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Monthly Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope


For people born in the Capricorn zodiac, the month of May will be very favorable. There will be a rise in courage & bravery, but try to avoid getting into fights or else it can result in a loss. In family life, there will be peace and happiness. Buying property in the house can bring a lot of happiness. The financial condition will remain stable and the health will be favorable to a great extent. Other than the minor troubles, there won’t be any major problems bothering you. On the career front, the month will be good. The employed individuals will be given suitable rewards at their workplace and also get involved mentally in the work field also. You’ll get a supportive environment in the surroundings and the businessmen will also get favorable results. For people involved in the government sector, there are good chances of earning profit. The month will be favorable for students and the family environment will be supportive of your studies. In your love relationship, there will be intensity and will develop the love feeling among each other. There will be a lot of happiness in married life and swifter coordination among life partners. People looking to travel abroad have to wait for some time. Also, improve the financial condition by controlling the overall expenses.


From a career point of view, the month will be very favorable. The lord of the tenth house, Venus sits in the fourth house, and it aspects to the tenth house with full vision, and due to it, your efforts at the workplace will be with full of heart. There will be Sun’s effects always with you and thus refrain from saying anything out of ego, or else other persons will take the words negatively. The lord of the sixth house, Mercury will stay in the third house and Rahu Mars will also be present there, and thus ensure proper care towards your labor & hard work. Stay away from useless conversations and be a little careful with your co-workers at the workplace. Out of them, some will show up as friends but they’ll try to create trouble for you regularly. Also, stay cautious of these people. For business people, the month will be favorable and there will be overall progress in the sector. There are chances of success for your business travels. People involved in the government sector will also get good benefits in the period. Get the right profit in your business by making the right efforts in your foreign means. But, try to avoid any kind of business expansion as it can prove to be harmful to the natives.


The month will prove to be a sign of relief if we discuss the financial condition. Saturn, the lord of the tenth house, sits in the second house for the entire month due to which the overall financial position strengthens. The bank balance also rises stiffly and all the efforts made will turn out to be successful. During this time, get the right results for all your efforts and it will create suitable profits. Devguru Jupiter will sit in the fifth house and provide a complete vision of the first house, ninth house, & eleventh house. Due to it, earn good money by making suitable decisions, through the right means, and in a proper way. Every day there will be a rise in wealth and a steady increase in income levels. In this month, you might spend on purchasing a new vehicle, which will be the source of happiness for the entire family, and thus there will be a rise of joy. For business people, there are chances of earning financial profits in the business. Accurate investments in the stock market can deliver you favorable outcomes in the latter part of the month. To get manifold benefits in the future, make suitable investments in the right places.


From a health point of view, the month will be favorable for the natives and there won't be any major visible troubles of any kind. Because of Rahu, Mars, and Mercury’s position in the third house, you may have to face throat or back trouble. There might also be the trouble of sore throat. For a small child, there may be trouble with enlarged tonsils, so take proper care during this time. There can be ear pain according to the weather and thus be careful about the small troubles. The small problems can trouble you and thus natives need to be careful about it. Try meditation daily, during this time, and it will assist you to overcome mental stress. On 10 May, Mercury arrives in the fourth house and there will be a lot of health improvements. It is vital to be careful during the short trips, and don’t get lost in enjoyment with friends that you forget about things good or bad for your health. Your health will remain stable if you take care of these things.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Talking about the love relationship, the month will turn out bitter for the natives. The Devguru Jupiter sits in the fifth house and Venus will be located in the fourth house. It will flourish and blossom your married life. Jupiter’s blessing will ensure the rise of truth in your love and also understand your responsibilities. Natives will give importance to your love & married relationship and consider your beloved as a vital part of your life, and thus move ahead in life with their support. On 19 May, Venus enters the fifth house, its own zodiac sign and it will fill your love with new zeal & enthusiasm. Chances of doing different things together rise, like gardening, helping others, visiting top pilgrimage sites, and making desirable trips to beautiful spots. For people in married life, the month is going to be good. They need to keep their mental stress aside and enhance the importance of a life partner in their lives. It will resolve problems between you & the partner and the relationship also progresses in a better way. The chances of a brighter relationship increase as you give more importance to each other. Listen to what others say and it will be beneficial to avoid spoiling the atmosphere.

Family & Friends

The month will be suitable for family life. The zodiac lord Saturn will stay in the second house and it will result in the rise of household incomes in the family. Other than that, there will always be the support of family members and elderly people. Under the guidance of the zodiac lord, the family will experience a lot of progress. The presence of Saturn in the second house will ensure bitter things to the people, that might not be true but will result in something that the other person might feel bad for. Try to avoid these bad habits. In the fourth house, the Sun and Venus sit together and it will enhance the overall happiness & facilities within the family. There will be new chances of buying a vehicle that can bring back happiness in the family, and also avoid proving yourself superior to others. You are good just the way you are and everyone will like you for it. Try to understand and stay true to your feelings. The presence of Mars, Mercury, and Rahu altogether in the third house can result in physical pain to your siblings and the rise of different troubles. They will require your assistance and thus help them timely.


Daily recite Shri Shani Chalisa regularly. It will be beneficial to recite Shri Bajrang Baan. Touch the feet of little girls and seek blessings. On Wednesday, feed green fodder to the mother cow.

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