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Monthly Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope


The conscientious sign of Capricorn represented by a Sea-Goat is governed by the planet of discipline Saturn. The natives belonging to this sincere sign of Saturn are well defined in their life, will never let anything distract them from getting ahead. They believe in accomplishing and will look into their inner fortitude to overcome everything which stands between them and their goals. Their unwavering focus and determination of achieving their endeavours often make them appear cold and emotionless in their surroundings. They are compassionate for their profession and its advancement. They are outstanding in taking initiatives and launching new things, this attitude makes them successful business personnel. Their tussle during the initial years of life eventually makes them bright, confident and frisky in their adulthood. -They make terrific leaders and are mostly inclined towards their work. When in a relationship they make the most profound, committed and devoted companions. Their motto for existence is ‘Work hard as it gives you everything you desire for’, they precisely lead their life making efforts and gaining success. The career will be on the go for goats during the third month of this year. You will be doing good in your job and business especially the ones who have links abroad or dealing in products and services related to foreign lands. The students will face some doubts, confusions and complications in learning but their hard work will save them to get considerable scores. Your personal life will not be as good as your professional life during the month of March. You will have a cold war with your family members which will disturb the ambience of your house. The love life may not be smooth, you will have to keep calm and workout in order to maintain your relationship. Your spouse will try to keep you happy however you will be a little busy and occupied settling down your household affairs. Your financial status will be on a roller coaster with good earnings and remunerations and handsome expenditure which will keep you engaged during this period. Your health will by and all be comfortable during the month except for the initial few days. Let’s get an insight into all spheres of your life during March below.


The professional life of Goats will be on the boom during the month of March. Your ascendant house lord is in its own house with twelfth & third lord Jupiter, this will be a favourable time for those working in MNCs or having a business association with the overseas clients. Your tenth house lord Venus will be in your second house which will be an auspicious time as you will get fruitful results from your endeavours. Your tenth house lord will be positioned in your third house in the latter half of the month which may give you some short travel related to your business. There is a possibility of transfer for working professionals during this time. Those planning to switch their job should try in the latter half of the month. Your sixth house lord Mercury will be in your lagna during the initial days of March and will eventually move to your third house, this will bring auspicious results for service providers and working professionals. Those who are in a profession related to teaching, law, travel and tourism, real estate agents and agricultural goods will have an approving month. This March will bring some changes in your existing job profile, you may change your current profile or area of working. This could also bring some change in your workplace but this change will bring good.


The Capricorns will face some ups and downs in finances during the month of March, you will gain from different resources however your expenditure will also be on a higher side in comparison to the past months. Your eleventh house lord will be in the sixth house, during this time you will pay your loans or debts if any. Your twelfth house lord Jupiter will be in the first house with second house lord Saturn. You will spend a lot during this time and will not be able to save anything earned during this time. Your ninth house lord Mercury will be with eight house lord Sun in the third week of March which may bring some big expenditure, the spending could be on some ancestral or heritage property. You are advised not to invest in mutual funds, shares or any kind of speculation business during this time as it may land you into debts. You may gain money from some unexpected sources during the month of March. If expecting some cash flow from the ancestral property then you may find favourable results during this month. The overall month will keep you occupied with monetary transactions.


The Capricorn natives may face some health concerns during the initial days of this month however eventually you will be able to work on your health and keep yourself fit. Your sixth house lord Mercury will be in the first house till 11th March will give you some skin allergies and other seasonal allergies. You may feel pain in your lower part of the body, especially your knees and ankles. You may also face some problems related to the nervous system and insomnia during this time. You should keep your mind relaxed and do some yoga and meditation, this will help you to overcome stress which will help you relieve body strain. You should go for a brisk walk early morning to be around nature which will help you improve your breathing and lungs. The latter half of the month will be good for you in terms of physical fitness and health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The love life will be in a testing phase for Capricorns. Mars and Rahu will be in your fifth house in the month of March which may bring some doubts and discomfort in your relationship. Your trust in your partner will be wavering and may get possessive for them. Your fifth house lord Venus will be in conjunction with the eighth house lord Sun which shows that you may face some unforeseen circumstances in your bond, you will have to deal with the situation keeping faith on your companion else you may face difficulty in moving ahead with your relationship. Those who are single should avoid getting into any commitment during this month as you may land up in a secret and unhealthy bond. The married couples will phase some stillness in their bond, the Saturn and Jupiter will be aspect your seventh house of marriage which will bring some helpless situations for you to tackle, you and your spouse may be busy with the family affairs due to which you are not able to spend quality time together. Your seventh house lord moon will be on the move which shows that your better half will try their best to manage and cope up with the circumstances and try to bring back charm in your relationship.

Family & Friends

The family life may be little uncertain especially after mid of this month. Your second house lord Saturn will be with the twelfth lord Jupiter which indicates that you may plan a trip with your immediate family. You may also face so heavy expenditure on the family members during this month. You will try to keep your siblings and parents happy but will find it difficult to understand their needs and comforts. Your fourth house lord of domestic comforts will be in the sixth house of fights throughout the month in conjunction with Rahu. You will face conflicts with the members and may enter into big quarrels due to some property-related issues. Your domestic life will not be very smooth and you will incur unproductive expenditure on household things and your family members. Your mother may face some health concerns during this month. The eighth lord Sun will be in your fourth house after the mid of March will bring some serious concerns at your place. You will have to maintain your calm in dealing with your dear ones during this time as they will be under equal pressure and facing issues.


Light a mustard oil lamp in front of Lord Shani and peepal tree on Saturday Recite Shani Chalisa and Hanuman Chalisa on Saturday. Offer food and footwear to poor people on Saturdays. Donate green leafy vegetables or green gram pulse to poor people on Wednesday.

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