Jupiter's sight also on your seventh house, you will be able to understand each other. They will fulfil their responsibilities and try to mould themselves for their relationship by thinking about the future. Your relationship will also bring joy to your family.

Family & Friends

Looking at your family life, Mercury will be posited in your fourth house at the beginning of the month, but on 4th February, Mercury will leave the fourth house and enter your third house, due to which there will be some ups and downs in your family life. Your siblings will get some good news, where they will get promoted. If they have applied for a job, then they will get success, but they can get surrounded by health problems. In this case, you will need to take care of them. Peace and happiness will be there in your family. The health of the parents will also be good. You will have to go with your family members to meet some relatives, from the perspective of family life, the month of February will be auspicious.


The remedies that the natives should do in the month of February, and the measures that you will get good benefit will be mainly worshipping Lord Vishnu. You should apply a tilak of yellow sandal to the idol and thereafter apply the same on your forehead. You should distribute prasad of jaggery and gram to young children on Tuesday, and help your brothers. Feeding jaggery and dry wheat flour to the cow on Sunday will be beneficial for you. Offering arghya to the Sun daily will also prove to be good for you.

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