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Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope


The assertive sign of Aquarius is the last air sign represented by a water bearer; this most humanitarian sign of the zodiac is governed by Saturn. They are strong-willed and make their own choices, a rebel at heart does not get persuaded by anyone. They are big thinkers and are fond of having me-time to reflect on their thoughts, ideas and plan their revolutionary actions. The freedom and independence of conviction are utmost important to them, they never appreciate any kind of boundations. They believe in camaraderie therefore they enjoy participating in group activities and are happy doing teamwork. They are amiable but disengaged, and have a sharp-eyed who calmly observes their surroundings and draws meaning out of every spoken and unsaid words. They have an inclination towards society and its welfare. They are magnanimous contributors and will never hesitate to share their things with others. In a relationship, they desire an intellectual conversation and friendship with their partners. They enjoy recognition and prefer being cynosure, their sentiments are hurt if their aspirations for attention face a setback. The professional life will be blooming during March 2021 for these easy-going natives. You will have a good time in your career as you will be quite passionate about bringing innovations in your work life and place. You will be able to build goodwill in your respective industry or area of working. The students may face some complications with their learning and have anxiety for achieving good results however they will be able to cope up with their subjects well eventually by the end of the month. Your family life may not be a very happy one but you may make travel plans with your family. You may have a tense atmosphere at your home which will disturb your peace. The lovers will have a romantic time in their relationship and will be on the moving front which may conclude to tying knots. The couples will have warmth and love in their connection and will understand each other well so this March is fulfilling for your love life. The finances may not be on the move but hope for the best in near future. The health may need your observation in the starting of the month and will draw pennies out of your pocket.


The career prospects of Aquarius natives will be good during the month of March. Your tenth house lord is in your fourth house with Rahu which implies that you will be dynamic and will think out of the box to launch new methods and techniques in your professional life. The property leaders, real estate agents and natives heading their family business will be successful during this period. Those in the hospitality industry and in medical services will also have favourable time. Your sixth house lord moon will be transiting through all the signs bringing a versatile approach in your working. Those who are on jobs need to be cautious during this period as your slightest mistake may become a casualty since you will be facing tough competition from your colleagues during this month. Those who are planning to change their jobs should wait as they may not find desirable opportunities and there may be some hidden clauses in the proposals received during this time. Your Ketu is in the tenth house, which may give you some work-related travel. You should keep a nontraditional perception in your professional life as this will be fruitful during this month and may earn beneficial results from the same.


Aquarius natives may not have a rocking economic life during the month of March. Your eleventh and second house lord Jupiter will be in your twelfth house with Saturn which implies that your expenditure will be higher than your earnings during this time. Your ninth house lord will be in the first house which will bestow you with luck and favours during the month of March. You may gain from the property or purchase an asset in this month. Your expected gains will take time and you will have to wait in order to get fruitful results from your hard work. The business professionals who are dealing with overseas clients will have a better month however you will make investments for expansion of your business in this period. Those who have a partnership firm will have a favourable month as you will get good clients and eventually good business moving ahead. This month will be full of investments and spendings which will bring results later during the following months, therefore, you will have to be patient and wait for best outcomes for your today’s efforts since they will bring enhancement in your income in the upcoming months.


The Aquarians will be with weaker disposition during this month of March especially during the starting of the month. Your ascendant lord will be in the twelfth house making you fragile with the eight house lord Mercury which may bring some illness related to your nervous system. You may feel drained out and have frequent pains in your body especially in your legs and feet. You may also have some indigestion issues during the initial days of this month. Your illness will demand professional attention and treatment therefore you will have to spend on specialists in order to cure yourself. You should try to sit in nature as much as possible in order to keep yourself relaxed. Also, follow a good exercise routine to yourself fit. The latter half of the month will comparatively be better and your health will improve if you were ill in the past weeks. Those you have diabetic history should be cautious and keep yourself on a strict diet throughout the month.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The love life of Aquarius natives will be moderate during this month, Your fifth house lord Mercury be in the twelfth house during the beginning of the March which shows that you may some a temporary separation with your partner during this time, this could be because of your travel plans. Mercury will be positioned in your first house during the rest of the month which will bring happiness in your bond and those who were facing complications in your bond will have a better time. Your understanding with your partner will improve and warmth in your relationship will be revived. The singles will have a favourable time to find their special one during this time. Those in deep relation will take it to the next level by planning to get hitched to your dear one during the third week of this month. Married couples will have a lucky month. Your seventh house lord Sun will be with your ninth house lord Venus in your first house till the mid of March. You may go on a trip with your spouse during this period. You will have plenty of moments to spend together and make new lovable memories. The strength of your bond will improve and intimacy will grow stronger.

Family & Friends

The family life may not be very smooth for water bearers during the month on March and may face some ups and downs. Your second house lord Jupiter will be in the twelfth house with its lord which implies that you will make travel plans with your family and may go out for a long vacation. Your fourth house lord Venus will be in the first house for the first three weeks of March which makes a very good yoga and will give you happiness. You will have cherishing moments with the members will spend good time with them. Your fourth house is occupied by two malefics Mars and Rahu which implies that you may have some confrontations with the members or there may be some unpeaceful atmosphere at home. Your mother may go through some illness during this time. You will keep your spirits uplifted and will try to maintain utmost peace and comfort at your place however some difference of opinion between the members will impair the ambience at home. You will share a good and healthy bond with your friends and will plan to get together with them during this month. You may also go out on a long leisure trip with your amigos.


Recite Vishnu Sahasranam. Plant a tree in your garden or in a park. Offer boondi laddu to Lord Ganesha on Wednesdays. Recite Hanuman Chalisa especially on Saturdays. Donate black gram pulse to servants on Saturdays. Light a mustard oil lamp in front of Lord Shani on Saturday.

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