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Monthly Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope


Capricorn is an earthy and moving sign and is owned by Saturn. Natives born under this sign may be more committed and disciplined in their approach. These natives may always be alcoholic in their approach and willing to complete tasks on time. Natives born under this sign are more creative in their approach and will have more interest in traveling etc. These natives are able to shine well abroad. During this month, the natives belonging to the Capricorn zodiac sign will be having mixed results as Jupiter, Rahu is in the fourth house. Saturn will be placed in the second house as the first and second house lord. Venus as the fifth and tenth house lord occupies the eighth house during this month. Mercury occupies the tenth house as the sixth and ninth house lord from 19th October 2023. Mars as the fourth and eleventh house lord and as the energy planet occupies the tenth house from 3rd October 2023. Due to the planetary positions of Saturn-there may be a reduction of money flow and also the expansion planet, Jupiter this month is placed in the fourth house as the third house lord and so the scope for more savings may not be possible easily and instead expenses in a unwanted manner need to be spent for the house. There could also be chances that natives might be facing loss of money while traveling due to the presence of Jupiter in the fourth house. These natives need to be careful with respect to their belongings in their house being lost or stolen. Comforts might get reduced for these natives. Rahu's placement in the fourth house could increase their family's expenses, which could lead to a reduction in comfort. These natives must pay their mother growing amounts for medical bills, that might worry them. This month, these people could have feelings of insecurity regarding their future. The presence of Saturn in the second house during retrogression could help the natives become more aware of how they make money while also placing some limitations on their ability to make more. Rahu's placement in the fourth house signifies digestive issues and a propensity to skip meals. Due to Ketu's placement in the tenth house, these natives are possibly more interested in traveling for spiritual purposes and might be more inclined to do so. These natives could become less inclined to materialistic pursuits due to Ketu's placement in the tenth house. Read the horoscope in detail to know how this month of October will be for your life and how you will get results in the fields of family, career, health, love, etc.


The Monthly Horoscope for October 2023 reveals that the natives may be getting mixed results that are both good and bad. Saturn will be in the second house and Ketu will be in the tenth house. Saturn will be in the second house and this denotes the last two and half years of Sade Sati. Presence of Ketu in the tenth house may enable these natives to be more logical in doing work. Natives may also get opportunities abroad with respect to career and this will be possible due to the presence of Jupiter as the third house planet in the fourth house. Rahu and Ketu will move to the third and ninth houses, respectively, towards the end of this month, which could result in positive career outcomes. Natives may have excellent career-related opportunities to travel overseas at the end of the month. These people might shift their occupations for greater opportunities this month due to Venus' position as the tenth house lord in the eighth house. Natives who are doing business may get moderate returns this month as there could be some stiff competition from competitors. Natives may need to change their business tricks and confine themselves to the latest business techniques.


The Monthly Horoscope for October 2023 implies that those born under the Capricorn Zodiac Sign could experience both losses and benefits. The second house's lord, Saturn, is in retrograde in the second house, making it more difficult for these natives to quickly acquire large sums of money. It could be difficult to save money if there is a gap or lack in maintaining strong financial gains. For this month- Jupiter in the fourth house for these natives might give sudden unwanted expenses and natives might not be able to manage such expenses.They may need to spend money for their family in an unwanted manner. Also Rahu will be present with Jupiter in the fourth house and this denotes unmanageable expenses that these natives may be forced to bear. This month, Venus, the lucky planet for this sign and its people, is occupying the eighth house. Because of this, many people might find it difficult to save money with their new wealth. These people might also want to hold off on making significant decisions during this month in order to prevent difficulties and setbacks. Natives who pursue business opportunities run the risk of losing money and getting into conflicts with their partners. These natives may not be able to make the anticipated profit margins this month, and there could be a danger of losing money. These people might face increased competition from their rivals in business, and as a result, it might be difficult for them to meet with high profits. Additionally, it might not be a good idea for these natives to start new businesses or partnership organizations during this month. Venus, the benevolent planet for these natives, is not in a good position this month, which could limit their ability to make more money. Additionally, there may not be much savings and excessive expenses. Since Mercury is the ninth house lord and will occupy the tenth house starting on October 19, 2023, its position might also help these natives secure opportunities for promotion and other rewards in their careers.


The Monthly Horoscope for October 2023 forecasts that due to Saturn's placement in the second house from the moon sign, there may not be any significant health issues for the natives. However, natives could experience eye-related issues like infections and inflammation. However, due to Saturn's placement in the second house and this month's retrograde motion, this placement could also cause tooth ache. From this month, Jupiter in the fourth house could cause unforeseen costs for the family of these natives. Additionally, Rahu's placement in the fourth house may cause health issues for the natives, such as headaches, etc. These natives might experience greater anxiety as a result of Rahu's presence in the fourth house alongside Jupiter's placement there. Due to Rahu present in the fourth house these natives could be facing digestion related problems. Mercury as the sixth house lord and ninth house lord occupies the tenth house from 19th October 2023 and due to this there could be more improvement in health and this might help these natives during this month. During the end of this month 30th October 2023, Ketu will be moving to the ninth house and Rahu will be moving to the third house and this could help these natives a lot with respect to good progress in health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

According to the Monthly Horoscope for October 2023, the natives might have arguments with their beloved and due to this chances for separation might be possible. Those who are in love might find this month to be a little tedious, and the process of falling in love with their lover might not succeed this month. This month, natives might argue with their significant others, making it difficult to establish a connection based on mutual understanding. For these natives, Mars will be placed in the tenth house, which may lead to some sincerity in romantic relationships and marital life. Marriage and relationships both have the potential to bring about maturity. These natives and their beloved may be able to communicate well, and the location of the planets may also be advantageous for marriage. Venus the planet for love occupies the eighth house and due to this there could be some ups and downs in married life. But at the same time there may not be serious problems in married life.

Family & Friends

The Monthly Horoscope for October 2023 anticipates that the natives could experience ups and downs in their family relationships. This month, the majority of planet positions are unfavorable since Rahu is paired with Jupiter in the fourth house. Jupiter, who is the lord of the third and twelfth houses, is in the fourth house and might cause significant disturbances in family life as well as problems relating to property. Harmony may be disturbed as a result of these problems. Also due to the presence of Jupiter in the fourth house there could be lack of mutual understanding in family and among family members. If natives belonging to this sign are in a joint family system then there might be chances for separation in the family. The presence of Venus in the eighth house could create ego issues in family and among family members. Jupiter in the fourth house with Rahu might enhance the problems in the family and there could be communication problems with the family members that these natives might be facing. So it will be essential for these natives to adjust in the family to ensure better rapport. The presence of Rahu in the fourth house might be creating unwanted tensions among the natives belonging to this sign. Also Jupiter, Rahu combination in the fourth house for these natives could rise property related issues which may be a problem. The position of Mars for relationships is to be considered here. This month as the fourth house lord Mars placement in the tenth house may make these natives to face and solve issues in the family that will arise during this month. Since Mars is placed in the tenth house during this month major problems in relationships among family members might not be possible.


Recite “Om Mandaya Namaha” daily 108 times. Chant “Om Hanumate Namaha” daily 21 times. Chant “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya” daily 11 times.

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