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Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope


The Aquarius natives are related to Saturn, which is a slow-moving planet but it gives a strong personality. Therefore, the natives born under sign Aquarius are firm in their principles and prefer to live life in a disciplinary way, according to their set rules. They make their own reserved paths and like walking on the same. It is not very easy to win their heart or influence them. At times you make some decisions out of the blue which surprises your dear ones and they feel as if they don’t know you. They get progress gradually in life but their growth is strengthened which gives them a strong personality. With the presence of four planets in the twelfth house from your zodiac sign this month, you will have to think a lot because your expenses will increase due to the unexpected reasons. Some people can get success in going abroad because the efforts made at this time will bring potential results and you will accomplish your desire. You are advised to take care of your health this month and try to stay away from mental stress. Your relations with your friends will be good, but some may try to cheat on you, so beware of such people and stay away from them. There are good chances of changing your place, therefore, if you want to switch jobs or change your home, then you can get success during this month. You will be handling loads of work by yourself, however, it will bring satisfaction and peace of mind.


From a career point of view, this month indicates that you will have to work really hard. Also, you will have to seek the cooperation of your colleagues to complete your work quickly. This month, they will help you in a way that you never expected, due to this, a bond will be formed between you and them which will be very strong. There will be no lack of courage and valour in you and you will travel a lot due to your work commitments. Your travelling will build good connections and will provide favourable results to you. In the case of business, you will have a great advantage of foreign contacts and if you are working with a multinational company, then the month of February will give you a lot of benefits. Thus, it can be said that this month will be a good time for your career. It will strengthen your work profile, you will follow your strategy and move forward in your career.


If you talk about your financial situation, then there will be a flood of expenses. The twelfth house of the horoscope is being activated, due to which there will be a possibility of spending unexpectedly. Some of them will be accounting expenditure, which was expected and you were already prepared for the same. However, there will be some expenses which will pop out suddenly in front of you and even if you do not want to, you will have to spend. This will create a lot of pressure on your financial situation. Though you are smart enough and understand life well, so you can try to curb your expenses by adjusting your income in the right way, but it will not be possible to stop them completely. The second house lord Jupiter is in the twelfth house, due to which you will also spend from your savings during this time. But you can earn a good amount through foreign resources. After this, when Sun and Venus change their signs, then you will get some relief and your expenses will be reduced. Scarcity will become savings for you and will strengthen your financial condition.


If you talk about your health, then this month is alerting you to pay attention to your health. The ascendant lord in the twelfth house is a problem in itself. Furthermore, the conjunction of Sun, Jupiter, Venus and with Saturn is making it intense. In this case, you face pain in the eye, sleeplessness, excessive pain in your feet, swollen feet and joint pains. Problems like foot pain in the ankles can irritate you. To avoid these problems, you should take the advice of a doctor. It will be necessary to have some balanced diet and it will be better to include green leafy vegetables and more water in your diet. Also, it is advised to avoid hot and spiced up food or fried food. Try to get enough sleep since you will not take good rest then you will feel weak and tired throughout the day. Also, take care that you do get any kind of sprain or injury in your feet. The latter half of this month will be relatively better.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

From the perspective of love relations, this month is going to be full of ups and downs for you. Mercury, the lord of the fifth house, will be in the retrograde state from 4th February along with Saturn, Jupiter and Venus, due to which there will be frequent fluctuations in your relationship. On one hand, you will feel that you understand your beloved and they will also be soft-spoken with you. On the contrary, there will be conflicts and difference of opinion. However, when the transit of Venus is in your zodiac on 21st February, then the situation will change a lot, you lose your heart to your beloved and will try to understand them to the core. This will increase the sweetness in your relationship and you will like to spend time with each other. This week may bring some new changes in the life of married people because the lord of the seventh house is with the Sun in the 10th house, there can be chances or fights in the married life, due to which the life partner's heart will remain depressed and you too will be upset. On 12th February, the Sun will enter Aquarius and it will aspect its own sign on the seventh house. This is not favourable from the seventh house’s point of view, since it will increase your misunderstandings with your spouse. However, to a great extent, both of you will understand your mistakes and feel sorry for each other and make every effort to save your relationship. If you are doing a business together with your life partner, then at that time there will be similar ups and downs in your business, but the latter half of the month will be relatively better.

Family & Friends

Talking about your family life, you will be so busy with your work that you will not be able to give time to your family. This may bring some gap in your bond and you will feel distanced from the family. However, this will not reduce their love in your heart. Instead, you will talk a lot with them and will lighten yourself by speaking out your mind to them. Someone from your family can work away from home. Your siblings will be full of zeal and will complete their work on time, they will be successful in their endeavours. Also, they will progress in their career, this month will help them a lot and they can get good opportunities. Health problems may be troubling your mother but with the transit of Venus on 21st February will improve her health and will increase happiness in the family.


The remedies you should perform during the month of February is firstly to give strength to the ascendant lord Saturn and avoid the effects of Sade Sati. Tie a datura root or a scorpion root on a black cloth. Recite Shani Chalisa every Saturday and light a lamp of sesame oil under the Peepal tree. Help blind people as much as possible, feed cow with black sesame in flour and worship Goddess Saraswati for success in education.

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