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Monthly Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope


This month is likely to bring mixed results for the Capricorns in all the spheres of their life. This time period can bring some ups and downs in their career. Success is possible only through hard work. After 22 June, the time will be favourable, there will be an advancement in your career if you try for the same. There is also the hope of getting a promotion. Time is also a good period for those who are into business. This is a time of growth in business. It can help you to expand the business through contacts. This time is not very favorable from the point of view of education. The presence of Sun and Rahu in the house of knowledge is creating challenging situations for the students. General students may suffer due to the lack of concentration. But success in a competitive exam is possible. Students striving for higher education will benefit from the hard work. Those planning to go abroad may have to wait for now. Transit of Jupiter is good for your family life this month. There will be peace and happiness in the family. Any auspicious work can be done in the family, such as the marriage of someone in the house or having a child. But the transit of Mars can also cause some stress in your family life. There is a possibility of a dispute over the property, although relations with siblings will remain good and they can also benefit you. Health problems are possible for your mother This time is difficult for love affairs. The conjunction of Sun and Rahu in your Kundli is going to hurt the feelings of love. After the 15th of June, the sun will change its zodiac sign, which is expected to improve some conditions, till then it is necessary to be patient. Time is also not good for married people. The position of Saturn and Mars is going to increase the challenges in their married life. Your spouse may suffer from health issues. From an economic perspective, this time may not prove to be very good, but there will not be any major problems. The transit of Jupiter in your horoscope is such that even if your income is normal, you will be able to save money through hard work and personal efforts. This time is going to give good results in terms of investment. You will get mixed results on the health front this month. Beginning of the month will be weak. Due to transit of Mars, Sun and Rahu, problems related to the stomach can be troublesome. Take precautions and the right medication. The latter half of the month will be relatively fine. Women may have some menstrual problems.


The career of Capricorns will bring mixed results during this month of June. This month the condition and direction of your career will be determined by your efforts. For you this saying fits perfectly that the more jaggery you add, the sweeter it will be. You need to work harder for success. There may be some challenges in the first half of the month, but you will get better results in the latter half of the month. From 22nd June your planets will change and your chances of success will be better than before. The natives who are in jobs are likely to get the result of their hard work and loyalty as promotions. The situation will be better in the workplace. Time is also good for business. Business is expected to go smoothly. It is time to grow the business. You can benefit from your contacts in expanding your business, so do not miss out on using contacts.


From an economic perspective, this month will be good for the natives of Capricorn. There will be no problem in your income. Or you can say that your expenses will be less than your income. Actually, the Sun is looking at your eleventh house for income and profit, Shadow planet Rahu is also looking at this house. From the income point of view, this situation is normal. But the presence of Jupiter in the second house, which is also considered to be a house of wealth is auspicious. This indicates that you will be able to save money with your hard work and efforts. This is a good time to invest, you can benefit from investing in future projects. And if you have already invested somewhere, then you can get the benefit of the same during this time.


The month of June is expected to be health-friendly for Capricorn people. The beginning of this month may be weak from the health perspective. Mars is present in the sixth house of diseases, enemies and debt. Due to this transit of Mars, you can be troubled by some diseases. Sun and Rahu are situated in your fifth house, due to which you may have to struggle with stomach problems. There may be abdominal pain. Also, there may be problems associated with the digestive system. You can be troubled by problems like indigestion. Your health condition is likely to improve in the latter part of the month. Although women may have some problems related to menstruation. Health needs to be taken care of properly during this month.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This month can prove to bring a lot of challenges and problems for loving couples. Sun is positioned in the fifth house and is in conjunction with Rahu. This pairing of both planets can increase the troubles between couples, destroying the tender feelings of love. The relationship between loving couples can go hayway. There can be bitterness in mutual relations. There can be an intense dispute over something, which can lead to a break-up situation. If the relationship is to be saved, it is important to be patient for some time. In the middle of the month i.e. on 15th June, the Sun's zodiac sign will change and it will enter Gemini. Conditions are likely to improve after that. The understanding will begin to recover and the relationship will come back on track. At the same time, this period is expected to bring mixed results for married people. Saturn is aspecting the seventh house and on 2 June, the commander of the planet Mars will enter the seventh house. As a result of this combination, there may be challenges in married life. You may face differences with your spouse. There may be a decrease in mutual cohesion. Also, your spouse may suffer from some health problems, so take care of them.

Family & Friends

June is going to be great for you in terms of family life. The lord of sages, Jupiter will be positioned in your second house. This is a very good sign for family happiness. There will be peace and happiness in the family. There will be a feeling of mutual harmony and cooperation. There can be any auspicious work in the house, which will increase the merriment of your house. A new person may arrive. In other words, someone in the family can get married or someone may have a child in the house. This will create an atmosphere of happiness in the home. Time will be very good. There may be a slight change in these situations, when Mars, the lord of the fourth house, will go into the sixth house. There may be a dispute over a property. There may be little bitterness in the family and the atmosphere can be a bit tense, but situations are expected to be under control. Your relations with your brothers and sisters will remain good and you may get some benefits from them. Your mother may face some health disorder, you are advised to take proper care of her.


Worship Lord Ganesha and offer him Dhruva. Throw black lentils in the water. Worship Goddess Kali. Recite the Sunderkand Path.

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