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Monthly Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope


The month of July can be expected to be better than average for the Capricorns. From a professional perspective, time will bring in expected success. Especially, the first half of the month is expected to be beneficial in business as well as in increasing respect. In the first half of the month, there may be promotions or increments for the employed. Any kind of award etc. can also be found. The latter requires little vigilance and intelligence. Time will also bring success for students. You will take interest in your studies. Memory power will be good. You can get success in competitive exams. Talking about family happiness, this month is going to be very good. There will be peace and serenity in the family. Relationships with family members will not lack harmony. Everyone will cooperate and all work will be done with the help of mutual support. This month is going to be full of sweetness even if you ignore a few days for love affairs. Interaction with the beloved will increase. Increased understanding will also lead to closeness. There will be both sour and sweet experiences in the relationship for married natives, but life partner will also get support. The first half of the month is going to be very favorable from an economic perspective. There will be money flowing in from many sources of income. There will also be accumulation of wealth. Caution is required in the latter half of the month. Try to avoid the wrong paths of money acquisition. Overall speaking, the time is going to be favourable for health.


From the perspective of work and career, the month of July can be expected to be good. This is the time to acquire success by working hard. You will get the full fledged results of your hard work. Therefore do not distance yourself from it, but make it a prerogative to achieve all the comforts of life through hard work. Venus, the lord of the tenth house, is sitting in the seventh house. This is a very auspicious position for your professional life. The first half of the month will be especially beneficial to employed people. Respect can be increased at the workplace. There may be some kind of award or there may be a discussion on promotion or increment in the job. For those who are looking for a job, the first half of the month can be successful. But the second half of the month is not going to be as enjoyable. On the 17th, the planet Venus is changing zodiac signs and they will reach the eighth house. Similarly, on 20th, Mars will also transit in the eighth house. This can cause fluctuations in professional life. Your opponents may try to dominate you and Can cause problems for you. The obstacles created by them can upset you greatly, so be patient.


If looked at from an economic perspective, the month of July will prove to be a success with ups and downs. The first half may be more profitable. Mercury and Rahu are present in the fifth house and Jupiter is seated in the second house. It is also being aspected by Mars. All these situations are very good from the economic point of view. These are favorable conditions for resources acquisition and motivate for wealth accumulation. New sources of wealth may become open for you. There will also be a lot of income from certain old sources. There is a possibility of loss of money before Mars enters the eighth house on the 20th. Later on, it is possible to acquire money through unwanted methods. Proposals to increase income through unjust means may be offered. Decide carefully as the wrong ways and methods can ultimately cause problems at any time.


From the health point of view, this month's time is going to be a little cautious. There is a presence of Venus and Mars in the seventh house and also Saturn's influence on it. Women are prone to menstrual problems and men are prone to blood pressure related problems.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

For the people who are in love relationship, the month of July is going to be very enjoyable with sour and sweet experiences gracing you at the same time. As a result of Mercury and Rahu's presence in the fifth house, there will be a lot of harmony in the love relationship. Dialogue and communication with beloved will be very good. Mutual understanding will develop. It is possible to intensify the relationship by understanding and knowing each other. But Mercury will change its zodiac sign on the 7th and exit the sixth house. This may cause some bitterness in mutual relations. There can be a misunderstanding regarding something. There may be attempts by a third person to increase the misunderstandings. There is a possibility of fights and clashes increasing, so be patient with your sweetheart. Misunderstandings can be aggravated by talking excitedly or by trusting elsewhere. Relationships may fall apart. It is a matter of few days, so it is better to show some harmony and understanding. Mercury will change its zodiac sign on the 25th and it will move into the seventh house. This will help improve the love relationship. The month of July can be sour and sweet for married people. The presence of Mars and Venus in the seventh house and the aspection of Saturn on it can be full of ups and downs for married natives. The argument about something can reach a growing controversy, so introduce a little patience and a little prudence on your part. You can also plan to go somewhere with your spouse. There will be attraction towards each other even in the midst of disputes. You can make time more enjoyable by bringing sweetness in practice.

Family & Friends

The month of July can be very enjoyable from the point of view of family life and happiness. Time is very favorable for the happiness of family. Jupiter is seated in the second house. The presence of Jupiter will bring harmony in the relationship with the family members. Intimacy will increase. There will be a lot of love, affection and cooperation among the people of the house. A guest can also arrive in the family. Any good news related to the child side can grace you. Brothers and sisters will get full support and affection. A good amount of profit is expected to flow in because of them. The family's full support will be seen in all of your works. You can be very emotional when it comes to your children. There will be full support from parents. You may meet an old friend or relative after a long time. Overall speaking, you will spend quite a joyous time together with your kinsmen.


Every day, recite Lord Ganesha's Sri Ganapati Atharvashirsha and offer him Durvanakur. Chant Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra. Sesame seeds, Urad Dal, buffalo, iron, oil, black clothes and shoes should be donated. Feed bread to crows daily.

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