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Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope


For people born in the Aquarius zodiac, the month will be full of ups & downs. You should take into consideration the surrounding circumstances to make the right decisions. The best thing is that the overall decision-making capability improves. Natives will make decisions only after evaluating the pros and cons of different situations and thus changing opinions takes time. You can make such decisions this month which will surprise people around them and this will be the specialty of individuals. People doing the job can face different kinds of troubles and the month indicates favorable results for people involved in different businesses. In their business, people will get proper success. There will reduced disruptions in the student’s education and the second half of the month will be favorable. For love relationships, the month is going to be moderate. At the start of the month, tensions will rise and there may be altercations in the relationship. In the latter half of the month, there are chances of increased love. The married life of unmarried people is going to be fine. Your life partner will face some kind of health troubles, but in the case of a good married life, natives won't feel any major trouble. Pay some attention to your health and natives planning to travel abroad might need to wait some time. Natives already settled abroad may get the chance to return to their country or home.


From a career point of view, this month will be filled with lots of ups and downs. Take some necessary precautions for the workplace and Mars, the lord of the tenth house being present with Rahu, will create Mars Rahu Angarak Dosha. They will be located in the second house of the horoscope. The natives need to keep hold of their talks as some bitter words can spoil your entire position in the work area. Avoid this situation, as much as possible, or else the native might face different kinds of problems. Your colleagues will behave favorably towards you and because of it, you can make a good position in the workplace. On 14 May, Sun enters the fourth house in Taurus, and then it aspects on the tenth house. This will result in improvement in the work condition. On 19 May, Venus also aspects the tenth house from the fourth house. The position & condition of both the planets will provide favorable results in the job. Natives need to continue with the right effort to make continuous improvements in their work. From the start of the month, conditions will be good for the businessmen. Saturn, which is also your zodiac lord, will be located in the first house & in its own sign and will have full vision in the seventh, third, & tenth house. New sources of income will be created in the business field and also experience progress in the respective fields. With the use of foreign mediums, there will be chances of progress in the business. If you’re involved in a business partnership, then the first half of the month will be weaker, and mutual ego conflicts can rise during this time. But in the latter half of the month, both will understand that they will take the business forward by working together.


If we talk about the economic condition of individuals, the start of the month will deliver favorable results for your economic life. There will be a high amount of blessings of the Sun god and through the government means make the right profits. There will be a high level of courage and bravery, and by taking risks in the business natives can get good economic benefits. The lord of your second and eleventh house, Jupiter will be present in the fourth house and also affects the eighth, tenth, and twelfth house. The planet will see different houses with a complete vision, and thus obtain good results from it, also the financial condition will remain quite stable. From the ancestral property, get all the necessary benefits and thus get the desirable support of the family members. It will help the natives financially in a big way. The Angarak Dosha in the second house will develop some troubles in wealth accumulation. Thus, take care of your money and turn to good investments.


From the health point of view, the month will deliver mixed results. At the start of the month, the lord of the zodiac keeps the health stable by positioning in the own zodiac, and leading a disciplined life will keep the health troubles in control. But, the location of Mercury in the second house will result in different kinds of eye troubles, toothache, and hair troubles. The problems should be taken seriously as they can result in different kinds of suffering. Other than that, there doesn’t appear to be big troubles for the natives and thus maintain the key eating habits to keep good health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

If we talk about a love relationship, the start of the month will be difficult. The lord of the fifth house, Mercury will be with Rahu & Mars in the second house, leading to different ups and downs in the relationship with the beloved partner. Your loved person can say some bitter things that may result in heartaches and will also make you distraught. The natives start wondering if they did the right thing by loving the person. This can deteriorate the entire situation and it is advisable to stay away from any debate. On 10 May, Mercury leaves the second house and enters the tenth house along with Venus. It will result in an increase in attachment with the beloved and there will be love within the partners. There will be a rise in romanticism and get all the success in the improvement of your relationship through the coincidence of a friend. Talking about married life, Saturn’s vision will be in the seventh for the entire month and thus the natives will remain honest in their relationships. All the effort will be from your heart to care for the life partner and also to pay attention to their words. The lord of the seventh house, Sun will be in the exalted position in the third house. It will result in ideological differences and ego fights between two people in the relationship. On 14 May, Sun enters the fourth house, which will result in a reduction of conflicts among the life partners. You will perform the responsibilities of your family sensibly & very well and the relationship will get favorable towards you. You need to take care of the partner’s health as the Angarak defect and Mangal Rahu in the seventh house will create different kinds of health troubles.

Family & Friends

The month will be filled with ups and downs, if we talk about family life. At the start of the month, the combination of Mars, Mercury, & Rahu in the second house will result in different kinds of arguments among the family members. There can be bitterness in your speech that can spoil your friendship. The best situation will be to have proper control over the speech and avoid any kind of bitter exchanges or bad words with your friends, only then the chances of success in the relationship improve. On 10 May, as you exit from the second house, there will be a good improvement in the overall situation. During this period, the siblings can get the desired success. The natives will progress in their fields, and their cooperation will remain with you, but also get love from the heart. Throughout the month, the presence of Jupiter in the fourth house can result in health trouble for parents and their blessing will lead to success in lives. On 14 May, Sun enters the fourth house and thus you’ll desire yourself to prove superior in the family and it is advisable to be safe from such situations.


Keep the belief in yourself and avoid making any kind of false promises to other people. On Saturday and during the Shukla Paksha, get a top-quality Sapphire Gem & set it on the Panchdhatu or Ashtadhatu ring, to wear it in the middle finger. Before wearing it, check the effects of the Blue Sapphire. On Tuesday, feed Jaggery and Black Sesame Laddus to monkeys. To keep yourself happy, regularly worship Shri Radha Krishna Ji.

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