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Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope


This month will bring mixed results for Aquarius natives. This month is not very favorable in terms of career. It would be good to walk with caution. Do not do any work that is prone to defamation. There may be a change in job. Good times are likely to come after the transit of Mars on 2nd June. However, there will still not be a favourable period for business. There may be charges of tax evasion. After the Sun will change its zodiac sign on 15th June, the status of the businessmen will also improve. This is a good time for education. You will be truly inclined towards studying. There is the presence of three planets together in the house of knowledge, due to which there may be mild problems, but your concentration will remain good in your studies, which will bring good results. You will score well in your competitive exams. Those planning to go abroad may have to wait a little bit. Time is good for students pursuing higher education, you can achieve your goals. The position of the planets is not very favorable for the family life of Aquarius natives this month. There may be quarrels between family members. Try to stay away from them. Take the right steps to understand the matter with patience, otherwise the home environment is likely to get more tense. Your mother may behave irritable during this time, she may also face some health problems. In the latter part of the month, your relationships with your siblings may be affected. This is the perfect time for love affairs. Love for each other will increase between romantic couples. You will understand each other well, which will intensify your relationship. There will also be confrontations between the partners, however it will enhance the love in your relationship. This is also a very good time for married people. The transit of Jupiter in your horoscope is good for married life in every respect. This is the time which will bring progress in your spouse's life, which will further increase merriment in your life. From an economic perspective, this is a good time. Due to the aspect of three auspicious planets Mars, Mercury and Venus at the beginning of the month, there is a possibility of good income. However, the possibility of maintaining expenses with income is also visible. In the latter part of the month, there is a possibility of further increase in income due to the transit of the sun. There is a possibility of good benefits for those who do business. From the health point of view, this month will be moderate. There is a possibility of injury in your leg. There can also be problems in the eyes. Weather related diseases are also possible. Chest tightness may occur. Keep your routine balanced and take precautions related to the weather. Be cautious about the food you eat. At this time carelessness in eating and drinking can be harmful.


The month of June will not be proved great for Aquarius natives in terms of career. You need to be very cautious in your professional life. Ketu is positioned in the tenth house and is influenced by the Sun. And the tenth house signifies the act of Karma, business, fame, etc., this planetary position is not favorable in terms of career. Do not do anything that will damage your reputation. There are such yogas in your horoscope that these things may appear and impact your reputation. Do your work with great transparency and honesty. However, all these problems are more likely to happen in the beginning of the month. The freshers who are looking for new jobs or those who are willing to switch jobs will have a potent time. The transit of Mars will be in the sixth house on 2nd June, after which conditions are likely to change. The conditions of the employed people will be better. However, the conditions for business do not appear favorable even after the transit of Mars. In case of tax evasion, notice can be sent to you by the government. There is a need to work properly, very carefully. On June 15, the Sun will change its zodiac sign to Gemini, after which the conditions of the businessmen are also likely to improve.


This month is likely to be good for you in terms of money flow. This month you will not have to worry much about financial matters. Mars, Mercury and Venus, the aspect of these three planets is on your eleventh house of income and profit. As a result, income is expected to be good at the beginning of the month. There will be smoothness in the transactions from your regular source of income. Also, there may be addition in income from some new sources. However, expenses are also likely to remain high due to the presence of Saturn in the 12th house. Any contingency expenses may come up, which will be impossible to avoid. Income is likely to increase further in the second half of the month, when the Sun, king of the planets, will enter the fifth house and aspect the eleventh house of income. There may be an increase in the salary and allowances of the employed natives. Bonus or incentive can also be expected. This time is also good income for the employed people as well as the business people. There is a possibility of good profit in business. There will also be self-employment. Invest money wisely, do not spend on useless things.


This month will give mixed results from the health point of view for Aquarius people. There may be minor problems, but there is a less possibility of any serious ailment. You will be prone to injury, especially in the feet, so be careful. There can also be a problem in the eyes. If more troublesome, then consult the ophthalmologist, otherwise the problem may increase. You can suffer from weather related troubles, such as colds and colds. Also, some stiffness and congestion in the chest may occur. Take care of yourself and adopt the lifestyle according to the season. Take special care of your eating habits and include yoga and exercise, meditation in your lifestyle. This will help in staying healthy.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The month of June will be very good in terms of love life. Time will be good for loving couples. There will be confidence and understanding towards each other in the relationship, resulting in expansion of love. Your relationships will strengthen. Although there may be mild tensions, this is normal in love. There is always a rage between lovers. There will be ample opportunities to meet each other. You can go for a picnic at some romantic spot. You can also go to see movies etc. Also, you can go out for candle light dinners. Overall, the time is likely to be very enjoyable and drenched in love. This time is also likely to be very good for married natives of Aquarius. Jupiter has its aspect on your seventh house of marriage, spouse and partner, which is good for married life in every way. There will be a very good bond between the husband and wife. The attraction towards each other will increase. There is a strong possibility for the life partner to progress. This will bring optimism in your mind. You as well as your spouse will perform their duties very well and there will be no conflicts, so the married life will be a blissful one.

Family & Friends

This month will not be good from the point of view of family life. In the fourth house, there is the presence of the Sun, the king of the planets, and the shadow planet Rahu, and the second house has an aspect of Saturn. This situation is not good for family happiness. There is a possibility of dispute about something in the family. Bitterness can be increased among family members. It is better for you to stay away from mutual conflicts. Take any step after thorough understanding and judgement of the situation with a calm mind. Your mother's behavior may change. She may have irritability in her nature and may suffer from health related problems. Take good care of her. Your relationships with siblings in the latter half of the month may have a negative impact. This month you need to be careful and move wisely, otherwise the family environment can be deteriorated further.


Feed street dogs and worship Bhairav Baba religiously. Chant Rahu Mantra “ॐ भ्रां भ्रीं भ्रौं सः राहवे नमः/oṃ bhrāṃ bhrīṃ bhrauṃ saḥ rāhave namaḥ” or get it done by temple priests. Offer yellow lentils with basil and yellow cloth to lord Vishnu. Worship Lord Bhairav

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