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Monthly Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope


January 2022 will bring mixed fruits for the Capricorn natives. Saturn will make you work hard at the workplace but the grace of Mercury will allow you to go abroad and this trip will help you attain success in your career. You will need to work on your image the most at the workplace during this time. Many natives will leave an impact on others with their influential speech and earn an increase in their salary. But, if you are associated with business then this time will be favourable for you. You will earn good profit while expanding your business which will help you get rid of all your financial problems. This month will be less favourable for the Capricorn students. Your bad company will distract you from your studies, and you will be unable to focus on your work. In this situation, change your company and take the help of your family members or elders if needed. Only then will you be able to perform well in your studies. You will attain mixed results in your family life as well. The presence of Mars and Ketu in your horoscope might give a former disorder to your mother. Due to this, the family environment will be disrupted, and your mental stress will increase. So, take care of her and take the help of your siblings to establish a peaceful environment at home. This period will be unfavourable for the Capricorn lovers. The negative presence of Rahu, Ketu, and Mars in your sign will become a reason for the bitter argument between you and your beloved. Due to this, you could even stop talking to each other. Try to avoid doing so, or an outsider might take advantage of your differences. As for the married natives, there will be busyness in the relationship with your spouse. Your responsibilities towards your family and the workload at the workplace won't let you spare time for each other. This period will increase the income and expenses of the Capricorn natives alike. You are advised to control your expenses. Try to save money instead of wasting it. Apart from this, luck will favour you in business, and you will earn good profit while expanding it. Avoid investing this profit at the behest of someone else and invest this money in a less risky investment according to a proper plan. The month will be average from a health’s perspective. During this time, the position Mars, Ketu, and Venus will give you minor health issues, like eye disorders or blood-related problems.


The Capricorn natives will have to work hard at the workplace this month, especially the working employees. Due to the presence of the lord of the tenth house, Venus, in the twelfth house, some natives might even get the opportunity to go abroad for work. You will be able to attain success only through rigorous hard work and efforts. For this, you will have to maintain a good relationship with your boss and seniors, or else, your troubles at the workplace will increase. Apart from this, the influence of many auspicious planets will bring attraction to your speech, through which you will be able to leave an impact on people and complete all your work. This month will be favourable for the Capricorn businessmen, but despite this, you will have to work hard during this time. Only by doing so, will you attain good results while expanding your business. This will help you get rid of your former financial issues, and you will implement all your plans successfully. The natives running a business in partnership will be able to improve the relationship with their partner, and this intimacy will help you attain success. After this, you both might decide to experiment with something new in the business.


On the financial front, the presence of Sun and Venus in your twelfth house and Mars in the same house in the second half of the month will escalate your expenses. But the presence of Mars in the eleventh house with Ketu will also increase your income. Try not to spend money to brag and take the advice of the elder family members to save money. The natives associated with a business will also earn good profit during this time. This will help you get rid of your former financial problems and strengthen your condition. However, some natives might take loans or debt for business expansion or their personal needs. But take the advice from an elder or expert before doing so.


The month will be average for the Capricorn natives from a health’s perspective. You will not be bothered by any major illness, but you might suffer from minor health issues occasionally. This month, due to the presence of Mars and Ketu in your eleventh house and Venus and Sun together in your twelfth house, you might incur eye-related or blood-related problems. So, be careful and avoid going to polluted or dusted places. Along with this, you are advised to consume fresh green leafy vegetables.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This month will not give very good results for the Capricorn natives in love related matters. Capricorn lovers will especially suffer during this time. The presence of Rahu in a negative position in the fifth house of your horoscope along with Mars and Ketu in your eleventh house will give you negative results straight away. Due to this, you might get into a bitter argument with your beloved and it might increase to an extent of a breakup. Therefore, you need to move ahead carefully this month. Partners of some natives might suffer from health issues which will create a difference between them. Try to take care of your beloved this month and avoid getting into any conflict with them. The married Capricorn natives will get mixed results this month. Due to the aspect of Saturn and Mercury in your seventh house, the burden of duties and the eagerness of fulfilling their responsibilities might create differences among the spouses. Along with this, the change of signs of Mars on the 14th will bring ups and downs in your marital life which will ignite a feeling of arrogance in you and you might get into a minor argument with your spouse.

Family & Friends

This month will bring mixed results for the Capricorn natives. The presence of the lord of the fourth house, Mars, in the eleventh house with Shadow planet Ketu might give health-related problems to your mother which will make you mentally stressed. In this situation, take care of them as much as possible and consult a good doctor when needed. But the presence of Jupiter in your second house this month will help in maintaining harmony in the house. Due to this, you will be successful in handling unfavourable conditions in the house with your intelligence. This will earn you the support of your siblings, and they will help you financially in completing some of your work.


Offer milk and sugar to Goddess Parvati on Friday. On Saturday, light an oil lamp in front of Lord Shani after sunset. Recite Shani Stotram. Donate green bangles or clothes to young married girls. Mix a spoonful of salt into a glass of water. Keep this water on your bedside while sleeping, and change this water every night before going to bed.

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