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Monthly Libra Horoscope

Libra Monthly Horoscope


This month is likely to be good for zodiac sign Libra, apart from health and family life. This is a good time for a career. Keep evaluating yourself from time to time. There are good possibilities for transfer at the beginning of the month. You can get success in changing jobs during this month. Also, the conditions are likely to remain good in business. There are chances of getting success. The planetary combinations indicate an increase in business. This is a good time in the field of education. The transit of Jupiter indicates an increase in education. An innate desire to acquire knowledge will arise in the mind. This is the time for students aspiring for higher education. There is a possibility of getting admission in a foreign educational institution. This is a difficult time for the students preparing for the competitive exams. It is necessary to work hard for success. Due to the position of Ketu and the influence of Rahu and Sun on the same, family happiness may decrease this month. Saturn's transit can also cause fluctuations in family life. There is a possibility of increasing distance from the family. In the beginning of the month, due to the sight of Mars on the mother's house, the mother and father may suffer health-related problems. You will get love and care from your siblings. You are also likely to get their support in your work. This time is favorable for love affairs as a result of the transit of Jupiter. Loyalty to each other will increase in loving couples. Your relationship will also grow stronger and mature. Also, love will increase in your relationship. The beginning of the month will be good for married people. There is a possibility of going somewhere together. There may be some contradictions with the spouse after that, but there won't be many tussles. Their cooperation will continue in your work. From an economic perspective, this is a good time. The transit of Jupiter will bring fortune and profits, chances of economic gains are also bright. You will be free from the financial stress this month. The expenditure will not be too high, but there will be an increase in income. You can expect some good returns from the business. Also, your past investment and hard work will give you good profits. You can get some of your forgotten or lost money back during this period. This month is looking a bit unfavorable for health. Rahu's transit is capable of causing health issues. It is very important to take special care of health. Also, you should be vigilant on the road. In the latter part of the month, there is a possibility of a slight improvement in the situation due to the transit of the Sun.


This month is likely to be good for the people of Libra zodiac in terms of career. The career train will remain on track. However, from time to time you will have to keep testing your career i.e. you will need to keep evaluating your efforts so that you know whether you are going in the right direction and then according to that, decide your strategy. This time is very good for those who are employed. At the beginning of the month, there is a possibility of transfer. There can also be a change in job and this change is likely to be good for you. This is also a favourable time for people who are into business. Conditions in business will be favorable. You will be busy in your work if you work religiously, then success will not be away from you. There are also chances of expansion in business. You can take your business forward or start a new project.


As per the planetary combinations, this month will be relaxed at the economic front for Libra natives. Financially, this time is good. There is Jupiter’s aspect on your ninth and eleventh house, which is said to be the house of fate and income and profit respectively. This is an auspicious situation, due to this, there is a possibility of economic progress. While income from regular sources will be good, there is also a possibility of some new sources of income. Those who are employed are likely to get a boost with salary increases. Income is likely to increase due to job changes. Allowances may increase, bonus or incentive can also be found for excellent work. The occupants of the business also have a good chance of economic gain. The business will do well, which will increase income. Any investment made earlier is also expected to generate good income. Any stuck up money can also be returned. You can get success in saving.


This month does not look good for the health of the Librans. Especially the first half of the month looks troublesome. You will be prone to accidents, also there is a risk on life due to the inauspicious planet Rahu and the Sun in the eighth house of uncertainties. This planetary position is not good from the health point of view. You may have to deal with health problems. Health needs to be taken seriously. Special care needs to be taken while walking on the road or while driving. There may be some improvement in the conditions in the latter part of the month, when the Sun will enter your ninth house on 15th June.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The love life of Libra zodiac is expected to be good this month. The presence of Jupiter in the fifth house is perfect for love affairs. The loyalty will increase in the relationship of loving couples. Also, your relationship will grow stronger and more mature. The attraction towards each other will increase, the relationship will gain strength. There will be good opportunities to meet each other. You can go for a walk together. Also, you may go out for a movie. ade. Overall, you will spend sweet time with each other. There will be joy in life. Time is also good for married people. The beginning of the month will be very good. There will be sweetness in the relationship between husband and wife. Love will also grow. A trip to any romantic place can be planned. After that, there can be a decrease in coordination between the husband and wife. There may be differences between the two, but the situation will remain under control. If you get full support from your spouse in work, then the ship of married life will continue to sail properly.

Family & Friends

The month of June will not be special in terms of family happiness, for Libra natives. In the second house, which is considered to be the spirit of the family, the shadow planet Ketu is positioned and they are in mutual aspect with Rahu and the Sun, the planetary planet. Additionally, there is the presence of Saturn in the fourth house of motherhood and happiness. This state of planetary transit will bring ups and downs in family life during this month. There may be a situation of discomfort in the family environment. You might face some distance from your family. You may have to move away from home due to any work or other reasons. From 2nd June, Mars will aspect your fourth house, your parents may face some problems related to health during this period. If there is already a problem, it may increase. Take better care of your parents. Yes, in terms of siblings, this time would be fine. You will get their love, care and concern. You will also get full support from them in your work.


Worship Lord Ganesha every day. Reciting Ganesh Atharvashirsha will be beneficial. Keep some portion of your food for cows, dogs and crows. Use fragrances like deodorants, perfumes or the natural ones.

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