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Monthly Libra Horoscope

Libra Monthly Horoscope


The month of September will have the mixed results in store for you. Overall speaking, it can be said that you will need to remain at the receiving end of either extremely favourable results oor extremely negative results. Professional life will turn out to be profitable. Sources of earning money will increase and your business ventures will gain momentum. Domestic life is expected to remain prosperous, but it is advised to avoid the interference of third person. Your rivals will try their level best to bring chaos to your domestic life. Your income will remain static at your expenses mean free slightly. You will tend to spend more on luxurious items. Love relations my face blows. You will have to make the necessary attempt to make your love life drive. Conjugal life will be easy going. With regards to your health you will face no such problematic situations.


With regards to your professional life, the month of September is expected to remain favourable. Saturn in your fourth house will be aspecting your tenth house all throughout this month. This planetary alignment will be quite positive for your career as it will bring improvements to your professional life, thereby working hard with diligence. Your efficiency will help you earn praises from everyone around. Do not give up on your hard work as it is the only way to climb the ladder of success. During the second half of the month, you will come across a more favourable outcome. On the 15th of September, Jupiter in a retrograde motion will enter your fourth house and get conjuncted with Saturn. Both of these planets will affect the tenth house, the house of your profession. This will bring more positivity to your professional arena. You will be seen focusing on your work. Your reputation and stature will also increase. Business professionals will stumble upon new sources of earning money. The initial half of the month will turn out to be more favourable as compared to the latter. If your source of income has some foreign connections, then the second half may also bring some problems for you. Try to accomplish your tasks before the given deadlines.


From the economic point of view, the month of September is expected to remain positive. Both Sun and Mars are present in your eleventh house and Jupiter is aspecting the very same house. Consequently, sources of your income will increase. You will stumble upon more than one source of earning money. On account of your hard work and efforts, you will be able to lay your hands on new sources of earning money. You will also acquire the support of the government in the same. If your trade venture has public connections, then the first half of the month will turn out to be specifically favourable. Due to the aspection of Jupiter, you will be on the right path of life. Both Mercury and Venus are present in your house of expenses, because of which an increase in your expenditures can be predicted. Avoid buying those things which are unnecessary for your survival. However, during the first week of September, the planet Venus will change zodiac signs and enter your ascendant or Lagna. On the 22nd of September, the planet Mercury will also move into your ascendant house because of which your expenditures may gradually decrease.


Talking from the health point of view, the month of September will give mixed results. The first half will be relatively good. In the latter, Sun and Mars and Mercury will be in the three tenth house and they will be aspecting the house representing diseases. Along with this, retrograde Jupiter and Saturn will be in the fourth house. Rahu is sitting in the eighth house. Overall, it can be a problem for your health. Although Venus will be sitting in its own zodiac, it will offer some protection. The fifth aspection of Jupiter will remain on the eighth house, then the wrath of Rahu will remain under control. So there will be some health problems, but not too many. There may be problems related to bile or stomach. You may also suffer from acidity, gas, indigestion etc. Take care of your diet. Also, it is necessary to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

With regards to your love life, the month of September is expected to be full of ups and downs. The fifth house of your sign is under the occupancy of Jupiter, which is quite a favourable position for love related matters. But it should also be noted that the Sun and the Mars are aspecting the fifth house. Due to the influence of Jupiter, there will be some kind of pleasantness in your relationship. Mutual compatibility will increase but both Sun and Mars can induce five between the two of you. But the influence of Jupiter will help you to sail through the difficulties. Try to remain a bit careful especially after the 15th of September because Jupiter will be changing signs then. But at the same time, Mars and the Sun will also change zodiac signs. Gradually, their influence on your fifth house will decrease and situations will return back to normal. If you wish to get married to the love of your life, then the latter half of the month is quite favourable to go ahead with it. If we talk about marital relationships, then the month will begin on a good note. You will acquire the full-fledged support of your life partner. During the second half of the month, some problems can surround your conjugal life. Doubts and misunderstandings can seep into your relationship. Consequently ego clashes may occur. Life partners' health may also remain in low spirits. Try to take care of all of these things to make your conjugal life blissful and happy.

Family & Friends

You will have to remain a little sensitive about your domestic life during September 2021. You will finally acknowledge your responsibilities towards your family. On account of your busy work schedule, you may have to stay away from your home because of which your family members may remain upset with you. Despite this, your domestic environment is expected to remain peaceful and satisfactory. The second house of your sign is under the occupancy of Ketu, because of which there might be some clashes taking place between family members. Try to sort out the differences before they turn out to be ugly spats. Always remember communication is the key, which is why you should keep communicating with your family members to avoid the differences. You will be able to establish a strong bond with your siblings. You may also earn some profit because of them. However, do not forget to take care of your mother's health.


Worship Lord Vishnu every day and if possible, recite the Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra. Chant 'Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya' as much as possible. Go to the temple to pay obeisance. Seek the blessings of the elders. Light a Diya with Ghee at home and recite Durga Chalisa.

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