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Monthly Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope


December will bring mixed results for the Capricorn natives. There will be no major problem regarding health, yet you will feel off-balance. You will feel less elated as a lot of things will demand your attention, so, in all, it will be an average month for you. You will think deeply and reach important conclusions which will pave way for the future. You will also try to help someone. Read the horoscope in detail to know what the month of December has in store for you in terms of family life, career, health, love and married life, etc.


The month will be favourable in terms of career, but you will be unable to work wholeheartedly. You will realise that your work environment is not appropriate for you or you are not getting the results you expected. This thinking will take your mind off your work and create some problems in your job, but it will only be a matter of your mind. There will not be any problem regarding your job this month if you keep working wholeheartedly. If you have applied for another job, then you might get selected for it this month. This new job will not be far away. You have to avoid laziness as it can harm you this month, and your important work might get delayed, which can put you in trouble. If you are a businessman then Saturn’s aspect on the seventh house will make you a hard worker. You will keep visionary thinking for your business and take some important decisions which will benefit you in the future. Apart from this, Jupiter is present in the third house and is aspecting the seventh house with the fifth aspect. This will help in the growth of your business and establish contacts with some important people that will be profitable for you. Your thinking and understanding ability will be most commendable during this period which will grow your business more every day and give you a sense of satisfaction. You may need to invest capital for business in the second half of the month.


Financially, this month will be full of ups and downs. Due to the conjunction of the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in the eleventh house at the beginning of the month and Mars and Jupiter’s aspect on it, the financial condition will be favourable. There will be a tremendous increase in your income, which will make your financial condition strong. However, with Mercury entering the twelfth house on the 3rd and Venus on the 5th, your expenses will increase, and your income will decrease. After this, when the Sun too will enter the twelfth house on the 16th, your expenses will skyrocket, making our income appear lesser in front of the expenditure. You are advised to be careful with money to maintain a decent financial status. Although the good part is that none of your work regarding money will stop, but you will not be able to save money. It will be better to invest money to reap the benefits in the future.


This month can be difficult health-wise for the Capricorn natives. The beginning of the month will be good, and the ruling lord of your sign, Saturn, present in your sign will strengthen your health, but Mars present in a retrograde state in the fifth house can give stomach related problems and can cause burning or heat in the stomach, leading to mouth ulcers and upset stomach. The presence of Venus, Mercury, and Sun in the twelfth house can negatively affect your health. An imbalanced diet may also lead to some illnesses. Apart from this, excessive partying, staying up late, not drinking enough water, and not eating on time can also take a form of a disease. So you should take care of yourself to lead a healthy life.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The presence of Mars in the fifth house in a retrograde state will bring the stressful situation in the love-related matters of Capricorn natives. But the aspect of Venus and Mercury on the fifth house will increase love and romance in your relationship. You will do anything to spend time together, and your love will reach greater heights. However, due to the departure of Mercury and Venus in the twelfth house, there can be clashes of ego and disagreement among the partners. This may lead to a break-up, so be careful. After the Sun’s departure in the twelfth house, Mars will be along in the fifth house which will bring depth in your relationship but you will have to face anger from your beloved too. You are advised to stay calm for the relationship to work. Saturn will have full aspect on your seventh house, and Jupiter will have full aspect on your seventh house, due to which there will be lightness in married life, but you and your life partner will have a sense of responsibility towards each other. Both of you will spend your life with discipline and actively participate in family events. There may be stress regarding children. If your child wants to go somewhere for studies then they might succeed during this month.

Family & Friends

The family life of the natives will be better than usual as the lord of the second house, Saturn, will be present in the first house, and no planet will have an aspect on the second house. Due to this, all your family members will cooperate with you and help you during the time of need, and you will feel good around them. The presence of Rahu in the fourth house will bring stress to the family life. There may also be some unnecessary expenses which will be on family activities. You may be worried about some family matters. You will be so busy with your work that you will be unable to spare time for your family, and they will complain about that to you. Jupiter will be present in the third house in its own sign and create favourable conditions for your siblings and strengthen your bond. You may go on a trip or a pilgrimage with them.


On Saturday, light a mustard oil lamp under the Peepal tree in the evening and take seven rounds around the Peepal tree. On Saturday, offer flour to the ants and feed to the fish. On Tuesday, distribute Prasad of jaggery and gram among small children. On Wednesday, gift green bangles to your sister.

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