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Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope


This month will bring minor as well as major changes in the life of Aquarius natives. The working employees need to be careful at their workplace. There are chances of you getting into a conflict with a colleague, which will negatively affect your image. So, try to maintain a good relationship at the workplace as much as possible. On the other hand, this money will bring favourable outcomes for the Aquarius businessmen. They will expand their business through rigorous hard work, attain success, and might even benefit from the government sector during this time. This period will also be good for the Aquarius natives. There is the presence of various auspicious planets in your fifth house which will give you immense success in academics. This will improve their concentration and performance. This time will be more favourable for the students pursuing fine arts and political science. The students preparing for competitive exams and wanting to study abroad will have to wait for now. Besides this, you might have to face some challenges in family life. There are chances that due to the weak health condition of your parents or other family members, the family harmony will be disrupted and you won’t be able to control the situation despite trying. You might even get into a conflict with your siblings because of some matter so try avoiding such a situation. January 2022 will bring positivity to the love life of the Aquarius natives. Especially the beginning of the month will bring romance in the relationship, and you will openly share your feelings with your beloved. But the change in planetary positions after the 16th might give rise to a conflict among you, so you need to be careful during this time. The married natives will get favourable outcomes. You will be seen enjoying your marital life the entire month, but when the Sun will transit and enter your twelfth house on the 14th, conflicts might arise with your life partner. However, this period will be good for your children. The Aquarius natives will get mixed results on the financial front. There will be an increment in the income of working employees and businessmen, but their expenses will also increase during this time and cause them troubles. So, do not spend your money on useless stuff and spend according to a good budget plan. Your increased expenses might give you mental stress in the latter half of the month so take care. On the health front, you are advised to be extra careful regarding your health this month as the ruling lord of your sign Saturn is present in your twelfth house the entire month, and the Sun will conjoin it after the 14th. Otherwise, your deteriorating health might cause you trouble in the future.


This month will be full of uncertainties for the Aquarius natives in terms of career. You need to be extra careful about your job during this time due to the presence of Mars with Rahu in the tenth house. You might get into a fight with a colleague, which might create problems for you at the workplace. So, avoid getting into conflicts with your colleagues and other workers and maintain a good relationship with them. The impact of a cruel planet won’t let you focus on work during this time, and you will fail to meet the deadlines of important tasks. This will lead to trouble. The natives associated with a business will enjoy a better month than usual. Due to the presence of the lord of the seventh house, Sun, in the eleventh house, they will succeed in every effort and earn a promotion in business. You might even benefit from the government sector or government employees during this time. Through their corporation, you will get some kind of subsidy or any reward during this time. Many natives might get a chance to go on a business trip, with which they will be able to increase their sources in the market while achieving success in their business.


This month will be mixed for the Aquarius natives in terms of finances. This period will bring an increase in income for the working employees, due to which they will pay off their debts or loans. The Aquarius businessmen too will attain good money but there could be an increase in their expenses too during this time and their financial budget will get off track. You are advised to control your expenses and try to save money. Controlling your expenses will be the most challenging task for you this month. These expenses will rapidly grow in the latter half of the month when the Sun will also enter your twelfth house along with Saturn and Mercury. You need to pay attention to it from the beginning and spend money according to your budget. However, many natives might get an opportunity to go abroad, for which they will have to spend a good portion of their money.


The Aquarius natives need to be careful regarding their health this month. The ruling lord of your sign, Saturn, is present in your twelfth house and Sun will also transit in this house after 14th January, due to which, your health will be poor. The conjunction of father-son (Sun-Saturn) will increase your health problems while affecting your digestion due to your imbalanced eating habits. So, you should pay heed to your health and consume liquid food items as much as possible. You must also avoid treating your illness at home and consulting a doctor when needed.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This month will be favourable for the Aquarius natives in matters of love. There will be romance and belongingness in your relationship during this time, and you will openly express your feelings to your beloved. You will be seen going out and partying with them. But some problems might arise in the relationship after the 16th as Mars will enter the eleventh house, due to which the latter half of the month will be weak for you. Due to the auspicious planetary positions, your fate will favour you the most in love related matters from the 14th to 16th January, and you will enjoy a favourable time in your relationship. This month will be good for the married Aquarius natives. The first half of the month will be more favourable for you, and there will be harmony in your relationship. But you will have to face some challenges in the latter half. The reason behind this will be the transit of the Sun on the 14th and its entry into your twelfth house. This will create bitterness with your life partner. You will have to pay more attention to your marital life during this time. Although Jupiter will be present in your own sign and take care of your marital life, this time will be favourable on the children’s front as their talent will emerge during this time.

Family & Friends

The Aquarius natives will go through ups and downs in their family life this month. Due to the presence of Rahu in the fourth house and the aspect of Mars on it, there will be a lack of harmony in the house due to which you wouldn’t want to stay at home much. The health of some of your family members might deteriorate, or your parents might face health issues that will cause you stress. You will fail to fulfil some of the wishes of your family members despite your best effort, which will result in a lack of respect among the family members. There are chances of minor arguments with your siblings, but you will overcome them and improve your relationship with them. During this time, take special care of your parents’ health and don’t get into an argument with your family members.


Chant 'ॐ नमः शिवाय/'oṃ namaḥ śivāya' 108 times in a day. Donate milk and sugar to poor children. Observe a fast on Monday. Offer water and brown sugar on the Shivling. Don’t consume dairy products or drink milk before sleeping. Feed chapati to black stray dogs on Saturday. Place rose quartz crystals in your living room.

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